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The modem was used and therefore it didn't work

I have obtained the equipment from I didn’t like the owner lied into my face and told me that the equipment was new. When I received the modem, I couldn’t activate it. So I called to the customer services, and after an hour they haven’t helped me. I already opened the claim and called to my bank, because it was obvious that the modem wasn’t new and it didn’t work because of some problems or its previous usage. I don’t advise this company.

  • Em
    Emmy Happisburgh Jan 08, 2020

    I purchased this router to avoid renting one from Verizon and I couldn't be happier. this price is great and my internet is so much faster. It only makes sense to purchased one than to rent it.

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  • La
    Lane Compton Jan 09, 2020

    I paid extra to expedite delivery and had the device on the day promised . It is also in perfect condition and works flawlessly. It was an absolute bargain and I highly recommend if you need a modem.

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  • Sh
    Sha Wang Jan 17, 2020

    This is a big upgrade and just as good as a brand new modem. This is completely compatible with Centurylink DSL. Really a great investment.

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  • Ta
    Tay Dunn Jan 22, 2020

    Extremely good service, good product. Too bad that Comcast discouraged me to use it as they were loosing $10 a month rental charge.

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  • No
    Nova Bergeron Feb 01, 2020

    Works great and easy to set up! One less few to the cable company, pays for itself in three months!

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  • La
    Lane Leazer Feb 13, 2020

    Works great easy to install and Coxs pick it right up I did the self activation with no problem

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  • Ga
    Gayle Carline Feb 25, 2020

    Is all I have from this transaction and I will come back on my next need to this place.
    Highly recommende.

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  • Ro
    Romeo Praly Feb 27, 2020

    The gateway works great. Working with comcast with to get it activated was stressful, if you need to call Comcast to activate the gateway be sure to tell the service rep that you have an Arris TG 862G not a TG1682G which is on the front of the gateway the rep will tell you that it is a rental device and they will not activate it. I had to call bacRead more about review stating Arris TG1682Gk and start the process over again.

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  • Wi
    Wim Peeters Feb 28, 2020

    Purchased this modem and it was easy to setup. Wish i would have bought this two years and saved the rental fees but glad i got it now. My laptop connected quickly, took some time to figure out how to connect my wireless printer but did get it connected, thank you!

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  • Po
    Posh Develos Mar 05, 2020

    Everything went good.. It was delivered promptly and it save $10 per month instead of leasing from comcast.

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  • Pa
    Page Shepherd Mar 06, 2020

    I bought this modem and it works great. The sales person where great I would recommend this site they where very helpful

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