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Dr. Amy WarrinerAgeist insults, disorganization, lost files, rude staff

First of all, it took five weeks to get someone on the phone to even be able to make an appointment. My regular doctor who wanted me to see an endocrinologist was given a referral line number that no one would ever answer. My doctor's nurse was so sweet about the problem, but finally told me she was really busy and it was taking up her time trying repeatedly to call. She'd even called the regular office number for the Kirklin Clinic Endocrinology Clinic, but the insolent, rude young lady with a chip on her shoulder told her to "keep trying the referral line." When my nurse told me that, I told her I'D handle it.

So, I called the regular office line, spoke to this "gatekeeper" who obviously doesn't want to be bothered with interruptions in her day by pesky things such as job duties, and she would not even allow me to speak. She was trying to talk over me, constantly interrupting. I had to get FIRM and tell her that I was laying in bed, recovering from surgery and needed to get an appointment, but we couldn't make one because my doctor's office couldn't reach anyone to take care of the referral process... and we had NO MORE PATIENCE for the situation. I would have found another clinic, but this was the only one taking new patients.

I told the girl I was not hanging up until she gave me the name of THE person to speak with about the referrals so I could tell my doctor's office who to ask for when they called back. So, I got that taken care of. My appointment was made for two months later, which was a very long time to have to wait in my condition. Bear in mind that five weeks had already passed and I should have been seen by an endocrinologist immediately. I just needed some more extensive testing done to rule out some problems (to help find out what led to my needing surgery).

I received a pre-registration packet containing standard intake paperwork. I completed it, noted my insurance information - and I had it faxed to them just as a failsafe. I also sent them the originals and followed up to ensure their receipt. The day of the appointment, I showed them my insurance card as well. So, all those bases should have been sufficiently covered.

The day of my appointment, they could not find the medical records my other doctor forwarded to them. They had confirmed to me that they'd received them, but the hostile, apathetic support staff tried to tell me they never got them! They were trying to lie to cover for themselves because they knew they'd misplaced them and didn't want to look for them. The thing is, they won't make an appointment until after they've received the records from the referring physician's office!

I'd had a feeling there would be problems because of the initial run-around I experienced in simply making an appointment, so I wrote down the name of the employee who told me the records had come through - as well as the date & time we spoke. The employee stood there and flatly lied, saying she never told me that. The doctor became thoroughly irritated while the staff remained seated and went on about their business, unconcerned that I had no records for the doctor to review. The doctor, clearly agitated, swiftly and firmly, with her jaw locked tight with exasperation, flounced out the door and scooted about the office searching for my faxed records. She found them and came back. It was quite obvious she was seething, and I couldn't blame her a bit because her staff is obviously a bunch of lazy, dishonest shrews who feel a strange sense of entitlement but have no work ethic. They felt THEIR time was infinitely more valuable than the doctor's!

When my records were secured and the consultation/exam was ready to proceed, the doctor looked at only the first page of my records and saw that I have fibromyalgia - and that I recently had a partial hysterectomy (the surgery mentioned earlier). Without asking me any further questions, she said, "Oh, well... THAT'S why you feel bad! You're in menopause!" That caught me off guard because any physician should know that a partial hysterectomy is not the same thing as an oophorectomy (removal of ovaries) - and what I had undergone would in no way affect my hormone balance, as the surgeon had assured me. I had to point out to this endocrinologist that I'd not had the type of surgery that would cause menopause. Plus, my problems pre-dated this surgery by 14-1/2 years! Absolutely no corellation between them. She acted insulted that I "corrected" her, but there was no way I could just keep silent and not point that out. The thing is, she wasn't even going to order tests, and that was the whole idea behind a visit to an endocrinologist.

I was also having problems with ataxia, fatigue, lethargy, symptoms of hypoxia - and the original doctor suggested that I be checked for problems with my adrenal glands, which do much more than produce adrenaline. I had all the symptoms of adrenal fatigue. But the endocrinologist, who is a young, attractive, fresh-faced woman in her late 20s, popped off a bizarre comment that I couldn't believe was coming out of the mouth of a professional health care provider. Bear in mind that I am only 37 years old, which is by no means old and decrepit. I also am very petite, at 5'2 and 115 pounds. People think I am younger than I actually am. But the endocrinologist said, "Well, at YOUR age, you're gonna have to expect that you're gonna feel BAD."

My husband and I just sat there stunned for a minute, and we glanced over at each other... and I said, "Gee; I'm only 37 years old. I have friends who are 20 and 30 years older who can run circles around me." I've never had that said to me. Because my problems are hard to see and I appear to be healthy, I HAVE been told that I'm "too young to have this much wrong" with me, I "look fine" and that I "don't look like I'm sick" - but I've never heard that someone my age is going to feel awful and have all these problems because it is age-related. That was a new one. She was ready once again to just dismiss my problems, ignore the fundamental reason I was there (to get tests performed) and cut me loose. I wasn't even there to be examined by her; my physician just wasn't equipped to perform the more detailed testing that an endocrinology clinic can perform. The results were supposed to be sent back to the referring physician.

Well, while I'm sitting there having all my very real health problems dismissed and essentially being told that I'm an old, ancient, hormonal battle axe at just 37 years old, I'm struggling to sit up straight because I'm so weak, lethargic and in such allover pain. I reminded her I was there to have tests. I wanted to get finished so I could go back home and get horizontal. They forwarded me to the clinic's lab on another floor. We stood in line and gave my insurance card again, and the employee for some reason was having problems understanding the information. My husband was having to prop me up so I didn't collapse in the floor (I only have 50% blood volume, which remains untreated by sh*tty doctors!). We went on to the waiting area and waited two hours to have six vials of blood drawn.

The phlebotomist in the lab was a rude, cold witch, clearly because of my race. She was smiling and warming greeting and chit-chatting others, but even when I tried to engage in polite conversation, she responded to me with short, snippy answers. It made me feel extremely uncomfortable because she made an obvious difference. If the situation was reversed and she was the one being treated in that manner, she would file an EEOC complaint. This woman was a brooding, seething racist and didn't try to hide it. I remained polite and friendly despite the overt rudeness - and I just tried to make sure I got out of there without being bruised from her rough poking and grabbing and twisting my arm around like I was a rag doll with no nerve endings.

A week passed - and my physician who referred me told me they hadn't received the results. Two weeks passed - and still, nothing. After three weeks, I called and they said they'd mailed me the results. Well, what do you know? The NEXT day, I had an envelope from them in my mailbox... and guess what the postmark date was? If you said "the day before, " you'd be right! So, they lied once again. I was even more perturbed to see that some key tests I needed were not performed. All this had been a waste of time! I vowed I'd never return to this doctor or to anyone in this clinic because of the stark obviousness of their personnel issues (lazy, hostile, apathetic employees who lie to cover themselves and care nothing about doing what they're supposed to do in the first place so covering up isn't necessary).

A month later, I began receiving persistent calls from this clinic's billing department. They said I hadn't submitted my insurance information! I couldn't believe it. I gave it to them again. A few weeks later, I received yet another call stating that I didn't give them my insurance information. I told the girl that this was the second time they'd called, and yes, I HAD provided it more than once. Since then, I have received two additional phone calls - and both times, they said they had no record of having spoken to me and being given my insurance information over the phone. The last time, the employee got snarky, trying to sound stoically professional, yet effusive and curt, everything I said to her was interrupted by a "What? ExCUSE me? ExCUUUSE me, ma'am?" - as if she couldn't understand me! She kept insisting on a street address for for insurance billing, but my insurance company doesn't accept paper claims; they only accept electronic claims, which is obviously more efficient. This obtuse little employee told me she would NOT accept my insurance information if I didn't give her a mailing address.

I tried once again to tell her that the claims are submitted online, and I told her the website. She interrupted me and said, "May-um, Um, MAY-UM! I will NOT take that information..." Now, I am still very sick and my patience was worn thin by the repeat problems with these same people, but the terse, pushy, idiotic manner of this employee and her feigning the inability to understand me while constantly interrupting me just crawled all over me and I'd HAD it. I told the employee, "LOOK. You take this information, or you don't take it. If you don't, do NOT call me back. And if you DO take it, don't call me back! And you list in your notes that you spoke to me today. This is the last time I'm dealing with this and your hostile, unprofessional attitude." She acted as if I'd insulted HER.

She started running her mouth, and I told her I was hanging up. She still wouldn't take my insurance information. I asked for her supervisor, and she placed me on hold. When she came back, she asked me for my group/member number and the website for claims submission. I again insisted that she document having spoken to me. But somehow, I doubt this was done... having experienced prior utter disorganization. I don't see how they operate with employees such as the ones I encountered! I am sure that I did not just encounter the only rude, lazy, incompetent employees in the clinic (and billing office); this has to be a problem of epidemic proportions throughout the organization.

If I was DYING, I would not go back to Kirklin Clinic! Even with medical records and information from the referral right in front of her, the doctor made some very badly erroneous calls and was ready to blame all my health problems on something that wasn't even an issue... and she wasn't even going to fulfill the purpose of my visit. The staff couldn't even keep up with either my medical records or my billing records - and they're full of terribly misdirected racist hate and angst. On top of the racist attitudes, the lab employee who drew my blood handled my small arms roughly on purpose, jabbing me, flopping my arm around and being a total rude, hostile [censored]. Then, billing is thoroughly inept and unnecessarily difficult and brusque in their communication.

It's bad enough to be sick, but when you have difficulty at every single angle of a clinical visit/procedure - and it continues for seven months AFTER the visit, why would anyone want to return to this place for care and treatment? Illness causes enough stress; a health care provider, the staff and billing personnel shouldn't cause even further stress due to ineptitude.


  • Mi
    misphyt Mar 11, 2013

    This NAILED it. This IS Kirklin Clinic, ladies and gentleman. Incompetence at its finest, made worse by the very attitudes and behaviors this young lady describes. Most notably, the OBVIOUS discrimination, dismissiveness, and outright RUDENESS of staff. They're bordering on illiterate, but look out - they've got scrubs on. That means they better than you. I've had similar experiences at Kirklin and more than once left in tears. Being told something's covered by insurance then it isn't. Nothing but misinformation. You have to ride them to get ANYthing done, but God forbid you even give the appearance of "falling short" in some way (like being in pain or afraid of the tests your having and what they might mean). The FORM letters they send are THE WORST. They've been xeroxed a thousand times, all crooked and nasty -- exemplifying the fact that they don't give a squat about ANYTHING, least of all you as a human being. Worse, they don't SAY anything; just "you need more tests." You're like "what tests? why?" Forget about any such questions. They WON'T be answered. You will NEVER get an acknowledgment of wrongdoing on their part. They REFUSE to apologize -- for anything. It is absolutely frightening that this level of incompetence and cruelty is rampant throughout our healthcare system, but especially shameful for a place that so blatantly touts itself as "world class." No doubt that's where the "entitlement" comes from, no doubt. And that is seriously how they treat you: like they're doing you a favor. Hardly. If you have a choice, ladies and gentleman, GO ELSEWHERE.

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  • Ty
    TYoungblood Nov 08, 2012

    Thank goodness someone else noticed the utterly un-professional handling of people whom they "assume" do not have insurance!
    My mother made an appointment for today (11/8/2012) a week ago, and was all set to go (now, she was giving the place a second chance- they dropped her and quit sending her appointment notifications or anything the year before this; she was seeing Dr. Bahl) this morning when they called and informed her of a schedule mix-up, that Dr. Bahl was no longer a Fellows and that she could only be seen on Fridays (if I'm not mistaken). So they wanted to reschedule her, and then proceeded to infer that the reason she'd been dropped was due to appointments that she (my mother) had cancelled- my mother NEVER cancelled ANY appointments! Kirklin Clinic DID. Then we find out that the reason my mother could only see Dr. Bahl was due to the fact she had no insurance- but the problem there is SHE DID HAVE INSURANCE. So here she was being treated like dirt because she "did not have insurance".
    So then when we start putting two and two together and call them back and tell them so- (she told them she had insurance) and then Dr. Bahl can suddenly see her(an hour before the original appointment time), and it was all just due to the fact my mother cancelled appointments- well, they go through the records and of course my mother did not cancel; she moved a couple back because she was waiting on her insurance card that week!
    Now, UAB, take note, this presents an interesting point- my mother for at least a few appointments was being given so-called "charity care"
    and being seen by a then STUDENT( or Fellows, what ever), instead of a DOCTOR, and yet being paid a big check by an insurance company! So, UAB got a STEAL on this patient and heaven knows how many others. Wonder if this falls into the insurance fraud category? Mmmm, Kirklin might ought to think about that one. A lawyer would have a hayday with a class action lawsuit I'm thinking...:)

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  • Ca
    Catus Jacked Jan 28, 2011

    I agree with the asessment & complaints of Kirklin Clinic & it's support staff. Even the Doctors are less than steller in patient care and concern. The doctors don't listen, don't read their notes before talking to the patient, are alwasys in a hurry, & will not call you back. The support staff records vital information wrong (weight, blood pressure, temp, etc) which leads to wrong drug dosing, etc. The support staff will not return phone calls. Forget it, if you are acutely ill and need to see a doctor. It takes a least a month to get an appointment.
    Kirklin and UAB Health system has major issues. They may be ranked nationally as they like to brag. But locally, in patient service and care they are lacking. It seems to this blogger that they are only interested in Research grants and the financal bottom line. So unless, you have a major disease state that they are interested in studying or an illness that will get them on the front page of JAMA, then you are an inconvenience. Never mind that you or your representatives are paying them and that they actually work for you, the patient. Because with out patients there is no KIRKLIN CLINIC or UAB HEALTH SYSTEM.

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  • An
    any patient Jan 25, 2011

    I fully agree with this woman's opinion of the Kirkland Clinic. My ob/gyn made an appointment with Dr. Rosenthal for me. I assumed that b/c I could only go on a tues. or thurs. was the reason I had to wait over 6 weeks for the appointment. Within 3 days I received something in the mail, thinking it was a map and papers to fill out I didn't open it for a few was a letter changing my appointment. I never received a call asking if this was ok with me, so I called and called. When I finally got someone on the phone they were very rude and helping me w/ this was the very last thing she wanted to do..I finally got an appointment, of course it was over a month away.. I then went out of town. When I returned I had over 5 messages on my phone from them. It seems that they decided to cancel my appointment...their reason: someone told them that I didn't have insurance!! They (office staff) tried to blame it on my ob/gyn which I've been seeing for years with the same bc/bs insurance. I then tried to call the "customer relations" phone number that they list...guess what?? Nobody answered...because they could care less if you have any problems with them! I left my name and number and am still waiting on a reply!! (for months) These aren't the people that I want making decisions on my health care and I feel that they represent the DOCTOR who has to be as incompetent as they are!!

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  • Co
    concerned_patient Mar 08, 2010

    I am a patient of Dr. Warriner's and she has always been very kind, caring, and understanding. Even taking time to call me back personally about tests and questions that I've had. She takes time to listen to all questions and concerns that I may have while in the office.
    It seems to me that the doctor that referred you did not do their job - informing Dr. Warriner's office of your exact reasons for being referred to an Endocrinologist in the first place.
    Only once have I encountered rude behavior from staff at the Kirklin Clinic, and that was in the billing department, which incidently is not a part of the patient clinic.

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  • Ua
    UAB Medicine Communications Feb 12, 2010

    We apologize for the experience you had with a UAB Medicine facility. We will take this issue up directly with The Kirklin Clinic Guest Services. Thank you for the opportunity to review this issue. If you have any additional questions regarding follow-up, please contact The Kirklin Clinic Guest Services at [protected].

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  • Pa
    patientz Feb 11, 2010

    I have been a patient of Dr. Warriner's for years. She has been a tremendous blessing to me, always polite, sincere, and takes time to really listen to me. She has a clear understanding of what she is doing and helps me understand my disease. I would recommend Dr. Warriner to anyone and have recommended her to many relatives.

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