Dr. Michael Kokolis, DDSDid not bill my insurance, even after I sent them proof!

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I gave them proof of my insurance during my appointment, and they never billed them. Instead the extremely rude and condescending secretary accused me of not having insurance. I offered to fax or email paperwork so that she could bill the insurance and she refused to give me a fax number or email address. I called them several times to help them fill out the paperwork, and they didn't do anything. Instead she sent me a bill for work that is 100% covered by my insurance. They are completely incompetent and rude. Avoid this place!


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      Aug 25, 2009

    Before my appointment I filled out an insurance form to give them the correct information. I went into their office twice and gave them the correct insurance information in person in addition to calling them. Instead of billing the correct insurance, they billed an old insurance company from 5 years ago that was obviously old and incorrect.

    They have still failed to correctly bill the insurance or admit their mistake, even after I explained to them that they need to bill the insurance I gave them. Have you ever met someone that is 100% sure that they are absolutely right and never makes mistakes - ever. Like someone that will argue with you for hours that the earth is flat. That's the office manager here. Instead of billing insurance and setting appointments they just argue with you.

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