Dr. William FeinDr. Wlliam Fein


This dr. advised my lawyer he would be my expert witness in a medical malpractice suit. He charged me $3, 000.00 for a consultation at the conclusion of which he told me my right eye had not blinked at all during the entire consultation. This was due to the malpractice which involved the severing of the 5th and 7th nerves. He did not take a photo nor did he produce any written document. Within a week or two, Dr. Fein called my lawyer and backed out of his committment to be one of my expert witnesses. Dr. Fein did not give my lawyer a reason, nor did he have the courtesy to call and inform me. To top it off, he then had the nerve to charge an additional $600 for his telephone call to my lawyer. I got nothing but a broken promise; he got $3, 600 for, at the most, less than an hour of his time. I was already traumatized by my disfigurement and permanent paralyses -- Dr. Fein was especially callous to add to the emotional pain which caused me to stutter and to have tremors. I have spent 6 years in my house hiding and just underwent my 15th eye surgery.
This doctor's greed stamped out any normal human decency or ethical behavior.

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