Direct TVbilling for returned recievers


I canceled my account with DirecTV in May 2009, paid the early termination fee (Signed a 1 year contract, they said it was 2) and the last month's bill and sent my receivers back with their return kit. A $165 charge appeared on the next bill saying it was for the receivers. I called and was told that once the receivers were entered into the system that charge would drop off. This continued for the next 2 billing cycles and then I stopped receiving communication from DirecTV. I though the receivers had finally been entered into the system as returned and my account was now clear.

Apparently, this was not the case. I received a call from a debt collection agency on August 18 to collect an amount of $165. The collector was not able to understand what the charge was for and sought the advice of her supervisor. The supervisor was equally as confused and I was placed on a conference call with the collector and a DirecTV representative. The DirecTV representative verified that my receivers had been returned and were entered into the system as returned. The charge on my bill was the result o a system glitch that had allegedly been paying customers upon receipt of their receivers instead of crediting their accounts. Basically what she was saying was that DirecTV had deposited $165 into my account mistakenly without approval and would now like that money back.

Is anybody experiencing this? I cannot find this credit that was supposed to have gone to my checking account through my debit card. Also, I cannot think of any reason DirecTV would send this to collections instead of trying to explain their mistake to me. Even when they know they are in the wrong and made a mistake, the customer service is still horrible!

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