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A Nov 29, 2017 Review updated:

Stopped by my local Dollar Tree in Decatur Texas for a few things on our way home as soon as we walked in cashiers look and whispered to each other obviously about us since no one else was coming in at that time the whole 5 minutes we were there we were followed by one of the cashiers as if we were going to steal something and keep in mind all I had was my small clutch wallet my keys and my phone and my nine-year-old daughter, I thought it was just my imagination so we moved from Iowa to I'll just to test it out and of course she was right behind us the whole time never in my life have I experienced this and I am never coming back and I am seriously contemplating contacting my local Hispanic news station because there's discrimination is just ridiculous.


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      Dec 01, 2017

    I would contact someone about this due to the discrimination. Dollar Tree cant keep getting away with all the wrongs they do to their customers. If we as people dont stand up to companies then they will continue to do wrong.

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