Downtown Clarksburg Krogervagrancy

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Hello. My name is Cathy Libert. I'm a lifetime resident of Clarksburg and a 20 year shopper of Kroger downtown. I'm well acquainted with the staff and they are so good to me. I'm treated like family when I'm there. My concern is for their and other customer safety. The drug use and vagrancy around the store is out of control. The vagrants are in the back parking lot thru the night and the employees have to walk around them to get into work. Some even carry mace for fear of them following them into the store to rob or assault them. Dirty needles are often found. It could be such a nice store. It always seemed to be busy, but I can tell the business is dropping off. I'm told the vagrants come in and use the restrooms and stuff their backpacks with food. Please cant something be done. The residents are willing to help, but we need you to take action. Thank you for your time.


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    9wood Aug 15, 2018

    the store can have the police move the vagrants along and take further action if needed

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