Dros Restaurant & Wine CellarI ordered 12 tots of amarula and the last one had a piece of glass inside.


I ordered 12 tots of Amarula on ice and my last tot had a piece of glass inside I called the last people on duty that were serving the bar and showed them as proof the saw it and apologized then offered a single tot free after I finished the single tot I requested to see the manager and told him my problem guess what he had to say all he said was " you can not tell me that problem when you about to go immediately after noticing the problem you should have asked for me because at the moment I don't have proof" well the cameras have all the proof and the two people who were left by the bar saw it and touched it that it was a glass I was never rude to them all I said is do you want me to leave my son behind and suffer from internal bleeding, next time please be careful they were very sorry but the manager was rude
This happened in Dros Midrand.
Please tell me is it far?
That guy is very arrogant and rude he does not care about people's life
Please contact me [protected] I'm willing to stand for everything I said.

Thank you.

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