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poor service

Dear sir

Today at 9.40 pm, I ordered pizza from my place. My daughter is having high fever and was in no mood of eating anything. So I thought to give her favourite domono. S pizza.

When I called at toll free number, the person was totally in different state of mind. I gave him my address and he was asking me about versova outlet. Then he gave me contact number of chembur outlet which I already had with me.

When I called at chembur outlet, first mr. Imran informed me that they have stopped delivering pizza to my area. When I requested him to connect me some authority, mr. Ashish came on line. Both of them were trying to inform me that they could not deliver the pizza in 30 minutes to our area, so management has asked them to stop taking orders from my area. The chembur outlet is only 7 minutes away from my home by road. Then also I requested them to deliver the pizza without any time restriction from my end. Unfortunately both of them refused to take order proudly stating that our top and local management has taken the decision and we can't avoid that.

I have decided to never call dominos again.

Customer is the reason they are in business. And service is nothing but the feeling customer receives from service giver. This has been by far the worst any pizza food joint has ever made any customer feel!!!

I will not generalize the poor image of domino pizza from my end due to this one incident? But incident was not pleasant one...

What suggestion you can give me to make them realize the importance of one customer?


Bipin mayekar
| chairman & managing director | prasanna hrd | [protected] |

Note: received following matter when I registered my complaint on their website under concern category:

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  • Fr
    Freddie Paulin Sep 17, 2007

    I posted my complaint regarding the Domino Pizza at Broad and Hunting Park in Philadelphia, PA. I called in an order for two large pizzas, and after waiting for about an hour and a half, I called only to find out that the order was canceled. the manager told me that a call was made to my house and no one answered but I was home. Checking my caller ID I saw no proof of a call from Domino Pizza. This is very disturbing. What or how can one be compensated for such mismanagement?

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  • Ch
    Chumley Smithers Sep 19, 2007

    How can you be "compensated" when you have no loss?

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  • Am
    amar patil Jun 18, 2008

    Noted the location.

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  • Ev
    evelyn allen Feb 26, 2009

    I placed a order for a large pizza and a pizza sandwich and asked the person to make sure the delivery man bring the pepper and cheese with the order. When get here with the order, no pepper and cheese. He said no one put it in the order. This is the fifth time this has happened,
    C alled the store #6984 order # 75557 He said when I asked for pepper and cheese he had already placed the order in the computer. Which makes no since, like he could't add pepper and cheese we were still on the phone together when I made the request. The service this resturant give is terrible.

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I take offense to your $4.00 Ads.14th century movie set.Just get mad and blow up the delivery girls car.Problem solved.What kind of a message are you sending to young people.Violence does not solve problems.I am on a campaign against your ad This country need positive role models.Shame on you.Most of your patrons are young people.Help turn American youth around w positive ads.If someone decided to blow up a car and kill one of your employees, how would you feel?Get a positive non violent ad that gives a positive image to our future CEO' s

  • Ke
    Ken Giorlando May 04, 2008

    My family and I - all Civil War reenactors - found your "There were no Dominos Pizza in the 14th century" commercial hilarious! As one who normally does not watch TV commercials, I look forward to seeing this one. It is so funny and so true of reenactors and living historians. And yes, we did order a large with (almost) everything in honor of the great commercial.
    An out-loud laugh! Thank you!

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i recently placed an online order for 3 pizzas, i entered my debit card number etc and the order was processed. after an hour with no delivery i phoned the lurgan branch to were the order was submitted and asked how long the order would be. they asked for my address &when i gave it to them they said it had just left. i waited a further 30 mins and phoned the shop again, at this stage i was told they hadnt recieved my order. near two hours i waited and as my son is diabetic it is well past his supper time.

  • Vi
    Vita970 Dec 19, 2010

    If you call during a major rush or incelment weather it can sometimes take that long. Best to do carry-out during these times and the online site will not be able to guage accuratelyt how long delivery times are - that's a fact. It is not located in store or manned by store employees and only has certain statistics to go by which isn't enough to make an accurate assessment of how long delivery will take. It also won't tell you if they are out of a product and many other practical facts. It does not have access to that information.

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  • No
    Norma Linda Quintanilla Feb 17, 2011


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burnt pizza and cheesy bread

On December 7, 2007 I purchased one of the new double crust pizza's and one order of cheesy bread. When I checked these items the pizza was burnt on top and the cheesy bread was burnt on the bottom. When I showed this to the customer servers they said that is the way it was suppose to look. I pointed out that the picture on the window of the pizza did not look like this, they said that was because the picture was light. They did offer to remake my pizza, but what was the point if it was going to be burnt too. They did not offer to refund my money. I had been looking forward to trying this new pizza and was very disappointed and was not able to eat it. It was awful. I have been going to this Domino's for years and have ALWAYS had good food and service before. Thank you for listening to my complaint. I do have my receipt for my purchase totaling $21.63.................ava teasdale

complaint forwarded to local store

I had some pretty bad service one night. Actually very bad. Food was 2 hours late, when it arrived it wasnt what i ordered. However, what really bothered me was when i called up to check on the status of the pizza i ordered, the manager gave me some real attitude. So i decided to go to the dominos website and file a complaint.

It was my first time filing a complaint. I tried to give as accurate as a description of the interactions i had with Dominos Pizza that wednesday evening. Pressed the send button after filling out all the online forms and voila i felt better venting my anger to dominos headquarters.

7 days letter, the very same manager who gave me attitude on the phone gives me a call back. Speaking in a very hostile manner and asking me questions as if i am on trial. "Did you or did you not recieve your pizza cold", "Who told you your pizza will be at your place in 30-40min".

Two things went through my mind, first why was my complait forwarded to my local dominos store in an NON-Anonymous fashion. Now i can never order from the store again b/c with the way this manager was talking, i just couldnt trust the quality of the food he sends to my house.

The second thing was, well lets just put it that i didnt like the way the guy was talking to me, so i dont think too highly of him.

Complaint: Dominos should send complaints to local branch in an anonymous fashion. I dont know if others would agree with this but atleast this way, people can order without the fear of something wrong happening to there pizza.

  • Je
    Jewell Gregory Aug 24, 2008

    I called and ask what the spiecal was. At E. White St. Rock Hill S.C. when the lady said 1 small 4.00 or a middle for 5.55 on Sat Aug 23, 2008 about 5:00. So I order one middle and the total was 15.00 I said I thought you said it was 5.55 for a middle pizza. Then she said if I had order three. I said well lets start over cause I'm not paying 15.00 for one when I can get 3 for that price. So I order One middle will Ham & ex-cheese, One with Hambuger & ex-cheese and another with Peppironi. Then I add ex-cheesy bread stick. All pan pizza.
    My husband went and got this order for me. he got home the pizza was so thin when you picked it up it fell apart, it was very much not done. I think that was the nasties pizza I had ever ate. I order there all the time and never had a problem. Someone just don't know how to cook pizza.
    I don't think I want know more pizza for a while.

    Jewell Gregory

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behavior against the law and discriminatory

Hello, I would like some assistance in getting my money back. Domino's Pizza used my credit card to take money ($14 +) out of my account. I had ordered a pizza and paid for it with by credit card. The store manager (Jay) promised me several months ago that they would refund the money, and that it needed to come from corporate office. My bank did nothing about it because the complaint was made 60 days after the event. If you respond I can provide you more information etc, dates and amount.

I believe this behavior to be against the law and discriminatory. If I had did this to them, I would be facing legal charges.

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  • Bi
    bigsmellyman Feb 15, 2008

    Put a rock thru their front window. That will even things up.

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give wrong order & rude service!

I was ordered 1 large extravaganza with extra chesse in domino state bridge rd, atlanta, georgia, delivery man came and I give a good tip without check on the pizza. When I opened I found that the pizza is wrong order, I called the store but I got very unpleasant service, the girl staff who answer the phone insist that they send the right one, she said that I was order brooklyn pizza, how come extravaganza become brooklyn? I asked, how about change with exravaganza but instead of that she was angry and said the store will closed, so no more delivery!!

How rude and bad service.

hair cooked into the pizza's cheese!

My family and I were really hungry so we decided to order the 5 by 5 deal, when we opened the first pie ,we found a long wavy grayish hair on the pie (no one in my family has gray long wavy hair!), but we said ehh lets just not eat that pie lets just eat the second pie, so while I was eating a slice I felt a hair in my mouth, which even got tangled in between my bottom teeth. I took out the piece of pizza that was in my mouth to see if it was my imagination. Unfortunately, there was a brownish visible hair woven into the crust and cheese, cooked into the pizza. I immediately vomited, and when my family saw the second hair coming from a different pie, everyone became nauseous and started vomiting too, I mean wouldn't you? It was disgusting, never again will I order pizza from Dominos.

Anyways after vomiting, my sister then politely called Dominos from (Newark, NJ the one on Bloomfield Ave.) to speak to the manager (NOT asking for a refund and definitely not demanding another pie). The manager was rude, didn't allow her to explain and when she asked for his name he hanged up on her! So of course my sis became mad, after all she just wanted him to know what happened so that he wouldn't lose other customers, and so that his employees would wear a hair net, because obviously they probably weren't wearing one. She then called again, he yelled at her and when she asked for his name he hanged up on her again!

We just called so that other people could be able to enjoy their food, instead of vomiting. So next time you order your delicious dominos pizza, watch out for nasty hairs on your slices!!!

  • Tr
    Truth Nov 08, 2008

    We had a similar experience with Dominos. We thought the worst part of ordering from this Dominos at 371 S Doheny Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90211 was the cold pizza that was delivered an hour after ordering, but NO! THE WORST PART WAS A 2" NASTY HAIR THAT WAS COOKED UNDERNEATH THE TOPPINGS! UNBELIEVABLE! This is absolutely unacceptable.

    Also, the Website said they left at a certain time and they got to our place 45 minutes later! They're only 2-3 minutes away from us! The pizza and bread sticks were completely cold. Waste of money and time. The manager didn't care much about making it right either. Never ordering from Dominos again. IT'S THE NEXT MORNING AND I STILL FEEL SICK THINKING ABOUT THE HAIR THAT MY MOUTH TOUCHED! I STILL FEEL LIKE THROWING UP!

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  • Ja
    jane andrews Oct 09, 2010

    hello sorry to bother you but,
    The pizza you sold us was fine but the sauces were runny in consistancy and out of date!!!...Poor news for food poisoning! Please buy our faith back into Dominos as we have been using you for over 15 years.
    Many thanks jane andrews x

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  • Ja
    jane andrews Oct 09, 2010

    This was part of my complaint! I have already filled in a complaint form and yet you still want me to complete an other! Like i said before we have been using you for at least 15 years and it has been perfect x but this time we were sent runny constistancy and out of date sauce which as you know is a high factor of food poisoning.
    Many thanks
    jane andrews x

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late and cold delivery

I ordered a pizza on 13 oct, 2007. And i received it cold and that too after 50 min, thus breaking the company policy of 30 mins or free and moreover when i complained about it they further argued with me. And today ie. 2, nov 2007 I ordered a fun meal which they place bulk category they again delivered it late though they had written on their menu cards still when i complained about it they went for a argument instead of explaining me what the offer was. Thus the customer service is a tooooo bad. I would like some actions to be taken against them.

lousy service

On Saturday night October 20th, 2007 we ordered a medium sausage pizza and were going to redeem a $5.00 gift...

inappropriate customer services skills

This store claimed at 10:30 on Thursday night that they do not open their doors for carry out. Yet there are no signs posted saying other wise, nor does it state it on their online website. So who do we complaint to, their customer services skills are inappropriate. Listed below is thier hours:

Domino's Pizza: Rio Rancho

2415 Southern Blvd SE
Rio Rancho, NM 87124

2415 Southern Blvd
Rio Rancho, NM 87124
Phone: [protected]
Su-Th 11:00am-12:00am
Fr-Sa 11:00am-1:00am

Carry Out Only

pathetic service

I ordered a vegetararian pizza, they made a bill for a vegetarian pizza and gave me a chicken pizza.
In india vegetarianism is attached to religious beliefs and had I eaten it, god...!

Secondly, he did not come in 30 minutes as promised.

This is the dominos at cp in delhi, order taken by some goonk called anil at around 8;50p. M (Sic.)

  • Lo
    lopamudra konwar Oct 03, 2009

    Hi Dominos team,

    This is a complain for a non veg extravaganza that i had order on the 3rd of october at 9.29pm and it was taken by Mnaju t from the sector 12 outlet in Dwarka.

    I did order for non veg but received a veg pizza and when i complained the person over the phone offered to send me a non veg pizza but at extra cost.

    Now i want to know is it my fault that i had ordered for somehting and got something wrong and then u also charge me for sending the right food. Please get your employee maju T ears chekced or ask her to go for a leave for some days as she is not fit for a customer service industry if she cant take an order correctly.

    I still have the veg pizza available with me and would like ot know what can i do about it now and what action u guys plan to take against manju t for not listening to a customer carefully and spoiling my dinner to be more precise.

    MY ORDER #278.

    please take action on this employee of your's Manju t and make sure she does not repeat such mistakes in the near future.


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  • An
    Anwar84 Jan 18, 2010

    dear sir,

    i am Anwar, i bought 2 dominos pizzas from dwarka branch. i am very disappoint by the service, they didnt treated me well, and didnt even provided me the handbag, i asked many times to give me some handbag, but instead of helping me, they were making fun of me and my friend, by laughing at my back, and making comments.

    and because they didnt provided the handbag to me, while on the way back to home, i was riding bike, i was holding 2 pizzas together, and riding the bike by 1 hand, and holding pizzas by the other hand, 1 of the pizza fell down, so it was a total waste.

    this is not the matter of wastage of pizza, but this is the matter of service your company is providing,

    this is ridiculous, and and i am very dissapointed with your service. please take some action and provide the facility of handbags in the branch.

    ### service, i hated it, and you have lost your customer today... take some action if u dont want to lose more of your customers.

    now i say, pizza hut is better than dominos in every way.


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stupid automated robot

For years 17 to be exact-I have ordered from my local Domino's Pizza. Now they have some STUPID automated robot who directs you God only knows where for your pizza order. Is this truly what technology is all about. No communication--no way to correct an incorrect order.

In the past you were always pleasant to deal with. Now you are ANNOYING!!!

Thanks to your new age -- let's have no communication with the PUBLIC cyber geeks from whom I shall never order from you total loosers. The inbred, fearful of actually communication with another human android who created this new program should be immediately zapped into cyber space where he shall no doubt fine others of his ilk who have no social skills whatsoever.

  • Ji
    Jimmy Oct 07, 2007

    Totally agree. I will never order from them again because I can't stand talking to a robot.

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