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supposed to close at 12pm well two times now I have tried to place orders around 11:30 pm and they dont answer the phone or tell me there closed

they say they close at12pm.well this is the second time i have tried to call at11:30pm to get either no...


Hi, I am asad ullah saeed and I am a empolyee in domino's. I just want submit a complain against the...

don't care about its customers

Your word against theirs right. That what it was with me. I order some hot wings from a dominos in my area (Baton rouge, la plank rd). I ate one box and didnt eat the other because we started feelin terrible sick (Food posioning. I email the customer service department like a good customer reported my probelm. They contact the dominos and told them to pick up the remaining wings that they would have them tested in the lab. Ok, I thought they were playing me the whole time. The results should take 6 weeks! Never call me back with the results. I call them they gave me the runaround. Basically in the end I was call a lye and didnt recieve anything. I wish I could sue them for what they did to me I will never eat here again. Mark margret or whatever his name over security is unfair!! Long live pizza hut!!!

bad pizza

Ugggh after reading a sign stating "large 10 slice pepperoni pizza for $4.99 pick up only" we stopped and taking our last $6 we paid for a Large? pizza..what they do not tell you is the large pizza comes in small slices and is NOT round like a pizza pie usually is..therefore your *large* pizza is actually a small pizza! also those so called great deals are stone cold and stale..we ended up having to nuke our pizza before eating it, but even after doing that it did no good it still tasted like the cardboard box it came in..we threw most of it away, we didn't have the gas or energy to go back or contact dominoes about our dissatisfaction instead we will never ever order from them again, even Little Ceasers ready to go pizza is 1000 times better then that ice cold stale cardboard pizza we spent our last dime on.

made wrong pizzas twice

I ordered 3 pizzas online to be made at the dominos morisset which I use rather frequently I always order the same pizzas every time. We went and picked them up to bring them home to discover that 2 out f the 3 pizzas were wrong. We rang up and told the operator that the pizzas were wrong to be told at first that there was nothing they could do due to we ordered online but they changed their mind and said they will send a 3 new pizzas out with their delivery driver. We waited almost an hour before I rang the shop to ask were my pizzas were and told them I have 3 children waiting for their dinner to be told they left the shop half hour ago. I was then rang 15mins later by the delivery driver asking were my house was. About 10mins after that call he finally showed up music blaring loud as with the replacement pizzas no apology for the stuff around or nothing. I came inside to open the pizzas to find yet again the wrong pizzas aswell as they were burnt. I thought after seeing the pizzas stuffed up again I didnt even bother to ring the morisset branch as it was a waste of my time and credit on my phone. All I can say is that morisset dominos is the worst ever dominos I have ever been to I will never ever ever eat from that pathetic so called fast food industry again.

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bad customer service

I order 2 medium pizza with pineapple ham at dominos pizza and 2 liter soda. My order was deliever with the 2 medium pizza but no sprite soda. I told the driver that I didnt get my soda and he return and said I didnt order no soda and I told him it is on my receipt and he implied and told me he will bring it right back. Well some time went by and no soda. So I call to the pizza place and explain it to the man on the phone stating to him that I didnt receive my 2liter soda and he replied and said the driver said that he deliever it toyou. The soda with the pizza and I told him no I didnt receive it he told me that he was going to bring it back because he forgot it. So the person on the phone said you are not getting a soda from us and hung up the phone on me. So I went up to the dominos and try to explain to the manger that I didnt get my soda and he said that he is going too call the police and the police got there and the police lock me up. I got lock up. I cant believe I got lock up over me not receiving my 2 liter soda. So now I had to pay money too bail my self out and now I have to pay a lawyer to defend me in court cause I been charge with a crime. All this over a 2 liter soda. The domino pizz place I will went to is 10649 braddock rd burke va. I would like for someone too contact in refrence to this complicated. This happen july 24, 2010.

horrible service

Ordered pizza online at 7pm on 7/15/2010. Site said delivery would be in 40 to 50 minutes. I called after an...

customer service

It takes a great deal to bother me but after a 4 year hiatus from Domino's I decided to give them another shot based on their commericals and stuff. So I order pizza to have delivered to friends. I specified on the order that the Cardholder ordering the pizza would not be at the apartment the food was being delivered but gave them my number to call with any questions. The pizza shows up at my friends but then the insist on an ID which they already know is not present since the order specifically reads the "Cardholder is not at the residence". They actually took the pizza back and probably threw it away (unless they recycled it) rather than deliver pizza that had already been paid for. I understand protect the consumer but in this case the consumer specifically stated the situation and no call was made to either clarify or ask questions. So Pizza Hut, sorry I left your side, but it won't happen again.

really bad ohs

At 11:15pm July 3rd my partner and I went to pick up a couple of pizzas.

as we walked into the store there was music playing, they had it playing on full ball
to the point, i could not hear what my partner was saying, or anyone else for that matter.
They finally turned it down, and we were told that the pizza's would not be ready for
another 2 or so minutes, which was fine, no problem with that at all. But while waiting,
we saw one of the staff member's picking the topping off one of the pizzas, with his fingers!!!
after seeing that, we asked the girl if we could speak to the supervisor, she said that
the supervisor is not in tonight. So we either take our pizzas and pay or leave now. That is
when i got angry and asked her if she thought it was healthy for that worker to be picking at pizzas
with his bare hands. that we were just about to pay for? all she said was PLEASE LEAVE in a loud voice.
I was stunned as i am most amazed that she even had a job at Domino's by the way she was talking
to me. I refused to leave as i was outraged by this matter. Than a male worker worker came up to my partner
and I, to our faces and yelled [censored] OFF or he will ban us from all Domino's stores in Canberra.
So with him saying that, my partner and I left. Just as we were out of the sliding door's
some of the staff, started laughing.I am still in shock and shaken up by it all.
I will never go to Domino's again and hopefully domino's head office does something about this.
But, i highly doubt it.

Store Details
Shop 1 Florey Shops 29 Kesteven Street, FLOREY, ACT 2615

  • St
    Stevo86 Jul 05, 2010

    well you should be using gloves and you shouldn't be picking at somebody's pizza

    common sense

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  • Lo
    Lord Dan Jul 06, 2010

    I work at a pizza place at the moment, I know that, for one.. you are REQUIRED to wear gloves under the Health and Safety Act QLD. Failure to do so could lead in a class action case against Dominoes.

    Before you go around making smartass comments, please think before you type. This is coming from someone with Experience, I didn't wear gloves when working at Red Rooster and they got me on Film.. I got totally destroyed and almost got fired from my job.

    On the other hand, you don't HAVE to wear gloves when MAKING the pizzas, as when they go in the oven, the germs burn off and it's perfect, but if you're picking at toppings AFTER the pizza came out with no GLOVES. That could pose as a big problem.

    Please hang yourself now Dawniette, you know nothing.

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abusive behavior of staaff

On 28th june 2010 around 7:45 pm i visited Dominos my order include a 'chocolava cake'.

The Quality of the cake was worst ever. It had no chocolava in it, i.e. it had no chocolate syrup in it.

So when i approached the counter i was asked "Are you blind?"
I replied that "No I am not blind but the amount of chocolate is negligible compared to what is have experienced in other cities."
And i returned the cake back.

The in-charge at that time instead of accepting the defect started abusing me saying "How dare u return my food. I m in-charge here. You poor ### you have never tasted a chocolava cake. I have done training from Calcutta and you'll teach me??" he was already shouting at the top of his voice.
So i said "you should behave with your customers"
Then he outraged and abused me to maximum extent calling names such as "Mother###er, Sister###er, I'll beat you to death, I am not wearing bangles, meet me outside, etc."

Now this event has changed the image of the Brand "DOMINOS". We come to dominos for the consistent quality of your food. But now no quality is maintained and even we are abused if ask for the quality in food.

Hope the administration will take care of the so called in-charge of this event or else we will have to go somewhere else for dinner where we are not abused.

I am a educated student. So i am incapable of replying to the abusive behavior. Thats why, i am informing you rather than fighting with your staff or complainting to the police.
Because I have complete faith in you and your brand name.

hopeing for a reply soon
contact no. - [protected]

dominos bangalore - brookfiled branch suckss!

Dominos Bangalore - Brookfield Branch Suckss!!

I have been a regular customer of Pizza Hut but recently their branch has been shifted and I was forced to order Pizza from Dominos/Brookfield branch. I tried ordering from that place at least 3 -4 times in the last few weeks. On sundays if you call after 9pm they either do not pick up the call or they put you on hold. Such a lazy staff I have never encountered with. They have a very bad staff I must say. Last time when I called I was really hunger and wanted to have pizza badly but when I called they said there is no power and that they will get back to me in 10 minutes but that never happened.

Today again when we called them up they put us on hold for almost 15minutes. We cut the call and again tried ( not to eat the yummy pizza but out of desperation because there is no other choice)

If a person is shifting from one brand to another, it is your responsibility to make sure you try to retain the new consumer and not offend him or her in such a way that he or she would never want to try your service.

I would appreciate if your management at least try to look into the problem and have a check on the staff whether they are doing their job perfectly or not.


  • Cu
    Customer Banglore Jan 17, 2011

    Any Dominoz authorites READ FULL and If u guys have any serious ness in this bussiness or looking for future take some PRECAUTIONS r else we know how to kick u r ###.

    I am a regular customer for Dominos. Dominos Staff sucks... We can say these dominos people are the worstes service in this bussines. ###ers... First thing they don't have a habit to take feedback from customer after sales. Because they know we fire them because of quality service. Every time..!!! Ever time. When any customer calls them... first thing irritates. They will pick the phone and ###ers keep explaining the menu. There mother asoles... "A man without a listening power is equal to prostitute... they just do it for f... sake... like this dominos also into same bussiness. I suguest to stop selling pizzas n start prostitute bussiness beeter for Dominoz... Why the hell they will say they have service till late evenings. Bangalore - Cunningham - Branch. They won't recieve calls properly, they will put for HOLD for long time. No in time delivery some times it pass 45 to 50 mins also.

    Any dominos people reading this may think how bad words are mine. Think a regular customer got irrated and furstated because of u r worst service then who the hell will come for u r dominos. I am going to paste the in atleast more than 500 common web links where people will read the feedbacks.

    Who gave u the rigghts in india to do bussines those are the asoles... because they take money n they never look whats hhappening with u r bussines.

    ### u guys ... Domions is worst.

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over charged/ false advertising

company delivered product over an agreement of price and charged a different price. My wife end up paying...

argumentative mgr

Ordered 2 Med 2 topping pizzas and ask for special.5.99 each ..delivered When they got here The price wa...

inept preparation and service

I placed my order oat 7:10 PM online. Our food arrived at 7:50 PM. 2 of our subs were made incorrectly (they...

this is false advertising

Dominos restaurant located at 59 Glenridge Avenue, Montclair, NJ 07042 regularly claims that it doesn't participate in the advertising prices on television, in this case and 2 other times the $5.55 deal is called a "$7.77" deal by the manager but he will "honor" the $5.55 price.

When I order a sandwich from them, every single time, they put less than 2 tablespoons of filling in a sandwich that is pictured as a regular sandwich with at least an inch of filling both on T.V. and print.

This is FALSE ADVERTISING. The sandwiches made by this store are obviously under filled due to the management wanting more money for them.

poor product

My family orders often from the Domino on Hyw. 59 in Mandeville, La.. The pizza is a;ways cold and orders are not filled properly. 3/13/2010 our order was cold and seemed to have been dropped before getting to our home. The service is terrible and the product is worse. There are not many fadt food delivery in this area and Dominos is very close to our home. We have spent a lot of money at the store with hopes that the next order would be better. NO SUCH LUCK! I would like to hear a response to my complaint soon.

Thank You for your attention in this matter.

  • Ti
    Tina :) Apr 12, 2011

    I live in Kingaroy OLD, My family and I order Domino's at least twice a month, and roughly speeding $50-$70 each time which is a lot of money to my family. My complaint is that we had to wait over an hour for our pizzas on the 12th of April 2011 and when they Finley delivered them we had only got half the order. I had rang the Kingaroy Domino's store and a junior had picked up the phone and the Manager was standing behind her telling her what to say I was rather upset with is as i have two young children waiting for their tea as they are young they didn't under stand and were getting quite upset about not having tea at this late of night, we had finely gotten all our order witch was six pizzas and it took them over an hour to deliver them and all we got was 1.25 l of coke. We had apologist's from the driver and the junior that i was on the phone to but non from the manager, they we under staff and under organize as far as i am concern it shouldn't take this long... This is not the first time that this has happened to us the last time my family had to wait over three hours to eat just because they said that they had forgotten about as and had NO apologist's from non of the staff about this.. We always hope our next order is better.. BUT NO JUST AS BAD!!
    Hope to hear from response soon..
    Thanks for your attention.

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I didn't get pizza

Hi, this is bidyut I ordered pizza yesterday but I didn't get when I called there, they cheated with me and I ordered again buy one get free that also not provided me and after that I spoke with manager he told me u given wrong numbers but I gave my numbers when ordered csr pickup my call his name ganesh and I told coupon code - advo2 and my number [protected] so many times happened like this so kindly u reply me what your domino's service

Thanks u

  • Du
    dudertonmcnally Mar 09, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Giving out your phone number on the internet is really gonna help, huh? Especially in India... You're just asking for trouble. Go worship Allah to towelhead sand ### ###.

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put on hold for long time

I called to make an order from dominos pizza on broad street in new castle, indiana. I was put on hold for 15 minuates and no one came to phone so i hung up and called back . I was put on hold again for 7 minuates. I finally hung up and called pizza king. I understand that restraunts are buisy sometimes (I work in one) but i should not have been put on hold and ignored. It only takes a few minuates to take an order.

  • Pi
    pizza1234 Sep 03, 2011

    When your put on hold, you get put in line. If you hang up and call back, then it's basically you stepping out of line and to go stand in the back again. Dumbass.

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not good business practice and maybe even illegal

When Dominos pizza came to our town it advertised free delivery. That was a good benefit to the customer. But for the last 3 years the Dominos here in Statesville, NC has charged $1.60 service charge for every delivery. It was added when gas started going up. We thought it was to compensate drivers for their gas costs. But the $1.60 doesn't go to the drivers it goes into the owners pocket. The drivers always got a dollar a run and didn't recieve a penny extra when the franchise added a $1.60 charge to the delivery.And to add insult to injury this franchise even started paying drivers a base pay as if they were waiters. But waiters don't have to drive there cars from house to house. Drivers already had it hard trying to keep their cars running. Now they reduce their pay to less than minimum wage and customers take away tips because their being charged that extra $1.60 for delivery. Where's the brains at there? That's not good business practice, and maybe even illegal to charge a seperate tax just to go into the owners pockets. I'm going to check with the north carolina state department of wages to find out if it's legal to charge extra for delivery if the drivers aren't getting every penny of it.!!!

  • Db
    db6 Feb 24, 2011

    there is a standard delivery charge for our Domino's here in ohio, we charge 1.75 for delivery, the driver gets a 1.13 of that 1.75, the rest goes towards the labor and food cost for the store. not owners pockets, we have to pay the driver minium wage, and our drivers actually get above minium wage right now plus the 1.13 on every delivery, plus tips. i was a driver for a very long time, now i'm in management, some of my drivers are making out better hourly than i am. so i can promise we (at least in ohio) make sure everyone gets a fair wage.

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delivery time

i ordered a pizza from hatfield dominos pizza and took nearly 2 hours to arrive from 1 mile away from where i live. it came to my house at 12 midnight, and it was cold and needed to be reheated. I won't use the Hatfield branch anymore as i have no confidence in them so i tried to use the welwyn branch which is 3 miles away from where i live and they will not deliver to me as they say that the hatfield branch is the one i have to use. You claim to be the best pizza service and you charge premium prices for what you call quality pizzas! I consider myself to be a good customer of yours and you can check your records to prove this. but because your service on delivery is so bad, it affects the quality of your pizza so that in turn is also bad! you need to renstate 30 minutes delivery or a pound off! I'll not use you again as your let down by your staff and service

  • Cl
    claudette warner Oct 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    my 2 grandchildren ordered pizza from your company @ 12:42 and the pizza wasn't delivered until 2:13. when my grandchildren told me i called and spoke with the acting manager on duty; i was told that the delivery guy had to make 6 deliveries, and the my grandchildren didn't call him back. he told me he told them it would tak about 45 min. but it was almost 2 hours. to me that was uncalled for. i am in management and has been for 25 years, if i had that no caring remarks and attitude when someone was to complain about something then i would lose out on some very nice coustmors. i do not allow any of my employee's to act as he did or they can tell you, i will let them go; my coustmors come first. very dissapointed in the way it was handled.
    thank you
    claudette warner -(803-682-0443)

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  • De
    Debbie Huddleston Aug 04, 2009

    My complaint has to do with delivery. Dominos decided last week to stop deliverying down my highway. Although they do deliver and have to drive right by my street to deliver to Tan Tara Resort.( on the highway they say they do not deliver down anymore. ) I live in a big subdivision about 1 minute off the highway so it doesn't make any sense. Now we have to drive to meet them. Needless to say, they do not get our business anymore and we order pizza for the kids 4-5 times per week. Terrible way to do business. Must be nice in this economy to not need the business or money. Osage Beach, MO 65065

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  • Ha
    harshit bajpai Jul 29, 2011

    i ordered pizza and 2 mousse cakes . these guys took one and a half hour to deliver the pizza and on top of that when they delivered the, order was incomplete as i got only one mousse cake . my house from the kidwai nagar branch, kanpur is just 6 km away and your people took one and a half hour . when i called them to ask that where is order ?? your people were so rude and used a very disgusting way of talking . this thing i cannot accept from dominos pizza who say 30 mins delivery or free . i want you people to take a strict action against these guys and specially to that person spoke in okward manner to me . and reply me email me at - [email protected]

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