Dollar GeneralI was told by the cashier as soon as I entered the store that I couldn't bring my service dog in the store

D Jan 13, 2020 Review updated:

This happened sunday 1/12/2020 @ 11:30 am. The guy was rude as soon as I walked in he was waiting on a customer and he says to me no dogs are allowed in the store. I said my dog is a service dog. He says for what.?. I said your not allowed to ask me what reason I need a service dog. He said oh yes I can. I can't believe that i've had my dog for 5 years and never had someone be so rude!!! Especially in front of a customer. I spend alot of money in your store's and can't believe a service dog that is perfectly well behaved is denied entry. I'm very disappointed... Smh


  •   Jan 14, 2020

    Actually, you should have your service animal's certificate paperwork with you as all times.

    Gone are the days when people can buy turkeys and call them a service animal and bring them onto a plane. We are not going to fall for that anymore.

    Was your animal wearing a WORKING DO NOT DISTURB vest? Probably not. Those mean your animal is legit.

    He wasn't denied entry, you refused to provide proof that your animal is needed.

    Needing a pet as a service animal because of anxiety (because you can't handle the world anymore) is BS. Sorry, it is. I wish I could have my best boy Murphy with me at all times but no.

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