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Dr Richard EngRhinoplasty/Nose Job

I wish this site existed when I got my first nose job. Back when I was young and naive, I went in for a hearing checkup, the doctor suggested to me to get a nose job that will fit my face. At the time, I was very self conscious and decided what the heck, why not. This was in 1993-94 time frame.

Dr Richard Eng performed 1 0f three rhinoplasty on me since he botched my nose job completely. Till this day I still feel scarring on my nose. Any ways, after a the bandages were removed, I was in total complete shock when I looked into the mirror. I was looking a pigs nose on my face by the amount of lift that was done to it. It was so pointed upwards, I lost the ability to move my nose up and done. It's too firm and rigid till this day.

I believe the doctor took too much cartilage out of my nose since I obviously vomited some of it up. After I've over came the shock and horror and destruction of my face. I expressed my disappointment to the Dr Eng and he had the nerve to tell me it was fine and maybe getting a cheekbone implant to fix it. I stood my ground and said no...

So the second surgery was done in his office with the left over cartilage from the previous surgery. I'm just amazed that he saved that ... And why was it saved ? Were you planning something ?

Yet even after the second surgery, I was still disappointed. So I went to another doctor and thank god for him Dr Okamoto. He did the best he can with what he had. He rebuilt my nose from cartilage from my ears which I should of let him do from my ribs. He basically made me look normal again.

Yet even till this day, I still have the one side of my nose with an uneven shap and scars and firm nose tip.

I wish was counseled and instructed before I ever thought about a nose job.

My advice to anyone who wants a nose job or any plastic surgery, just be happy who you are and what god gave you. God creation is perfect in its original form so dont get any plastic surgery period. I have to endure with this night mare for the rest of my life.

Don't let the media make it cool to get plastic surgery because you have to be mentally prepared for what you will look like afterwards.

There were times I just wanted to just end my own life but I stood strong and firm. I wish that there are laws that make it a illegal to get plastic surgery if you are under the ager 21.

My advice dont get any plastic surgery ever, be happy with whom you are and not what others want you to be.


3x time survivor of bad nose jobs.


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    cissy Jun 18, 2009
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    I feel for you & know the pain of losing a perfectly healthy nose, because of a doctor who does not know what he is doing. Doctor's have a responsibility to let their client's know if they do not have the credentials to do certain surgeries.
    The good doctors will let you know. I went to Mexico to a doctor I had known for many years as a client. I had broken my nose. I had no ideal that he would end up cutting my whole nose from the top, sides, my whole front, Shorten my nose, lifted my nose in ordor to straighten my nose. All you can see is my two holes of my nostrols. I did have a very nice nose before he cut it off. I totally agree with you about keeping what you
    have. I believe the public does not get enough information about all the things that go wrong with plastic surgery and the devastating pain it can cause. I am interested in getting information on the doctor that made you look more natural.

    I will never have a natural looking nose again, but I would like to lengthen it & make it go down. So that I won't have so much of a pig look.So if you could give me the info on the doctor that fixed you nose & how much it cost I would appreciate it.

    Its being over 2 years and I am still in pain because of the amount of nerve damage this doctor did to me. I am not sure that I can ever have my nosed worked on again because of the major damage. I Would like to have the Doctor's Okamoto info just in case.Thank you for sharing your experience I thought it was only a doctor from Mexico that would do such an appalling cruelty to another human being.

    God Bless


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  • Ma
    May The truth be known Jan 28, 2010
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    My friend had her surgery by dr. ricahrd a. weiss out in newport beach in 1992 and she wasn't so lucky like nowadays where people can get so much information from the internet. Dr. Richard a. weiss botched her eyelid surgery so bad and used her for some kind of facial surgery experiment without her consent. If you see her eyes, you will think of someone will no plastic surgery skills mutilated her face. She went in for eyelid surgery and ended up scars all over the top part of her face.

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    AndyLovesCandies&Chocolates Mar 18, 2010

    I went to Dr. Eng and he did diagnois The properly, but he was not gentle at all. He placed the tube down my nastril into my throat and it hurt like hell . He also have very bad side manners too. A year later I went to another ENT doctor to make sure my condition is better after taking acid reflux medication. This doctor was so gentle and I didn't even feel any pain when he put the tube through my nastril to look at my throat. Don't know what you call this procedure. I was numbed up by the new doctor's nurse. I wouldn't recommended Dr. Eng cuz he is very rough!!!

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  • Li
    linuxdude Apr 09, 2011

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