Disney-ABC Complaints & Reviews

Disney-ABC / charged for books I didn't agree to

Sep 08, 2019

I was charged for book I did not agreed to for $21 ..i am on fixed income and can not afford this. I have extreme anxety and it has kicked in when I Sam this charge..please refund this as soon as possible..thank you. I am suppose to receive emails and on this charge i was not just a charge...

Disney-ABC / 'andi mack'

Jun 08, 2019

The Disney channel is a channel with programs geared towards innocent children. I had the Disney channel on for my kids the other evening and imagine my surprise when I walked into the room and a male character on the show 'Andi Mack' was announcing that he was gay. While being gay isn't...

Disney-ABC / disneyworld

Jan 05, 2019

Spent a lot of money on tickets but lines were so long we couldn't get on rides. In one 7 hr day my daughter rode 3 rides. A 10 hour day she got on 5. The 3rd day we settled for 2 shows and didn't do rides because hours in line for a few minute ride just isn't worth it. First time ever at...

Disney-ABC / firing of james gunn

Jul 21, 2018

Aren't you the holier then thou organization... You fire a man for an offensive joke he made years ago because a couple of commie republicans told you too... Let me tell you something jerkwads... I have a video blog on facebook... I am about to tear you as new mousehole so big you will...

Disney-ABC / your employees on the air whoopie and joy behar sherri shepherd

Mar 05, 2018

Complete utter disregard for america... Our country does not need their critique of trump or pence... Pres trump and melania. Vice pres pence and wife are respectable christians... Christians do not support abortion their tacky comments and lack of consideration for the rest of the world...