Dollar Treedisrespectful cashier


I was standing at the register and my husband came and put something in the belt and she says don't throw it up there like that she then started laughing . I then asked him what was that for and she said in a slow tone it's a spoon you know you use it for this or that and I said ok I know what a spoon is and I'm not talking to you . She laughs and says hurry up and get out of here I feel sorry for you and your family. I said you call this being professional your at work she laughs and slams my receipt down saying I enjoy my job how ever I choose. I said by being disrespectful to customers. She says and says yup bye.
Store # is 631
Sale Associate Name is Tamara
I love dollar Tree and I am a frequent shopper I really hope that this matter can be resolved. I've never complained on anyone and I've seen disrespect but this was just truly unacceptable.
Thank You

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