Dissertation Planet Complaints & Reviews / They should be out of business!

Dec 01, 2016

Whatever you do just don't use DissertationPlanet service, these people are highly unprofessional, they have no idea what are they doing and they can't keep their promises! They missed the deadline and caused me nothing but trouble and the worst part was they knew it was their mistake but...

DissertationPlanet / this site is a total waste of money!

May 15, 2016

I have ordered a paper from DissertationPlanet and told them that I need on a certain date. The paper was very important to me and I was supposed to show it to my professor before the deadline! These guys never made it on time and I had no paper to show. They did send it to me, but three... / They delayed my essay for 2 weeks and haven't finished it

Jun 21, 2015

I paid money for the quick service on the website The guy from this company told me that I would get my essay tomorrow morning, but he lied. I got my essay 2 weeks later, and they didn’t communicate within these two weeks. I was so shocked that I wasted... / They didn't finish on time and had problems with grammar

Jun 19, 2015

I won’t advise the website to other people, because they didn’t meet the deadline. They told that the essay would take 4 days, but I got it two weeks later. And no one warned me about the delay. Also, the quality and grammar were poor and the... / They failed to write my paper on time and provide it qualitative

May 26, 2015

I ordered some work from, and I placed the order 3 weeks before the exam. I was really upset, because these idiots failed to provide it on time. I asked to send everything what they have, but they provided only some couple of pages. The work hasn’t been... / Not-qualitative essays and a lot of mistakes

Nov 29, 2014

Don’t order essay from the company I ordered essay and paid full sum in advance as the rep asked me, but it was real scam. I didn’t get the essay on time, but after I finally got it, I understood that the company was awful. It was only half made... / They wrote wrong info and didn't provide dissertation on time

Aug 16, 2014

I don’t recommend the website to other people. I ordered 50 pages dissertation from them, but the services were horrible. I spoke with the agent, who promised that within 2 weeks they would provide it, but they failed. Also they copied some material to my...