DRI*SurplusSupplier MNNon authorized charge!


I agreed to a trial membership in the amount of $1.95 with Shopper Services and found unauthorized charges of 39.95 and 2.07 for DRISurplus Supplier on my charge... in investigating these charges I found this website of complaints.


  • Ju
    juan de la pena Feb 12, 2008

    scam 100%

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  • Ju
    juan de la pena Feb 12, 2008

    they took my money too 100% scam

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  • Na
    Nancy Feb 23, 2008

    Same thing happened to me. Am trying to get the charges reversed and get a new bank card for my account.

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  • Pa
    Patricia Singleton Feb 25, 2008

    DRI*SurplusSupplier charged my credit card for$39.95 on Dec. 15, 2008, Jan. 15, 2008 and I just found out on Feb. 15, 2008. At first, I thought it was something I purchased and forgot about it but when the second bill came in I got on the phone. The number on the statement is not working. So I tried the number they gave me. I was on twice for 15 minutes each time and no one answered. So I called my credit card company and they were very helpful. I have to get a new card, though.

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  • Ks
    ksc061000 Mar 01, 2008

    Same thing happened to me, does anyone know th number to cancel it, or how to get if reversed?

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  • Do
    Dominick Mar 12, 2008

    Surplus Supplier is a total SCAM. They have stolen my money and I am currently trying to get any or all of it back.

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  • Am
    amy Mar 13, 2008

    You know I hear you guys complaining and I am too but I have yet to hear a phone number or email or something helpful.

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  • Ji
    jimmie Mar 18, 2008

    Candice Holmes Dallas TX. 1800 642 4402.

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  • La
    LadyNina Garcia Mar 20, 2008

    Sons of ###..same thing happened to me..###ers!

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  • Ju
    juan angulo Mar 29, 2008

    I got charched twice, there is 2 phone numbers 1877-4145117 1866-2971823 monday thru friday 8-5 et, we should sue them together, by the way they put you in hold for more than 30 min and hang up on you .

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  • Do
    Doug Clayton May 04, 2008

    I had signed up with shopper services looking for a second source of income and immediately ended my membership with them after seeing how illegitimate their services looked. A few weeks later I got a bill from DRI*SurplusSupplier for $39.95 as well. I called my bank and they are filing a claim for my money back as well as stopping these robbers from stealing any more of my money. I really hope these scam artists get put out of business.

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  • Jd
    jd4en6 May 08, 2008

    I have been scammed just like the rest of you...emberassed and pissed at te same time. These ###s need to be dealt with by means of a class action law suit and we should all stick together with the determination to crush these f*ckers. What they are doing is illegal and they should not be allowed to continue.


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  • Ro
    rose May 23, 2008

    Just found out what this company is about?

    It is connected with Secret Shoppers that is advertized in
    the employment magazine and other places.They charged
    my account without my approval after inquiring about
    this type of job. Isn't this false advertisement?

    Two names come up DrisurplusSupplier & EAsyLeisure saver on my
    charge account.

    In talking to the person at the end of this number on the charge bill, I found she had taped the conversation and said there was no charge on their end. However the charge card had two charges on it 2x for $39.95 DrisurplusSupplier & 2x charges of 19.80 for Easysaveramerican leisure. This all started with an inquiry about Becoming a secret shopper and then not following through but giving a charge card number to get more info on this job. Another reason to never give your charge card number over the phone. Who knows where it will go and who will use it.

    False advertisement at the best.

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  • Jo
    John Moore Jun 09, 2008

    They charge me 39 dollars and i cancled and they kept charging anyway these people need to have LAW action taken against them but I dont know where to start.

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  • Ms
    Ms. Linda D. Jun 09, 2008

    I'm with everyone else. I called and signed up to be a "mystery shopper" with DRI Surpluss Supplier. When I went online to get started, I saw all the websites about this being a scam. So I immediately called them back and cancelled. I was told that my account was cancelled and I would not receive the start up kit in the mail. I was even given a cancellation number which I held onto a while and then threw away. A month later, my charge card was billed $39.95. I called them today to dispute the charge and of course, they have no record of my prior cancellation. She kept saying over and over again "without any record of your call, we cannot refund any money back". I have a feeling she has said that many times before to people. Now I'm terrified that I will continue to be billed every month, even though I made sure I was cancelled now. I do have a cancellation number now, but they can always say they have no record of my calls. How can people like this live with themselves knowing what they are doing to innocent people???? Shame on them.

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  • Gr
    Greg Jun 09, 2008

    Got scammed 100%. I was told I had a 30-day trial period. Then after a couple of days of being charged unrightfully I called to dispute and they claimed that I had only had a 14-day trail and there was nothing they could do.

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  • My
    mysterydestany Jun 11, 2008

    When you sign up with Shopper Services or Proshoppers Online, you are offered a 14 day trial to Surplus Supplier for 1.95. It is explained to you that IF NOT CANCELED there is a monthly fee of 39.95 for the program. YOU must call SURPLUS SUPPLIER to cancel the account, NOT shopper services or proshoppers. UPON YOUR APPROVAL you are enrolled for the program. You are given a username and a password WHILE ON THE CALL to access the site IMMEDIATELY. When signing up with either Shopper Services or Proshoppers there are several programs that are offered on the same call. Each program has its own sign up fee, trial, and monthly fee. YOU must call each program and cancel them separately. Each call is recorded at the time of sign up. Each recording is reviewed BEFORE the accounts are set up. YOU MUST HAVE AGREED TO THE TRIAL TO BE SET UP FOR THE PROGRAM. If you feel that you were scammed, it is only because you simply didn't pay attention to what was being said to you, you simply agreed. NOT ANYONE ELSE'S FAULT BUT YOUR OWN!

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  • Li
    Liliana Jul 10, 2008

    No its not that it is our fault. The workers there keep disconnecting me whenever I call them to ask to hear my recording.I know what the hell I agreed to and I know I did not agree to any extra bull. Im very upset because Im paying 40 damn dollars every month for a stupid program that first of all I did not authorize and second of all I did not even use. So they need to give me my money back or I will sue there ###.

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  • Br
    Brandon Jul 14, 2008

    Who Knows EXACTLY how 2 stop these ###ing charges?!? Simply put call this number, this numer, this number, say this and that so we can stop this ###. Who knows how 2 get a hold of the better business bereau?

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  • Ja
    Jare' Aug 20, 2008

    These people scammed me too!!! I was signing up for shopper services as a secret shopper, and the sales woman asked me if I wanted the free trial for some stupid thing. I was suspicious so I said NO a million times over, yet I still got charged $1.95 plus two other charges of $39.95 under the name DRI Surplus Supplier before I realized what was going on. I called the number my credit card company gave me for them: (877) 414-5117. The woman who answered played back the phone conversation I had with the original sales lady and I clearly said no to the free trial, so she said I will get refunded- WE'LL SEE! Hopefully it works, but THIS WAS SUCH A SCAM!!! even the secret shopping thing didnt work out...

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  • Da
    Damaris Oct 20, 2008

    What did you guys do When u notice these charges to your card. How did you get everything taking care of, because I'm stuck

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  • St
    stacey Oct 26, 2008

    I called and cancelled my mystery shopper trial as well and was told I would be charged only 1.95 and now after checking my credit card statement I was charged for 39.95 which I cancelled in the time period. I called my credit card company and explained to them that this was a scam and that they were going to cancel my card and issue me a new one. Now I have to call the 877 number and dispute the charges with them.

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  • Ch
    Christina Oct 27, 2008

    After I notice the charges on my account I called up DRI*SurplusSupplier and they had told me I canceled my account back in June, 2008. I complained that I was still being charged and they didn't know how to handle it so they had told me to fax my bill statements to 214-594-7234 of what I was being charged for and the date. I ended up calling my bank and telling them about how I called that company and that I canceled the account months ago and was still being charged so they canceled my card and had me fax a informal letter to Loss Prevention stating that I did not authorize the payment. They'll issue you a new card in three days. Thats pretty much what you can do for now. There is already a claim on the company so there isn't a whole lot to do besides just calling your bank and talking to them.

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  • An
    Angela Nov 06, 2008

    I signed up for the shopper trial too. A few days later, I was charged $39.95. I called the customer service number they give you and the lady I talked to gave me a full refund. But now, Im being charged by Easy Saver and Money Edge. They charged me $19.80 each. They charged before, but because it was only 3 bucks I didnt really notice it. When I tried to call the 800 number, Easy Saver just told me to press 1 to cancel my account and Money Edge didnt even answer. So now I have to call another 800 number and hope I can actually talk to someone and get my money back. Fingers crossed!

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  • Mi
    milene Nov 23, 2008

    Just realized that I am still getting charged from these people for $29.95 even though I cancelled months ago. Tried to call them and they aren't answering on Sundays so I will call back tomorrow first thing. Called my credit card company and they have blocked my account with any charges from this place. I am not happy about it and hopefully I can get some of my money back also--but after reading some of these statements---I am doubtful. What a scam and these people are sleeze balls and yes the secret shoppers was such a rip off and never worked so that is why I called to cancel.

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  • Cd
    cd5555 Jan 06, 2009

    I paid for a trial product where I was supposed to pay only the shipping... In reality, beside the fact that they put me to pay an additional product which I did not order they have used my credit card to sell further unauthorized product!!!
    Pay attention!!!

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  • Bo
    bobepp Jan 12, 2009

    I also answered an ad in my local newspaper for a secret shopper but was not interested after I heard their schpill. I told them I was not interested and thought that was it until I found their charge on my credit card (under the name of OMNI Computer & Info MNG). I disputed this charge with my credit card co. and was credited the amount back. Months later I discovered I was being charged 29.95 a month under a different companies' name, DRI Surplus Supplier. I contacted them today & spoke with a girl who at 1st denied knowing who OMNI computer was but after I pressed her she stated that DRI Surplus contracted with them. I was being very stubborn and firm with her and she told me she would credit my account for 6 months of charges and gave me a confirmation #. I spoke with my credit card co. and they are going to be on the look out for these companies because I again filed a dispute claim. Will see if this takes care of this and I hope this helps someone else who got scammed.

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  • Ac
    Acj Mar 21, 2009

    SCAM..SCAM..SCAM !!!
    I was checking my account and I saw these charges from DRI and SHOPPER and GJP. They all have the same voicemail when you call and I could never get any help. I never gave permission for these charges and to make it so bad this is my DEBIT CARD not a credit !! This is my CASH!! ohmagod this is unreal. I used to feel comfortable using my cards over the internet, but I think after I get this mess fixed I am going to open an account with a low balance and get a card to use just for the internet. THIS IS A RIP OFF!!!

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  • Li
    lilmama Apr 05, 2009

    I'm so pissed this happened to me too. I'm a teenage mom of a two year old. Trying to do the responsible thing, i was looking for extra cash like most of you! My DEBIT card was used for the $1.95 secret shopper charge. Cancelled within the 10 days and got a confirmation number. Got on my account today and found unauthorized charges! I can't believe how convincing they are. Complete scam! BEWARE!

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  • No
    Novelli Aug 29, 2009

    This Country USA does not have ENOUGH security for it's PEOPLE. Are we suppose to close all accounts, remove our money from banking, and go back to writing USPO money orders to pay bills? Researching on line, is unsecure and too many crooked companies, along with those claiming to help with job search. Where is our future going, How will we all survive if the crooks increase in their theft and deceivement. Everyone should write their CONGRESSMAN, GOVERNMENT. Something has to be done...

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  • Hi
    hira Aug 31, 2009

    can someone tell me how can i get rid of this? these people are also taking money from my account so who should i talk too cause i didn't even take their calls? can anyone please reply and let me know what can i do?

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  • Ma
    Marcia Bailey Sep 17, 2009

    Please help anyone. I have had my credit account debited monthly for 3 years!!! It has cost me almost $1500 and it was my bank who caught it. I know I've been naive but it has been three years and I don't remember the details of how they scammed me in order to report it accurately to the proper authorities. I remember the secret shopper service and canceling it after 10 days. Can anyone fill me in on the details? Marcia Bailey ([email protected])

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  • Ci
    cincy Oct 19, 2009

    This is such a scam. Like others tried to get a additional income, ask the guy if this was ok to give out my info should have known!!! As soon as I got off the phone I checked my account saw the 2.95 charge then few min later saw a 1.95 charge from surplussuppliers. WTH !!! Wish i would have seen this website before giving them my info. I feel silly thought I was smarter than that. Jus called the bank and got a new checkcard so i dont lose more money. This company needs to be stopped times like this people need their money even if it is 1.95 or 39.95!!! I have learned my lesson.

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  • Ch
    chloejohncretia Nov 10, 2009

    I was also scammed by DRi surplus supplier. Can everyone that has been scammed by one of these companies please email me at ([email protected])
    Please leave your name, email, and phone number. I would like to take classaction against these people. If enough people come together we can take care of this problem.

    Thank you, Cretia

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  • F0
    F'd over by these people Nov 21, 2009

    150% TOTAL SCAM!!! I called Secret Shoppers and the same thing happened. Stupidly I gave them my card# for the start up and to access their website. They said there was a 39.95 monthly charge, that I assumed would be taken in a month - duh!! The next day I realized what a terribly mistake I'd made so I called them and told them to cancel the whole deal. To my surprise, my account had already been charged the 39.95 + the 2.98. Then 2 weeks later Dri Surplussupplier charged my acct for 49.95!!! Who the hell are these f*uckers anyway???? I just got back from the bank to dispute the unauthorized debit. They are investigating the situation, and will credit me back when they see I didn't make a purchase. Hell, I was in the hospital when this alleged purchase was made. They then disactivated and shredded my old card and I will be recieving a new card soon. Let those motherf*uckers try it now. What an inconvenience and a hassle. I will never, ever give my card# to anyone over the phone again!!! Shady ###s!!!

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  • Se
    Sept Dec 07, 2009

    OH NO!! I just signed up to be mystery shopper. I should have known when they asked for payment to become a secret shopper that something was up. Anyway I did the stupid thing and oked the transaction. When I got to the website and started seeing all the things that you had to do to become a secret shopper I said forget it. I e-mailed the customer support to terminate my account however the man I talked with said I also had to terminate my account with a surplus supplier. I tried to e-mail them and have not been able to successfully reach them. WHAT DO I DO???

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  • Pe
    Pearl Hix Feb 20, 2010

    I too gave them my credit card number and authorized them to take $1.95 so that I could look the program over and after doing so I decided it is not for me. That was in December. Today while reviewing my bank statement I noticed that they had charged me $51.40. At no time did I ever give them authorization to do so. I thought when I contactd them originally that $1.95 for information on how to make money was awful cheap. Now I know why. Am on theway to Bank for new credit card.

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  • Se
    sepulidoh May 28, 2010

    they did it to me to we should sue them !!!

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  • Ts
    tsharp1 Jun 19, 2010

    These people are taking 49.95 twice a month on me. Ive tried contacting them. This is false advertising if anyone knows how to reach them give me a email at [email protected]

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  • Fg
    fgl Jul 14, 2010

    14 July 2010...The scam is still going on. I gave my credit card number to my son hoping he had found something he could make a little extra money. I didn't realize he was doing it over the phone...bad idea... Now the extra charges are showing up on my account $2.95, $3.95 and $49.95. Need to cancel my card tomorrow...


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