Dollar General / the place looks like a landfill

United States Review updated:

I've been into plenty of dollar generals before and I have a friend that lives in the winnebago ne area and asked if I could stop and buy them some milk so I said ok dollar general down there will probably have some so I stopped down to get some milk but to my surprise the coolers were dirty as [censored] I've seen cows with cleaner [censored]s then that cooler I about gagged and puked but I got out of the building as quick as i could was going to go through up in the bathroom first but it was closed when i tried to get in the door it was looked I asked why the door was locked he said no public restrooms and I really left and didn't left as soon and as fast as I could I will never shop at dollar general again if this is how they are run and the sad thing is this is one of the only places to get stuff you have to travel always to get some of the stuff that you could have got ust right there in winnebago ne not pleased 2 thumbs way down👎👎and zero stars

Apr 23, 2019
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