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J Dec 03, 2019

I bought a 2014 Jeep Cherokee in 2015 used from a car dealership. I was in 2 serious accidents and in both my air bags did not blow when they should have. The gentleman who was hired to fix my Jeep told my insurance company it wasn't worth it. My air bags were defective. Because of the air bags NOT being deployed I suffered a broken wrist and sever whiplash. My head hit the steering wheel which has now caused me to have serious migraines. Because my second accident was only my car involved due to the fact I hit black ice. I received not a penny to help with childcare for my children, and extra help because I was I a cast for roughly 5 weeks and then ended up with severe nerve damage in my hand. I just want to tell you that you might want to do better when checking and building your jeeps. Either one of those accidents could have killed me and i have 2 young boys. Due to your lack of details I suffered serious injuries. Please do better. There may possibly be a legal team contacting you about this situation. I should not have had to pay out of my pocket for something that falls under your responsibility.

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Julie Bulmer


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