Dr Richard Davis Center For Facial Restorationrhinoplasty

A Jul 10, 2019

I would stay well away from this place. He has lost his knack and isn't operating anywhere like he used to. I'd say it's time to retire because he obviously cannot perform surgery like he used to. When he makes mistakes, he blames the patient. They deceive patients at this place and everything revolves around money. I was given a date for my post op. I turned up only to be told by Carla that they tried to call me several times to tell me the appointment had been cancelled. After driving for 2 hours it was a waste of my time. I checked my cell and there were zero missed calls. I asked why they didn't email me as well and Carla had a [censored]y look on her face. Turns out he got a consultation request so he thought why see me for a follow up when he can make a potential $250 for a new consultation? I met the consultation patient in the car park. She told me she contacted his office 2 days ago and was given the time that was meant to be my appointment! I lost a day's work, plus gas money, time and headache. My nose looks awful after my rhinoplasty and it was a big mistake selecting Davis as my surgeon. Don't waste your $250 consultation and $25k for surgery only to have an overly grafted nose. I've been living for 3 plus years with this manly nose! He operated on my cousin in 2013 and did a good job on her which is why I chose him. I've been getting a bunch of messages from other patients saying he ruined their nose. He doesn't own up to his mistakes and he doesn't return a dollar of the patient's money when he doesn't deliver. Stay far away.

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