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4:10 pm EST
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I found this product, Dormanex in my email, it was supposed to be World's #1 Sleep Aid. It said that it was 100% free for the product, facial mask, DVD, ear plugs, etc. I started filling out this form, for this product, it said that it was 100% free. Then after i put all of my information, name address, phone#, credit card information, i then saw that it was 3.95 for shipping, i then decided to not finish this information for this product. Then about 1week went by, and a man called me from the domanex website. They had all of my information, he told me that this product was completly free. He said that their would be a small charge of 99 cents, taken from my credit card, which i had put in the info, that i didn't finish filling out. He assured me that it would only be a charge of 99cents. This was on my inbox of email on 10/30/2008. Up to this day December 6th, 2008, i haven't recieved anything from these people. Today Dec 6th 2008, checked the bank account, and it states 159.35 has a charge for what we do not know, because we never recieved the product in the 1st place. I am astounded by these business practices. These selling practices are deceptive or otherwise improper. Now after all this time, it is Dec 6, 2008 they put a block on 159.35, whithout any permission to do soo. WARNING Anyone dealing with this product, or company please do not do so, they are a total ripp-off. We now have to wait for weeks to a month, to get this 159.35, back for nothing, their was never any product in the first place. Caution: Stay away from this Company if you are ripped off in any way, please notify the BBB.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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Dec 15, 2008 11:12 pm EST

They sent me product that I did not order, with a bill for 159.35, they have my credit card no. So they could bill the .99 cents for the sample that they called me at work to talk me into the sample, now this. I had no idea this was coming

This company is a fraud you cant get the 159.35 back that they charge your card so do not take the free trial the product does not work at all.

Oct 12, 2010 6:21 pm EDT

Dave is sending me products I did not order. I too signed up for the free trial and cancelled it but I can not get out of it. Phone numbers are invalid from Canada; Vivid White can not help me. I just want it to stop.

Feb 06, 2009 5:57 am EST

this is a continuation from butterflyjam.
I sent the shipment back to the company that I didn't order in the first place ups tracking showed they received it on 1/15/09.
I've called several times to get my money back. the same gal answers the phone, she keeps telling me it takes 2 weeks. Nowit's been over 2 weeks I don't get an answer on the phone, and the voice mail tells me to email them at support@ dormanex .com there is no such email address. Now I'm contacting BBB. and I have to write a letter to my credit card company. All this for a free sample that I never received in the first place! Just a hassle and a charge of 159.35 not including the finance charges on my CC, and my time is worth alot also!


Contact Better Business B. of Miami Fla. where this company is located! Do it right away. We could be in for a huge class action suit against this company!

Jan 09, 2009 2:33 pm EST

I ordered in Sept. they charged my card and it took over two months when the sent me the " Free Offer" . When I got the product there was a 3 X 3 paper that said the were going to send a six month supply unless I canceled it before the next shipment so I did, I e-mailed and I got an auto e-mail that stated:

Thank you for contacting Dormanex customer support. Please call our live customer service department at [protected]-REST (7378) to answer any questions you might have. Our hours of operation are 10am to 6pm eastern standard time.

Warmest Regards,

Dormanex Support

I didn't have any questions and thought that this e-mail canceled the order, I was surprised when I checked my account and there was a charge for 159.35. I called the Customer Service Department and they said that the package was mailed, this was on a Friday, the "Package" was No sent until Monday. When the package got here I sent it back that day, after a week I called back and was told they were not to give and credits for seven days this was 12-24-08, I called on 1-7-08 and was now told that I would get a credit in three days, for only 139.38. Today I received a e-mail that said I would get a credit, I don't know if or when I will get the money credited to by account. I did report this company to the BBB. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT!
They gave me the run around and the same person always answered the phone when I called, and she didn't even know what the "Auto E-Mail" stated.
I get charged to mail a package I didn't want and canceled what a scam.

Jan 02, 2009 3:35 pm EST

I'm also furious about the charge of 159.35 to my credit card! I only requested a free sample of paying 3.97 for shipping and handling. I never received the free sample, and they sent me a 6month supply that I didn't want or request.
Now I'm dealing with them to try to send it back, and going through the hassle. Post office said it would cost me 30.00 to ship back. UPS said 18.00.
Dormanex is suppose to send me a label to arrange for UPS to pick it up. Meanwhile this outrageous charge of 159.35 was taken out of my credit card, and I have to deal with the hassle of them hopefully refunding the charge.
I would have never ordered some medication in the mail for a 6 month supply, of something that could be harmful!

Dec 30, 2008 7:10 pm EST

I also cancelled 7 days of a 14 day trial period.2 weeks later i was sent a 3 month supply at a coast of 159.36.Now it has been 6 weeks later and i am still trying to get my money back.BUSINESS IS A RIP OFF.

Dec 29, 2008 12:06 pm EST

When you sign up for the free trial you have to agree to the terms and conditions which specifies that you are signing up for a subscription; we also include a reminder notice with the free trial kit. If you cancel within the 14 day trial you are not charged or shipped anything. Simply return any unused product for a refund.

Dave Griswold
CRM Manager


I totally get this as this happened to me. I was however aware of the 3.95 shipping fee for the first intial order of a 100.00 kit! Too good to be true right? I am really upset because I was also charged 159.35 for subscription fee and received a box of those so called #1 strips. This is preying on people who have sleep difficulties, but also using their credit card fraudulantly. They were so difficult to get a hold of as well and now I will only receive a partial refund for something I did not even order! Like I said in my blog: Lesson learned. I have reported this company to BBB. It takes time to fill out the form but this company must be stopped!

Dec 17, 2008 4:38 pm EST
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I had the same problem. It is defined in the "Terms and Conditions", or it was when I ordered, but it is buried in these, they are not easily found on the ad page, and if you don't know to read the things - who reads 6 pages small print. They tried to charge me a restock fee of $6/box (6 boxes), but I threatened to go online and blast them, as their ad, at the time, definitely did not indicate any product being sent or any restock fee. They refunded my money on return of the product.

Dec 17, 2008 4:24 pm EST

When you sign up for the free trial you are also signing up for a subscription for the Dormanex sleep aid. You get a 14 day trial (as stated in the terms and conditions and the reminder notice sent with the free kit) and if you call and cancel the subscription prior to the end of the trial nothing further is billed or shipped. If you return the 6 month supply we will refund your money.

Dave Griswold, CRM Director, Dormanex