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Dr ChaneyTummy Tuck and Breast Implants

To whom this may Concern:

I have always wanted a tummy tuck, ever since my children were little. I was left with a lot of flab and scars from different surgeries. I was very ashamed of the way my body looked, so I saved my money and finally had enough for the surgery .I went to a Plastic Surgeon at the Sadler Clinic (Dr. Vin) and talked to him about the work I wanted done. I had a knot in my right breast caused from prier breast surgery, I wanted that fixed also. He was to take the hard tissue out and put an implant in there and replace the other implant. Now I have a knot in my left breast. Even I have enough sense to know if I’m taking out an implant that has tissue attached to weigh it and make sure that one breast isn’t bigger than the other!
The nurse that worked for Dr. Chaney told me her friend had the tummy tuck procedure done by the Dr at Sadler Clinic and he really messed her up. She proceeded to show me her tummy tuck that Dr. Chaney had done for her, it looked good! Needless to say I chose Dr. Chaney to do my surgery. I had the surgery and went home for a week, during this week my left implant was up on my shoulder .I had to borrow a strap to push it down.
I also ran fever, and my stomach felt like a water melon, you could feel the liquid sloshing around in their. Also I had a dark rectangular patch of skin on my stomach (it looked as if someone had dropped an iron on me and burned the skin). I went back for my weekly visit and he drew several vials of blood out of my stomach and gave a prescription for some silvadine for the dark part on my stomach.
On the second visit I told him I was still running fever and my stomach hadn’t gone down any, The next thing I know he was cutting out the dark part of my skin and blood was running out of the hole he cut in my stomach. I was in shock; I didn’t know what was going on .The nurse told me she was making arrangements for me to be put back in the hospital because He thought I had Staff infection.
I spent eight days in the hospital, receiving heavy antibiotics for the staff while Dr. Chaney goes on vacation, although he had another Dr. CHECKING ON ME .The other Dr. was very nice I was scared and he told me that surely Dr. Chaney wouldn’t leave me like this that he would fix it. He didn’t know him very well because he could act like he cared less, He hasn’t called to check on me or to set up a repairing surgery.
I called him several times because of bleeding. He told me to go to the emergency room, which I did and I am now being sued for that amount.
After I got out of the hospital I had to wear a wound vac for eight months and lost my job and my insurance. I have gone thru very bad depression and he has yet to even feel bad about messing some ones body up so bad. I went to Tennessee for Christmas and my daughter set me up to see the Doctor that she works for He sent me to see a friend of his that does this kind of work he had to rebreed the wound in order for it to heal, even he said that something like this had happened to one of his patients but he cared about his reputation as a plastic surgeon and he made sure after she healed he repaired the scaring so she would get what she paid for, and would give him a good name as a surgeon but he also said that Dr. that practice in large cities don’t care because most people don’t push the issue.
Dr. Chaney hasn’t even called to check on me and his nurse sent out specials he was running in his office and then tried to retract them, How do you think that made me feel?
My Dream turned into a NIGHTMARE
I want to file a suit against him even if I have to do it myself. Please Help Me


  • DarkHottie May 19, 2009

    You've made the first step in posting here, but I'm sorry I can't give you much advice on litigation. Perhaps you should have a lawyer send this Doctor a letter threatening to sue if he does not pay for your repairing surgery (from another Doctor).

    I would also look online for how you could get his business license revoked in the state that he is licensed under. Use google to find this information. Perhaps your daughter can help you with that.

    Oh, I would also suggest that you take numerous photos from different angles and keep taking them. You can use them as evidence to do the above.

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  • Mi
    micases Jul 26, 2009

    I am horrified on your behalf! Please consider filing a complaint against him with the state licensing board for plastic surgeons and the medical associations. You might want to also consider making a website (or hiring someone to make one) detailing your experience with lots of pictures of what he did to you, and bring it to his attention. Really put the pressure on to get it fixed, or get the money back and go to a different doctor or something! I am so so sorry you've had to go through this! I wish you luck and justice.

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  • Do
    dolbeck Oct 02, 2009

    Well, I also had surgery with Dr. Chaney, he was, as well as his staff unbelievable. I UNDERSTOOD the RISKS before I had it done, which he fully explained before you sign the paper saying that you understand the risks, which are quite a few, that is why you sign it. Which I am sure you did. I feel so bad that your body had this reaction, it is sad, I am sorry for all your troubles. But, everybody has different reactions. I had an infection that they quickly took care of. There were many things, like not smoking which slows the healing process, and lifting and many things that I was aware of and did not do. But, this is elective surgery and you understand the risks before it is done. I wish you luck in the future, but I just thought that something good needed to be said also. Everybody heals differently. People who go into the hospital for VERY MINOR things actually die from staff infections. Thank God you are alive. Good luck to you and your recovery

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  • DarkHottie Oct 03, 2009

    Omg! I see you have posted a photo now. That incision isn't even in the right place. Tummy tucks are usually much lower. I can also see that your absess was horribly infected and it's eaten a lot of tissue. This is really harmful. You could die if the infection gets into your blood. This is not just a "simple infection". People do die of infections, so I am very worried for you if you still have an open wound. I do think your damage is quite serious.

    This is not "acceptable" risk. This is obviously not a good doctor (since even the young lady that's okay with her surgery got infected).

    It is NOT NORMAL to get an infection with surgery. Surgical tools are supposed to be sterile. I had a c-section 04/15/09 and no infection. It was beautifully cut and they used dermabond (no stitches). It is now just a thin red line. It's freakin awesome. My cut is below the bikini line. You can't even see it with tiny bikini underwear on and I'm not that thin of a woman. (5'4" and 170 pounds). I want to add that I've seen surgery shows and the cuts are always much lower than yours were made. Where did this guy go to school again? :S

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  • Th
    THIAYAGARAJAN Oct 03, 2009

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  • Be
    ben.landser Mar 28, 2010

    I used to work as a nurse. Unfortunately infection is one of the risks of surgery, and really something every patient should expect as a possible complication. It's little the doctor can do to completely eliminate any risks of such things to happen. What is disturbing is the way your doctor basically avoids to deal with the problem. I find it very wrong that you were left to your own device. The reason he probably had you go to ER is to be exempt from legal responsibilities of an emergency case. He could at least have sent a nurse to regularly keep check on you. The regulations and laws in this country is so messed up when it comes to medical care!

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  • Ma
    Mandy Moore AKA Quackbuster Apr 27, 2010

    This is horrible. You need to sue this baster.

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  • Jo
    Joney Apr 14, 2012

    Very horrible, hope you are much better now.
    After 3 years, what have you done regarding this doctor?

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  • Ro
    Ronda44 Apr 04, 2013

    I came across this post while trying to make sure that not just anyone had access to my nightmare pics. I hate that you had an a#$hole butcher for a surgeon as well.I had my original tt in Ga. and some great surgeons in chattanooga did everything they could to make me look more human. So, 8 surgeries...2 skin grafts later...? Still kinda scary. I'd love to get an update on you. Its really a shame that we basically sign our rights away b4 surgery. Hope things turned out well for you. I know this all changed my life forever...

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