Direct Edge Creative Applications, IncUnpaid wages


John Drury - Owner
Debra Strong - Office Manager

Owes past employees about 2-3 checks from over a year ago. TWC has ruled for this company to pay but has failed to do so.

Do not do business with them or work for them. This company continues to do business with local oil/gas companies but refuses to pay.


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    froggiegurl20 Jan 01, 2009

    I worked for this company for about 3 months and my pay was ALWAYS late. This company always had to wait to get paid by their clients and then they would finally pay. I had to file a complaint with the TWC and the Labor Board and I finally got paid 3-4 months later. This is a terrible company to work for! DO NOT WORK FOR THEM!

    They want you to work your butt off and not get paid! TERRIBLE EXCUSE OF A COMPANY!

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    So they say Sep 30, 2009

    all wages were paid to all employees

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    HeyJohn Nov 11, 2009

    All wages were NOT paid to employees. I was an employee with Direct Edge Creative Applications also.
    I am owed money from DECA as well. To make matters worse, they claimed that they paid much more than they actually did when tax papers where filed.

    THE IRS SHOULD INVESTIGATE this company!!! That's a pretty direct hint.

    John, stop lying to everyone. You made bad decisions as the president and brought the company down.
    Then you go and start up in a new location without paying your past employees.

    It's a shame many of us could not prove that you didn't pay us.
    Having Ms. Strong as an accountant has proven effective in unorthodox accounting & payroll practices.

    Send complaints to John Drury's house: Just look him up on HCAD. Do an owner search by name.

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  • Jo
    JohnSucks Dec 04, 2010

    I have to agree John Drury is a horrible person. If you ever meet him for a job interview turn away no job is worth having with him as your boss. And I have to agree he will screw you over on your tax/leaving pay.

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