Resolved Don Lapre's / Greatest Vitamin In The WorldScam company!

Don Lapre's latest venture..The greatest Vitamin in the World is another scam to rip off the consumers. Not only should be be banned from doing infomercials, but he should be prosecuted for stealing people's money with false promises. I purchased the program initially for $35.00 and then bought the co-op program for an additional $125.00 and then the VIP program for another $75.00. Then I received the sales calls from his staff that enticed me with the Website traffic program for $1400.00 which would give me a minimum of 6000 hits per year and they would give me (as an incentive, 30 additional independent advertisers) to add to my list of people that I would earn money from.

After that, I purchased the Platinum program for $500.00 which would basically double my earnings when 20 people buy the vitamins. Within 2 months of signing up for these things, I asked for a refund. That was in February of this year (07). I wrote to them, emailed them, spoke to every so called supervisor and nothing! I eventually spoke with one man in the 'quality control' department who reassured me that my refund was being sent out to me within 30 days.

It's now December, and still nothing. I recently got an email from them that gave me another email address and fax number to send my refund form in to. Of course I did that and still nothing. This man should be prosecuted to the highest degree for blatantly stealing people's money with false promises and a complete misrepresentation of his company.

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