Door To Door Vanlines IncDoor to door scam


I hired Door To Door vanlines to pick up my household goods and move me from Florida to North Carolina for August 28th. I talked with the managing rep., Shay, and he negotiated a deal with me that would cost me $2450 for my estimated household goods weight of 7000 pounds. He said if I should go over or under weight the price would remain .35 cents a pound. Perfect. I paid $490 as a deposit immediately and signed a bound estimate contract. On August 28th the movers arrived and immediately upon entering my home had a completely different agenda. The driver told me they do not go by weight, but rather by cubic feet. My items may very well weigh 7000 pounds but will fill up their truck and they don't want to loose money so it will end up costing me $5300 with a surplus for fuel which would total well over $6000!!! I signed a contract saying the movers were to come to my home and have a weigh station certificate of the trucks weight, they did NOT have one!! They insisted upon playing "lets make a deal" and tried offering me other prices $5000, then $4500!!! I signed a contract, not a lotto. I declined their services and politely and respectfully requested a refund of my deposit as they broke the contract! They're refusing my refund, so I brought the issue to the BBB and they are lying about the entire situation! They are a rip off, a scam, and only want your money. They end up giving you a completely price on moving day that is outrageous!! Terrible business, and dishonest.

I lost $490 of my hard earned money. They broke the contract when they did not provide a weigh certificate and did not follow through with the terms on the contract.


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