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rude customer service

well, i called up for my daughter and she was asleep and needed know what time she started work that night, so i could wake her up in time for her to get ready, i called up introducing myself, but was given a rude introduction of what store, and the name of who was taking the call, i politely asked what time my daughter started and all i got in return was '5:30 until 8:30' and followed by them hanging up, i didnt even have time to thank them for doing that for me. i later found out when my daughter woke up that it was the MANAGER ! being a manager he should have known better, im so disappointed that i got spoken to like that, and his attitude and customer service needs adjusting

wreckless delivery drivers

I was driving to the the store when a Dominos delivery car approched me very quickly from behind. When I...

food poisoning

So I ordered two medium pizzas for my boyfiend his little brother and myself. One pizza was a chicken with peperoni pizza and the other was a peperoni and jalapeno pizza. Keep in mind that no one else ate the pizza and this was the only food we had in common eating the whole day. That night my boyfriends little brother could not sleep because he felt ill. He wanted to throw up and had diareah. That next morning my bf and I had finals and we started feeling really sick he complained that he had diareah and that his whole body ached so he couldnt focus on his final and in turn failed the final and failed the class. Later that day he went home and I met him there. We were both really ill with diareah, vomiting, body ache, fever, and our heads throbed really bad if we started to walk. We were bed ridden for two days after that feeling really sick. I tried contacting domino's pizza and all they could tell me was that supposedly they called over 150 people who had their pizza that day and the day after and they all were fine, oh and that supposedly they tested their own ingredients from that day and that once again everything was copersetic. Yeah of course if this was my buisness I too would do my "own research" and find that everything was perfectly perfect. All they could offer me was credit for more of their food.. ewwwww no thank you!!! Moral of the story is DOMINO'S = FOOD POISONING!

  • Ka
    KATERINA ILIAKI Nov 24, 2009







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  • Ge
    GettingInvolved Feb 24, 2011

    Hrmmm...It is hard to get food poisoning by food that is already fully cooked before it even enters their stores. It sounds more to me like the poster and family caught a stomach virus, which can make you have all of the aforesaid symptoms.

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not recieved order

I placed an order online and was called from dominos within a few minutes. The woman said they are unable to deliver my order if I can pick it up. I told her she can cancel my order because I have no means of transportation to pick up my order. She then said that she will have someone deliver it. Half an hour goes by and they call me again stating they are unable to deliver my order. I go online and check my account to make sure im not being charged for an order I never recieved. They were charging me for the order so I call and speak with the manager. He states that they refunded the money but my account is showing that they are charging me for the order. He said if I wanted the refund to speed up I need to call my bank. I called the bank and they said the only person who can speed up that refund process is dominos and the manager keeps saying he cant do anything about it. Horrible experience!!! I will never order from them again.

really poor service

I orderd at 4:45pm I didnt get my food til 5:30 and I live down the street. There is a policy with Domino...

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pizza messup

Two days ago, I bought two specialty pizzas on sale for $7.99 each plus tax. One pizza was fine, but the other was not.I ordered one of the pizzas a supreme specialty without onions and I told them that my daughter and I were allergic to onions. I got home and we had almost finished that pizza when my daughter and I started wheezing and gasping. I peeled back the cheese and found onions hidden there. I brought what was left of that pizza back and told the manager what happened. He gave me my money back on the messed up pizza only and did not even appoligize for it and acted as though it was my fault for not checking the pizza before eating it. Personally, I think he poisoned us on purpose because why would toppings be hidden under the cheese?

  • Do
    Domino's Dec 10, 2010

    Laura, I run social media for Domino's and came across this. I'm very sorry. Please use this link to give your details to our customer care team so we can look into this:

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poor service

I placed an online/internet order from Seattle for my Mother in Arab, Alabama. I ordered her plain barbecue...

no delivery

ordered pizza at 6:03 and was told that the pizza would be delivered in 30-45 minutes. At 7:07 we called to...

order online

I order the special pizzas !!! (2) for 5.99 each and the driver show up with one pizza for $14 dollars, they doing scam every time they can, beware with DOMINOS PIZZA, I call the manager and he stay that the online order was 1 pizza. I don't care about the money, I care about the scam, I tip the driver very good, they never try to fix the problem, how in hell I order one pizza for $14 and call about the 2 for $14 the same time, I WILL NEVER ORDER A DOMINOS PIZZA NOT MORE !!! the PIZA place was in port saint lucie and the manager's name is JOHN, HE HAVE NOT COSTUMER SERVICE AT ALL, NEVER EVER EAT DOMINOS AGAIN. BEWARE !!! of the scam. Frank Tuero.

  • Re
    Refessati Dec 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Most of the time deals like these are better called in to the store - many deals even state that they are "phone order" only. If it had happened before through online ordering, why did you keep ordering online instead of calling in your order? I've never had a problem like this at my local Dominos.

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  • Ab
    abhishek rai Apr 02, 2015

    hello dear iam abhishek rai &i belong from susuwahi iwant to need a pizza for propse given small party but your shift manager mr . virandra kumar he is work in jhv mall in varanasi he say s told me that iam work in 5 years working in service industry and my policey is not give on road delivery . i want to know that what have problem please consult your feedback
    iam regular customer in nodia sec 18 gip if you don, t solve my problem then for future ilive domines. thank for your services . my mobile no-7839245363

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treatment of employees

My girlfriend was hired at dominoes in cambridge to work in the store and occasionally make deliveries. She...

harrasment of employee


I am employee of dominos pizza stroe#3338.

As I wanted to get transfer from my store to another store — my gm (Anowar) terminated me without explaining me anything.
I noticed him last week that I can not work for due to exxesive traffick while I come to dominos after office hour.

I communicated with another manager & was agreed to hire me which is near est from my home.
Anowar created artificial complain against me that I am no late no show. Though I told him one week advance.

I will suffer in usa with my family for loosing the job. I am single earning person in family with my wife & baby.
As per my attorney — if I won't get back my job within two weeks from today... He will file a sue against dominos pizaa.

Pls take immidiate action & let me know your decesion.

  • Ku
    kunal_das Jun 18, 2011

    I am ex-employee of Domino's pizza in nehru nagar store (66085) i worked as a part timer . I left the company about 1 year ago because of some personal reasons. by that time i had applyed for mt PF and till now i havent get it.
    kindly tell me what should i do.

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bone choked my little boy

We ordered Dominos Chicken Kickers for my son on his 6th birthday. He loves them and requested them on this special day. He choked on a 1.5" bone which appears to be that of a chicken wing. We called the store right away and they laughed. This was 3 weeks ago, we have talked to Tyson, the USDA, and FSIS. They broke federal guidelines by not tracing the product, we were told the store discarded the packaging even though we called within minutes of receiving our food. Further, Tyson had a lawyer write to us and tell us to sign papers or go away when we asked basic safety questions. There is an entire story that goes along with this. Please check out the site at

horrible service!!! and no guarentee

I ordered two pizzas and was watching a hockey game. I didn't get my pizza Dominos thought I phoned in to cancel my order. I didn't and got a call over an hour and 20 minutes later saying that they made a mistake but will bring the food right away and give me 50% off. The food got here at the two hour mark. It was cold and tasted like cardboard and I only received 5$ off. I called back immediately and asked for a new order stating that the pizza was horrible. The Owner/manager argued and said that he gave me 50% off and wouldnt do anything about it. I then tried to go over his head and phone Dominos Canada but all I could get was an answering service and no phone call back. THANKS DOMINOS FOR GUARANTEEING MY PIZZA AND SERVICE. It is a shame because I have been a loyal customer for years.

  • Sh
    shauncockman1991 Jul 04, 2014

    I ordered dominos from hertford and was told it was going to be 45 min wait which I was fine about, 1hour and a half later still no sign of the pizza. I kept ringing and ringing with no response, Once I finally got through to them I was told it was going to be 10 mins and I was on the phone to them for 20 mins and still no sign of the pizza. Last thing is the fact they refused to give me a refund on my order because I had payed buy card. Their reason being it had gone past midnight.I think it was such poor service bad attiutude and customer service was...well there was none. Never using them again

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worst place ive ever worked

This has been the worst job I have ever had. This dominos located in sebring florida is a joke. The owner of the store tim jones couldent run a store if his life depened on it. He dont know how to handel customer complaints, he lies and cheats on his paperwork and has his managers do it also, he has people clock in and work for him when he dont want to be there and he pays them cash under the table to keep there mouth shut, he uses out of date products because he dosen't want to throw them out. The corperate store hours for his store is 11am to 11pm on mon-thur and on fri-sat there 11am to 12pm and on sun its 11am to 11pm but this isent what he does he closes an hour early everyday because he tells everyone he's loseing money. If I were dominos I would take the time and do a thurough investagation on how he runs the store and how his emplyees are treated.

extremely rude worker!

I ran into one of the most extremely aggitating workers I've ever had the experience to deal with...

a-hole delivery guy who cant speak english

We were gonna buy pizza from dominos but when we went there there were no parking space in front of the store...

uncompetent manager

this guy does not deserve to be a manager, he looks like a criminal because the way he treat me and other drivers it s quitely impolite he use us like a slaves, he does not care about our feeling as humans that they have their dignitee, so as far as this person keep acting with me, and my coworkers like this . i will offer certainly a bad service to the customer whish is not a good favor to the company .

  • Ds
    dsvet19 Sep 01, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I placed an order to be delivered at 6:30 om it arrived 15 minutes late, the pizza dough was terrible, the toppings didn't even taste like the pizzas I ordered, and then when I called to complain, the manager told me you got what you ordered, even after I told him I was not satisfied with the pies. I used to be a manager, and had I ever spoken to a customer the way I was, I would have been fired on the spot! I am super disappointed with Domino's Piazza, and you have just lost a 20yr plus customer! I am appalled with the service, and the lack of taking responsibility the manager showed! store number is 8238 order was placed at 2:54 pm the cost was 43.70, and worth about 5 bucks at most, I have had better meals from a roach coach!!!

    Thoroughly pissed off,
    Trevor Guhy(guy)

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hair inside mexican wrap

I ordered farm house pizza along with two mexican wrap on 10/10/2010 at 10:54 pm, my order no. Was 245 from domino's pizza, sco - 220, sector - 12, part -1, urban estate, karnal (Haryana) india. Contact no. +[protected]. While eating mexican wrap I found bunch of hair in my mouth along with the wrap. I still have the proof of the same and I can prove it. I did not expected this thing from such a hygienic place. I have ordered domino's pizza many times but this time it totally spoiled my mood and taste. This was the last time I ordered from domino's and I will not try domino's anymore because its totally unhygienic.

Contact email address: [protected]

poor quality, poor delivery

I ordered domino's pizza for the 4th time on 28/9/2010 and the scheduled time which was told to me was 45 mins.While ordering I made one thing clear that the pizzas should be hot because in my second order the pizzas were not hot.Firstly, igot the pizzas 20 mins late .secondly, it was not at all hot.the receiver who attended the call was rude to me.My order no. is 53 and the domino's store address where i ordered the pizzas is as follows G.F., SHOP NO. 6 & 7, FOOD COURT, SOUTH X MALL, PLOT NO.9, BLOCK 'O", KIDWAI NAGAR, KANPUR, U.P.

  • Ge
    GettingInvolved Feb 24, 2011

    I just want to point out that the times quoted to you are an estimate not a "scheduled" time. If it's on the weekend it could take longer than that. Every since I was a kid I already knew that if I called ANY pizza place on the weekend it was going to take at least an hour. I would suggest that if you don't want to wait a long time it might be better to pick it up or have it timed for you. You can call earlier in the day and schedule the time you want it delivered to your house. I do agree that the person who took the order should have definitely used better customer service skills, and I also agree that they should have estimated the time better.

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supposed to close at 12pm well two times now I have tried to place orders around 11:30 pm and they dont answer the phone or tell me there closed

they say they close at12pm.well this is the second time i have tried to call at11:30pm to get either no...