Dros Restaurant & Wine Cellarservice complaint

C Jan 26, 2018

At Dross this evening there was a special on, if you order a main meal you get a complimentary snails starter. Unfortunatly I am unable to eat snails and I explained this accordingly to the manager. I asked that I would pay in the difference for another started but he plainly refused. He did not even try to accommodate my request. I personally feel that this is very unprofessional and that some more trouble could have been done for a potential client. I, however accepted the fact that I will not get a complimetary starter (even though thay still brought an extra snails portions to the table which the other guests shared). We ordered our main meals. Not even 2 minutes went by I tried to put in a different order for my main. Unfortunately this request was also declined right away because apparently the waiter already placed the order. I have made this request a lot of times before in other restaurants (including another Dross restaurant) and they all seemd to be able to change my order, how could this be that Dross Silver Lakes simply cannot do this... I am very disappointed with my experience tonight and I hope that you try to improve your customer service and try to accommodate your customers more. Unfortunately you have lost a loyal client tonight.

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