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Doubletake StudiosTerrible company


Doubletake studios called about 4 weeks ago and told me my sister-in-law had given me a free gift to have a makeover and photo shoot so I thought that was nice, so I took it then after a few days after I was at home with my cousin and a call came through and he wanted to book a date then he said he needs a £2.00 booking fee and I got weary because of what my cousin said to me that I must be careful because it may not be free so I said to you are only taking for only this amount and only this was to be take and they will not take no more than that, they did not ask or tell me that they would hold on to my debit card details and take more without my permission that was not stated and free means free, he even said to me that I can invite another person with me and I choose my mum to come with me, but over the weekend on the 8th my mum sufferred a severe asthma attack and all less priorities went out the window and it was to look after my mum.

Confirmation booking papers came on the 10th November and my booking was for the 12th but because of what happened I did not think about it, the a week after that on the 18th I realised a substantial amount of money was missing from my account and that was my money to pay my bills and get food and gas, electricity and it was gone, I phoned the bank to find out who it was and my money manager told me that it was doubletake they had taken £198 without my permisssion and put it down as sales and services when they did not provide me with this the first transaction of £2.00 had the same description.

The reason why I did not read the terms and condidtions on the internet because I thought there was no reason as this is a gift from my sister-in-law so it does not apply to me and when I came home the monday for a change of clothes I received the double take booking confirmation also but did not read it until this had happened and realised that I had been duped into something that I could not afford and did not tell me that they will be hold my debit details to take out more money. When they called they told me this was a free gift so I should not be paying nothing for this as this was a gift.

I have emailed them several times and will send you copied of these because this is not justified and if they had sent the paper work when they did I would of had time to read the terms and conditions and be able to make the decision to cancel because I don't think it is ethical for a business to dup people into getting a photo shoot worse this is credit crunch time do you think I have a £198 to throw away to a stupid photo shoot, if this was told to me I would of been able to make the decision not to especially if I had knowledge of them holding onto my card without my permission.

I have got my sister-in-law to write a letter confirming that is was a gift and my cousin who was with me when they called because I had them on loud speaker and she could hear what they were saying.
All I want is my money back they did not sell me a sale or give me a service they were trusted that they were to only to take out £2 and no more than that. so did not ask for permission to hold onto my card and if that was allowed wouldn't other creditors especially ballifs would hold on to your credit card if that was ethical and legal they had not the permission to take out any more than they should and they told me that it was a gift from my sister-in-law.


  • Do
    Doubletake Trauma Nov 04, 2009

    I have been ripped off by them to. A friend of mine give my name(without my permission) and they phoned caught me on the hop and I booked a session with them. I was asked to pay £10 booking fee and informed that I could bring a guest. Three days before my appointment I had to cancel as somethin more important came up. I was informed that it was £25 to change the appointment I said I don't want to change I want to cancel they said in that case it is £250 and they took the money off my card straight away. I have asked them to refund and they refuse saying it's £125 per person I said well I was only one person so why am I being charged for two they said it is because they told me I could bring a guest along. Even though I never named or regiestered a guest and am in reciept of an email confirming one appointment they are not relenting. I have tried to get a refund through my bank with a card dispute but they are dragging their feet. Does anyone know how I can get my cash back???

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  • Ni
    nicola_1980 Nov 20, 2009


    I have had exactly the same problem with doubletake. I got recommended by a friend and when they rang, felt like i had to book a photoshoot with them. I was all willing to go, and my photoshoot was booked for Sunday 8th November. Unfortuntely on the same morning my Grandad passed away, and so I was not in any fit state to go to the shoot. I rang them several times and no-one returned my call, and wrote them a letter to which no-one has responded. I am just wondering how you went about making the dispute, as they have taken £250 off me and would like to know if there is any way of getting it back. I eventually got through to them to complain, and they said that it was policy, even though my arguement was that it was unforeseen exceptional circumstance.

    I also would like to warn anyone else about this money-grabbing heartless excuse for a company.

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  • Ln
    LN Doubletake Feb 05, 2010

    Heres what our clients have to say about their experience at ou Studios...

    "My Experience at Doubletake Studios
    Recently I was contacted by someone at Double Take Studios in London and I agreed to go down to their studios with my partner for a photoshoot experience.

    I was a little skeptical at first, but nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to encounter.
    Cocktail Reception
    When we arrived at Double Take Studios we were greeted by the friendly reception team who asked us to relax by the bar, she took our coats and handed us a cocktail menu.

    The setting around us was simply breathtaking. Stunning images on the walls, luxury leather sofas. It was like nothing I have ever encountered...
    Now my girlfriend was getting really excited. Time for the pampering... She was whisked downstairs by a makeup artist... after a soothing hand massage and rejuvenating mini facial, they discussed her styling requirements... she felt like a true celebrity as her hair and makeup were perfected to the finest detail.
    Ok, now my girlfriend’s nerves were racing... We were led by a professional photographer through some of the most amazing studio sets I have ever seen...

    Then the photographer took her to the changing rooms and asked her to try on three outfits that she liked the most.

    Then the photographer matches these with different sets to produce a full range of images containing various styles, characters and emotions.
    Time to Relax!
    After an amazing photoshoot down the catwalk and getting sultry for some boudoir photography, it was time to chill out in the funky lounge area with some tasty treats.

    She even bagged herself some fantastic goodies by recommending any friends who she thinks would like to enjoy a Doubletake experience photography day.
    The Results
    Once the retouch designer finished her slideshow, we were shown into a private room to view the images on an impressive plasma screen.

    Her personal viewing consultant was very friendly and helpful, she explained the range of packages and prices - should we decide to have a copy of any of the photos.

    Doubletake were happy to let their images do the talking. The thing I really liked was that there was no pressure whatsoever to buy any of the photos.

    She was even given the option of extra retouching or special effects.

    Finally, she decided on a photo that she wanted to buy. All in all we both had a wonderful day... I got to look at beautiful women all day and she got pampered and fed throughout her whole experience.

    We were never pressured to buy anything whatsoever; it could have been so easy to walk away for FREE after having such a lovely day.

    ...But the pictures were SO GOOD; I just had to get one for her.

    Amazing place.

    You can take a look at their website if you are interested below... Tell them Wesley sent you, they will know who I am ;-)"

    Wesley (abstract taken from

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  • Ka
    katemitt12345 Feb 19, 2010

    I went yesterday and am still trying to cancel the order i placed due to being "caught in the moment" if you like. Big regrets now, V expensive and i'm having to get my companies in house lawyers to see if i can cancel it as DoubleTake are claiming I can't...even though it was only yesterday that they were ordered!!!

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  • Do
    Doubletake Studios Feb 26, 2010

    Dear Katemitt12345

    We are sorry to hear that you want to cancel your order. Can you please provide us with your contact details and we will do our best to help resolve this quickly and efficiently for you. Please contact us on [email protected]

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards,

    Customer Care Team
    Doubletake Studios

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  • An
    angry85 Mar 18, 2010

    I have just had the same thing happen to me! I was also caught in the moment I was told that I could get a pamper day for £7 per person instead of the usual amount of £125 so at the time it sounded good, so I gave my bank details over the phone & paid £14. They told me that I had to bring a guest but none of my friends were interested & the more I thought about it the more hassle it seemed as the closest studio to myself was in manchester & it would of meant me getting a train early in the morning & I didnt have anyone to take my young daughter to school, so I decided to ring in & cancel. They then told me that there would be a charge of £125 per person if I no longer wanted to take up there offer but insisted that I could change the date free of charge on that occasion so I changed it to March 17th (this was oringinally booked for December!) As the date came closer I still couldn't find anyone to join me for the day so I rang up 2 weeks ago & explained that I couldn't make it, had no one to come along as a guest & also, how money is at the moment, couldn't afford a return train ticket to get to their studios. The rather unpleasant girl on the phone told me that if I left it in the diary but didn;t turn up that they would take £250 from my card, I told them that I haven't got that sort of money for anything nevermind something that I haven't received, she then said that there would be a £20 per person charge to ammend the appointment & a usual cost of £75 per person to cancel but she was willing to drop the amount to £50 per person (nice of her 'eh?) I told her numerous times that I am no longer working full time & have 2 children under the age of 6 to take care of & that the only money that goes into my account is child tax credits & Child benifit (the money my partner brings in pays our £450 a month rent!) but she wasn't interested. I also told her that I didn't have that amount in my account at that time & she said that they would pender it until it was available! I went to the cash point this morning to draw the money out for our weekly shopping & bills & discovered that they had withdrawn £100 using my card details & left me with £12 to feed my family for the week! I would like to say that I think this company is disgusting for doing this & it's just a scam, I've heard bad reviews on there service, staff etc & would advise that nobody takes them up on thier "offer" as you'll end up getting robbed! I am so angry & upset, had they told me this at the start on the phone I would never have agreed to go! They should not be allowed to keep hold of peoples bank/card details & especially not be allowed to take money when they feel without a signed agreement, so thank you doubletake studios for ruining my week! I hope your staff feel ashamed for putting people through so much stress & upset!

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  • An
    angry85 Mar 18, 2010

    Forgot to mention that I was also nominated by a friend ... One more thing, the only good comment on here is from doubletake themselves?? Obviously Wesley is somebody that they have made up to try & cover up the sham that they have got going on!!!

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  • Mo
    MO 1948 Nov 24, 2010


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  • Ar
    ARGHGHGH Dec 03, 2010

    I fell for it too, due to go monday, i`ve had a hospital app come for then so tried to cancel yesterday, also have young son off school unwell and you cant take children, told i will be charged £250 unless i send someone (2 people) i am ill with stress, nobody wants to go everyone busy or no childcare, i rang trading standards and reported them, had to cancel my bank card, just what i need, dont know where it`ll go from here but i do know i havent got £2.50 let alone £250, trading standards said write a letter confirming cancellation send by recorded delivery, awaiting a call from doubletake as i was mislead on the first call he told me it was a pampering day and i had 5 days cool off, trading standards said by law they have to tell you 7 days and i have no paper work or anything oh what joy! GUTTED I FELL FOR THIS CRAP...

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  • Ju
    julie72 Dec 16, 2010

    when mine was booked the representative took double the deposit and i am totally fed up now with trying to get my money back its a joke

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  • Ju
    julie72 Dec 16, 2010

    when doubletake took my initial deposit they took it twice and every time i tried to contact them i had to leave a voicemail sometime some one would get back in touch others i just had to keep trying to get through to them i have sent a number of emails regarding the payment and all they do is fob me offf i have yet to recieve my money back even though they should not have taken it .

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  • Sw
    sweet_cheekz Jan 15, 2011


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  • Ri
    rightandjust Jan 18, 2011

    I am absolutely disgusted with the way in which doubletake studios have handled me they are really a fraudulent company and need to be stopped I plan on tasking the whole experience to watchdog I have been conned by this company even though I had agreed to the experience in good faith they seem to be one of the most untrustworthy of the sharks more like doubletake all your money if anyone feels the same and wants to tell me their story so to add to the watchdog campaign let me know its about time the big dog learnt a lesson in business and customer relations, ill give them one thing it has definently been unforgettable though for all the WRONG reasons.

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  • An
    anon, basingstoke Feb 28, 2011

    i recently went for a photoshoot which i absolutely loved and i loved seeing the finished pictures! the bit i didn't love was the paying. i wanted the 6 image option on cd as that was more realistic price of £399 and looking through the finished pictures i had 6 in mind that i REALLY wanted to have. my friend had some lovely photos which she couldn't choose between and we were told if we got the same package we got an extra photo each plus 2* touch ups which included getting rid of imperfections, bra straps etc. we gave names and numbers too so got a gift voucher for high street shops which we could exchange for a photo. the 'viewer' who was with us pushed for us to get the 10 cd option and get another free photo bringing it up to 3 free photos which suited my friend fine but i struggled to pick 13 pictures. i managed too but am now in a contract to pay £16 every month for 2 years to pay off £400 of the £550 it cost me for the photos. i am looking into changing my order as it was only yesterday that i placed them and have been at work 8-6 so haven't been able to phone them on their customer services line which is open 9-5. i was wondering if anyone else had managed to do this, change from a larger order to a smaller order as you can purhcase extra photos after you have recieved the ones you ordered so would it not work the other way round? i would be grateful for any advice or help offered.

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  • Gu
    Gudrian May 18, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I went along to a shoot with my friend and bought a package of photos worth about £600. Agreed to pay via direct debit and gave the girl my details,

    Doubletake didnt take any money for about 2 months then decided to tell me that i was behind with payments (hang on i thought they were setting DD up???)

    They forgot so i agreed to just pay via card each month which they would automatically take out of my account... was ok for a while until i changed cards. I asked them to take my credit card details off file and gave them a different card which i agree to pay using...

    They have now decided that they would like to take money from both accounts at the same time... so im paying twice as much as agreed even though i asked them to remove the credit card from file they are still taking payments.

    Customer services are crap and dont get any decent response as they are all completely THICK!!!

    Decided i need to contact trading standards, financial ombudsman and possibly the press at some point to make all other young girls aware of doubletake and how awful they are!!!

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  • Sa
    Sasha1993 Jun 03, 2011

    My friend was also taken in by this farce of a company. They aim at getting young people who have not much income because it will be easier to sway them into buying something they don't actually wish to buy. My friend was told the shoot would be completely free and that her and a female friend could come over to one of their studios to have FREE photos done as well as a FREE makeover. Obviously, I fully believe that nothing in this world is for free, and after hearing from a school email circulating round about the company scamming lots of girls at my school out of hundreds of pounds, one example even being a girl who booked and paid for a shoot only to be told when she turned up she in fact had no such appointment and would have to pay £250 if she wanted the session, I decided to tell my friend to be very careful of this sly, deceitful company. However she and her boyfriend's sister went over for the day, got the free make up and shoot, but when it came down to the pictures they were told they would have to pay for them, even though they were told by a representative at the start that they could have their pictures for FREE. This is was I envisioned happening, because the company wouldn't make any profit if there were offering these glamourous 'free' shoots to then not ask for any payments whatsoever, it all sounds too good to be true. So she felt pressured by rude and aggressive sales personnel to sign up to a two year, seventeen pound a month contract to pay for £400 of photos, I think it was for four a4 sized photos and one CD with some photos on. Then, even though these girls are under 18, and were not asked to produce any kind of ID, they were given alcohol and other 'treats' if they gave away the numbers of friends who they thought would be interested in having one of their shoots. So obviously, my number was given without my permission to this company who I have no interest in using and I am now bombarded regularly by pushy sales people even though I have told them counteless times I am not interested in their pathetic offerings, who don't let you get a word in edgeways because they are so fixed on getting your custom, I have had to put the phone down several times, as well as having to switch my phone off for several afternoons because they literally hound you to get your custom. It is harrassment and completely barbaric, I am only 18 I don't have the money to spend on photoshoots, and I don't expect many people in these times have the money to spend £100 on photos let alone the rip off price of £400. As well as this, it is astounding to me that the company is allowed to ask such personal details such as mobile phone numbers without the permission of the person! As well as luring people in with the free alcohol and make up. It is a seedy, unreliable scamming con of a company, and I am so glad I have never used it, and never intend to. I show my friends poor experience with this terrible company as a warning to everyone.

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  • Dj
    Dj chaddy Jun 06, 2011

    My girlfriend Is being robed by them aswell does anyone know how to stop this crap and all I can think of is changing banks to stop them it's against the law to take money with out permission if anyone can help us please leave me a email or msn on [email protected] many thanks / Chad and Tamsin

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  • Je
    Jennie1 Aug 08, 2011

    Me and my sister went for a photo shoot at double take studios in birmingham, we had a good day and loved the photos so much we actually had the top package and spent £4000 between us. All was not as rosey afterwards though, we were completely miss sold the package told we were getting things that in actual fact we werent. This was only the beginning of the problems on our supposable FREE revisit at manchester we were treated like dirt, they had told us the wrong time (which was even the wrong time on confirmation) so when we got there we had no facial or massage as they didnt have time and our hair and make up was completely rushed and quite frankly looked awful. When it came to viewing the photos the two of us were in tears they were shocking looked like my 6year old niece had took them. We spoke to the on duty manager and she said if it was that much of a problem she'd book us in for another visit but we'd have to come back bearing in mind we'd travelled 2 and a half hours to get there!! After putting our foot down they agreed to do it again the same day. Second time round photos were better and so was hair and makeup we choose our photos and set off home. 5 weeks later received our photos, opened them up half of them werent airbrushed nor did we receive any albums to put them in and the large photos were creased, by this point i was loosing the will to live so i got straight on the phone to be told "oh right well zara (supposable manager) is off at the minute and we dont provide wallets or albums anymore you have to get your own ill get zara to call you" (even though this was in the package we purchased) 3 months passed still no call so i cancelled my direct debit low and behold 2 days later get a call from them saying we havent received your payment i told them exactly what i thought of the company and the lady was apologetic she said zara was on holiday and would get her to call me still no call (not shocked) however have recieved a letter threatening full payment otherwise further action will be taken, i am getting legal advise at the moment but one things for sure i will NEVER be dealing with this company again £4000 lesson learned!!!

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  • Bi
    Bisuckk Aug 10, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Doubletake studios rang me and said that I had been nominated for a free makeover day. They explained that I would have to give a £2 booking fee and that If I did not turn up I would be charged £125 per person. I went to my shoot and had a fantastic time with my best mate. I always wanted to be a model and I have been on day things like this before so I did really enjoy it.
    When we went to view our photos, my friend and I really liked them. We were both thinking about buying some but we were unsure. When the woman that was doing our veiwing showed us the pakage deals they did we were like '' omg how much?!''. She said that they can do monthly payment plans and it has a 'low' apr%. Whatever 24.9%!! I found out afterwards. I was ummin and aaarrin for ages whether to get some or not because I really want to get into the modelling industry and thought I would need something like this to do that. I then said to her no I think Ill leave it thanks, she then went to her manager and got the price down from £50 a month to £38 over 3years. I was still like mmm I dunno, she kept telling me '' this is what you need to get into the model world'', and ''you will definately get jobs out it and you can pay it off in one'', '' I gaurantee that you will be modelling by the end of this month''. What a load of poo. I have emailed several modelling agencies off of the contact sheet they sent me which I then found on google, I sent them pictures as that is what she told me to do and they have all emailed back with the same answer that I will not get anywhere with them photos and I should not have bought them as they are a makeover shoot not a portfolio shoot. So she has given me false information and conned me out of £1400 but I will not let this lye as I WILL go to the papers and my solicitor!!!

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  • Je
    jenny kk Sep 03, 2011

    This place is such a rip off
    The charge 120 pound 2 give u 1 picture on a cd £120 wat on earth it cost 90 pound 2 gt a printed picture on a a4 siza paper then u gt 2pay 4 the post an packagein
    I mean do the use gold as paper dat dey charge dat much 4 a small pic of urself
    N then if u wnt all ur picks then they expect u 2 pay £4999 for them all i mean do u really think students have dat much money jus lieing around nd they dnt even let u take home the tiny pics of ur shoot home even if u ask they say no n throw them away hw rude
    This place is a rip of
    I cnt believe i thought it was gona b gd its sad dat i couldnt gt my pics coz they cost sooo much
    Neva goin bk
    Rip off

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  • An
    Andrea246 Oct 11, 2011

    I had a call from them, they said I would lose my booking fee if I did not go, something came up and I wanted to cancel. I was told I would have to pay £200 or £250 if I did not turn up with my guest. I had to reschedule for 28th oct 2011.
    I really do not want to go now, but feel really stuck. I have been treated so badly, how can I get out of this?

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  • Ch
    chris Drake Jun 19, 2012

    I went to Doubletake Studios for a photo-shoot last year, not happy with the quality of photos or the service they provided but about 3 months ago a company called Oriel Collections ([protected] based in Cheltenham) rang me saying they had taken over and i now owe THEM the debt…I explained how bad doubletake were and refused to pay. They said they’d take me to court…I thought I would have a case due to the shocking customer service so told them to do so…. Turns out the credit agreement and contract that you sign when your there is so cleverly written I didn’t have a leg to stand on, I now have a COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENT and had to pay Oriels legal fees which wasn’t cheap!!! I’d advise anyone that is in the same position I was to pay it off asap and forget about the whole thing! NIGHTMARE!!

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