SUBMIT A COMPLAINT for medical aid for my mother

F Aug 18, 2018

To whom it may concern

I have been struggling to get my 73"yr old mother on medical aid since April. It's almost September and I still cannot get her on. There was so many back and forth requirements which made is extremely difficult for me to complete as I was pregnant and gave birth recently. Our application form was sent back 4times, then I needed to provide my mom's weight and height from a pharmacy.
Then I needed to do a physical for my mom at the Dr. It was provided but sent back to me due to incomplete information so I have to go back to the Dr.

It is ridiculously frustrating and so inconvenient to do with a baby. I was also told that I cannot do the application without her consent. But she signed the forms. I have also asked if someone can come to my house to assist with application however this Couldnt be provided. I have seen now my moms application has been rejected cos it has been more than 90days and must reapply. Discovery has the worst application process on planet earth

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