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V Oct 31, 2019 Review updated:

Pathetic service always from call center agents. Very unprofessional, constantly need to call back because I am put on hold for long periods of time. Agents are unable to return calls and customers do not have access to free calls to wait on hold with these agents. I am a loyal DSTV customer but due to constant issues I am thinking of switching to another service provider to avoid all this hassle.

On numerous occasions I have been disconnected although my account is not in arrears.

I hope a well informed agent gets back to me to resolve this. I am at this stage very disappointed and irritated with this service that I am receiving.

Viloshini [protected]


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      Nov 04, 2019

    On the 2nd of November 2019 between 9:00 and 11:00 I called Dstv / Multichoice to open a Dstv new account and spoke to a pathetic and arrogant call center agent introduced himself as Thabo Mie. This agent asked me if I read the terms and conditions of opening a new account when I answered which ones. He then said I should go and read the Ts & Cs before opening a new account. The alleged terms and conditions were in fact read to me by the person who installed the receiver. Thabo Mie failed to explain to me where to find his alleged terms and conditions. I then asked this Thabo Mie if he refusing to provide me with the service and he kept on saying I must call again when I have read the terms and conditions. I insisted that I read them if he was referring to the blue or green small form that I went through with the installer. Thabo Mie continued to refuse to service me and become arrogant without even listening to what I was saying. He continued to interrupt me while I was talking and then he ended my call without providing the service that I requested. The experience with this Thabo Mie was poor, full of arrogance without respect.

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      Nov 12, 2019

    I've called twice in October to downgrade, Paid R650 on the 03/11/2019. On the 12/11/2019 my services was disconnected. I called 7 times, was put on hold for 20 minutes waiting on a team leader to assist me. Only to find that I was not down graded to Compact and was told I have to pay R560 to activate my services.
    Question, why was my call not logged on the system for down grade. I have to be without DSTV until the 03/12/2019.
    No one could assist my down grading me unless I pay.

    How pathetic is that. I'm furious frustrated and very very angry. 2 Call center agents was very arrogant and did not want to listen to me
    What type of service does DSTV provide.

    Unhappy costumer

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