Domino's Pizzaservice

Mi Oct 02, 2019

Last Sunday 9/29/2019 I tried to order a special by calling the store because of the poorly excused soft use for the online app. I was on hold for 17 minutes as I arrived at the Ellicott City, Maryland store. I was told it would be 40 - 45 minutes and when I ask why I was still on hold I was told that they did not answer the phone when busy (note: Dominos app software still sucks). Then the guys that was there at 7:40 pm working rudely shouted that online specials where not accepted in store orders, but this store did accept online specials on the previous Tuesday. Then I tried the horrible software in the store to order the special went through all the pages (about 2 plus minutes) and at the end the software stated an error accrued and you will have to start over.

Bottom line, I will never buy anything from another Dominos. The employees are rude and unprofessional therefore, I will never spend my money at another Dominos. As-Far-as I am concern they can close all their stores. Put up the sign out-of-business.

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