Dollaramaoneida fork and spoon - false advertising on price

October 6, 2019. Time of checkout 13:31:19. Edmonton Alberta Canada.
Westmount Centre 111th Ave & Groat Road, Edmonton AB T5M 3L7
Reference number: [protected] [protected]
Author # 03592Z
Other # on the receipt: [protected]

Hi, I have once again been let down by the poor customer service at this location. They had an Oneida Spoon and Fork with the price tag $1.25/each under them. When I went up to pay they charged me $3.00 each, I bought 4 so it was $7(plus tax) more than it should have been. I am sorry, but I work in a customer service area as well, and you don't tell the customer you forgot to remove the price tags and sorry you can't get a price correction, only options is to return them or keep them at that price. I wanted these items for Thanksgiving Dinner, and as it was advertised on their part as an error (stickers showing $1.25), they should have honored the price. This is not the first time this has happened to me at this location, most times I will just walk away as the difference is minimal, but still they are making their customers pay more than what is shown, that is just not right. If maybe they were forced to pay for their errors, make them liable, they would be more diligent in having the correct price advertised on their products. This time being a $7.35 extra cost to me, it is a huge difference. I would still like my refund as it was them that made the error so they need to admit it and honor the price. I was charge $3.00 x 4 utencils plus tax ($12.60) when it should have been $1.25 x 4 plus tax ($5.25).

I went to the Cashier, then sent to a 2nd employee, then to a 3rd employee, and finally the Manager(?). Sorry I was not able to get her name, might have been Donna?

I'd really appreciate if this can be handled, I was quite upset when I left to the point of tears.

Thank you,
Christina Feldvari


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