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DTube is Not Really For Uploading Videos.

Drawn in with promises of it being an ad-free alternative to YouTube, I was assigned 2 different 40+ digit pass codes. It was a week before 1 code allowed me to log in while the other never worked. I was prompted to upload a video. They waited until I followed all of their multiple steps then said I did not have enough DTube credits to upload. I soon realized I had been conned, but could not delete the account.

All over the Net, DTube is touted as being a great place to upload videos but is not listed as a scam. Once in, however, it is claimed that DTube is a "game" and a money-making venture. In reality, it seems to be a well-connected group of crafty people who are experienced in promoting themselves on all major browsers. Also, their ultimate goal appears to be to collect information and cause others to spend, not make, money.

Not only is there no way to close accounts, there is also no way to contact anyone regarding issues. DTube is NOT an alternative to Youtube. It's not even a safe option.

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