Dollaramaracial and discrimination

G Nov 27, 2017 Review updated:

Friday the 24th around 4:00pm, My sister, two teens and I, was excited to see a bigger Dollarama on the South End as we drove my elderly father to Pevry Mart, So I told my father that we are going shopping at Dollarama,
Walked in gab our carts, then one of the workers started to follow us are around as we shop, then over the intercom they keep saying security check in each ale we went to, then My sister boys came in and one of the ladies that worked there came grab my nephew said and a rude mean voice your guys have get out, we asked her what for ? did they steal anything? we wanted to talk to the manager, she said that it the manager who wants them out...(in a really mean voice) we keep asking for what? they didn't do anything if so let us know, she didn't give any reason why.
So I told my sister to leave the cart and walk out, we don't want spend any of our money here. the rude Lady said ( WE DONT NEED YOUR MONEY ANY WAYS) I told her she rude and being racial...It was so embarrassing for that to happened to us.
I well not ever shop there ever again and well get the media involved


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      Nov 28, 2017

    Unfortunately you do not have any proof or evidence that racism occurred. They can technically refuse service to anyone for almost any reason.

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