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Direct Brands Incincorrect charge

Collection debt listed on my credit report that I have no knowledge of. It is in the amount of $31.00 from a charge in Feb of 2009 from Direct Brands, Inc.

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  • Sl
    Slickertwo Apr 16, 2009

    I have the same thing, added a collections account to my credit report. $28 from Direct Brands, Don't know what it is.

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  • Re
    REG Jun 08, 2009


    R SIMS

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  • Yo
    Yoda01 Jul 13, 2009

    Direct Brands Inc was once formerly Bookspan, so if any of you ever bought anything from any music or book clubs, then this is what the charge is for. I am currently going thru the same as you. Call [protected] for more information about your account.

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  • Me
    MELLO Jul 28, 2009


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  • De
    deragonpapillons Aug 10, 2009

    Same here, but mine is for $91! Haven't bought anything from them, where do we send a complaint to or ask to have it removed? Thanks.

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  • Kk
    kkal31 Aug 25, 2009

    i got the same thing. just pull my credit and they got one for $99 on mine and i never got any thing from them.

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  • So
    Soupsdaughter5 Sep 02, 2009

    Wow, I also got a $38 charge on my credit report, it says 01/09 but I don't use book or music clubs (which their website says they sell) and I have never used this company either. I have submitted a dispute on the charge, but it too is messing with my good credit. What are we supposed to do?

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  • Cr
    cruiser enthuiser Sep 18, 2009

    I have you all beat...$193! This just showed up as a collection item on my credit history a few weeks ago. I'd never heard of them and certainly never belonged to any book club and I am very upset. I used the number listed above and explained this to them. A very indifferent agent explained that she would report this to their "fraud department" who would send a letter to me within 2 weeks explaining what action they would take. Of course, no correspondence ever materialized. However, when I called back and spoke to a supervisor I was told that they had indeed removed the charge and had notified the collection agency to remove it. She said she would email me documentation proving this (not holding my breath). I wonder how long it will take for all this to get cleared up and be removed from my credit history? Anyone care to wager? Four weeks? Eight weeks? I'll say a minimum of 3 months. In the meantime I'm trying to buy a house and how do you suppose this looks to a mortgage lender? This whole system is so totally stacked against the consumer.

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  • La
    Lala Loco Sep 24, 2009

    I am getting calls from Penn Credit Collections stating that I have ordered books from Direct Brand Inc. Which I do not belong to no such thing as a book club I never had any knowledge that this company even exsisted. The collection agency said I ordered in year 2007 and I spoke with Direct Brand themselves @ number [protected] which isn't toll free the lady had told me I ordered in 2008 hmmmmm sounds fishy to me. For the grand total of 87.22. This is really hurting my credit. And I am not happy about this. And on top of all that Penn Credit Collections told me I could not dispute. What credit company tells you that you cannot dispute? It is my right to if I do not have anything from this so called company Direct Brands Inc. ??????????????

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  • In
    invincable4ever Nov 21, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We seem to all be in the same 'sinking' boat. My problem is exactly the same, for $74.00.
    My question: Has ANYONE resolved this BS?? Has anyone tried/contacted the Credit Report people? How Do We Fix This?

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  • Co
    cowgirls rock Dec 07, 2009

    I just found the same problem on credit report for 102.00. I called Penn corp got my account# that was turned in from Feb 2007. The company doing this is Direct Brands Inc. They have Double Day Book club and BMG Music etc, so if you didn't satisfy your account they are still trying to collect. The # for Direct Brands is [protected]. they still had my info and was able to help me if you can get your acct # from the Penn Credit. The lady took off the charges for me. She was very nice. so before anyone calls with attitude try being nice and remember she didn't do this.

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  • Yo
    youareanidiot Dec 14, 2009

    Listen people...I used to work for the company you are maligning. Most of you idiots don't bother to read the fine print in the correspondence that is sent to you, which is disappointing, because after all, you are signing up for a book club. Most of your problems are stemming from the fact that when you returned the little card to get 4 books for 99 cents plus shipping or some other variation(which hey...that's a great deal), you did not have the brain power to notice that you were roped into a commitment to buy 4 other books at regular club price within the next 2 years. When that 2 years is completed and you still have not fulfulled your commitment, you are charged for those books, which is when you start ### because you did not receive anything but those 4 books for 99 cents for your money. Moral of my story...always read the fine print and I have no sympathy for your self imposed problems with this company

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  • Sp
    Spade Jan 06, 2010

    OK, I received my credit report and it had a $162, what.. from a BMG music/ direct Brands...What, I did not know People still order CD in the mail?? I have never order anything.. The lady from National Credit Solution told me original amount was $30 and now they what $162? What Do credit report agencies allow this fraud company to report accounts????

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  • As
    ask_m Jan 08, 2010

    Just noticed the same thing on my credit report (for $93). - Never ordered books/music online before. I filed a fraud report via Experian, and also called the 'Penn Credit Corp' # which was listed on my credit report. However they couldn't find any info regarding my name, address, or even soc sec #. So it's not like someone even used my name to order anything.. . very odd!

    I'll try those #s for Direct Brands next and see what happens.

    It's terribly frustrating; this is the only bad thing on my credit report!

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  • As
    ask_m Jan 08, 2010

    Update: well after a very long time on the phone w/ Direct at [protected] they said the account # I had on my credit report was under a different name and living at a different address. Of course they could not provide me that info. I gave her my addresses and they did not match the one she had.

    Whatever was ordered under my name was sent to that address.

    So it looks like a possible case of identity theft. She gave me yet another # for Penn Corp - will try when I have more energy.

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  • As
    ask_m Jan 15, 2010

    So Experian cleared the record off after my dispute. I had called Direct and and Penn Corp; apparently the account holder had the same last name as me, but a different first name and soc sec number. It's scary how these sorts of stupid mistakes can happen!

    It's a pain in the ### but I encourage others to fight back and dispute any possible mistakes on their credit report.

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  • An
    angel_69127 Feb 22, 2010

    This happened to me as well in the amount of $86. I happened to pull up my credit report on Experian and noticed a Penn Corporation charge of $86. I stated on my credit report that this charge was not mine and I did not remember ever buying anything from Direct Brand Inc. I just got a letter in the mail a few weeks ago saying that I was correct, this was not my bill, and now it has been deleted from my credit. How do companies like this get peoples' personal information if they do not EVER sign up for any cd/dvd/book/etc. offers? That should be illegal because they add whatever amount they feel like adding onto your credit, so it makes your credit looks bad. It's ridiculous!!

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  • Rh
    RhinoT Mar 15, 2010

    This company shows up on my credit report -- I understand they are the main creditor to BMG Music, and claim that I ordered a Coldplay CD 6 years ago. I hate Coldplay -- I definitely never bought any of their CD's. Moreover, BMG music was proven to have sold fraudalent names to collection agencies as recently as 2008. When I called Direct Brands, they said I didn't have an account with them, and they gave me a number to call at Columbia House. The number they provided was inactive, and trying to get someone at Columbia House to help you on any general customer service lines is impossible.

    Out of the 3 credit agencies, only Experian shows this on my account, and my dispute through them was unfavorable. Apparently they just call the company to ask if it's accurate, and of course the company says it is. Next stop for me -- the Better Business Bureau. I have had success getting them to clear up mistakes/fraud on my credit report in the past.

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  • Ny
    nybitch77 Mar 19, 2010

    I just found a charge for 189 on my credit I called the Collection company who hung up on me 3 times!! I was told that I never signed anthing but They had somone with my middle name who they looked up to find a Social socurity number for without authorization then put it on my credit because I had lived at the address listed!! Apparently any agency can do this! Just get your social and bill you for ANYTHING!!! I was told I could dispute which I did! This place is Freaking ###'s!! Someone help!!

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  • Jl
    jlouised Mar 23, 2010

    I also just found charges on credit report and disputed. I have another one on my husbands which I believe his lying conniving ex-wife placed in his name -- problem for her is its over $100 which I believe is prosecutable.

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  • Ha
    haffshop Mar 23, 2010

    We (husband and I ) have been trying to contact this company for over 6 months now, to pay a old bill, and can not get ahold of them, we have many numbers and none of them get you I guess that they do not want their money very badly...good luck to the rest of you...

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  • Js
    jsappindy Mar 24, 2010

    I have just pulled my credit report and this is listed as of March of 2009. I have never ordered anything from BMG or Columbia House and have a past due fine of $217 listed as a bad debt!!! I've never even received a bill from them to explain what this is!!!

    Will discuss with an atty and see if there is any recourse.

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  • Ha
    Haegar Apr 18, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    All of a sudden National Credit Solutions placed a collection account on my wife's redit report from Direct Brands, Inc. - Neither the colelction agency not Direct Brands could provide any documentation of merchandise ordered, delivered and invoiced but they could tell us that the merchandise was delivered in April 2004.

    The problem is that Direct Brands were only incorporated on November 30, 2005. They have changed their name 5 times since then.

    I have tied to wrok with them for over a month and hey are now being presented with damage claims for Willful Noncomplince with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and libel. They are being given 30 days to respond and settle, if not, we will pop the extra $ 300.00 and drag them to court.

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  • Ra
    r a May 19, 2010

    today i have pulled my credit report and a company named DIRECT BRANDD INC music serv reported $163 collection to experian. I have never heard of this company before. I have never ordered anything from anywhere. This is pulll [censor]. I tried to e-mail them, no luck. I have read what others are saying about this company, and i am shocked. I never knew this could even happen. I never knew that any company or any person could just post amount in anyones credit report. My next step is to call these numbers, and solve this manner and then get one of these employers page number and names then report there [censor] to experian. I want these [censor]ers to test their own medison. Sharmooto waa xit

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  • My
    mylossURgain Jul 20, 2010

    If you tell Direct brands you want documentation of what the original order was/and or what DVD's/Books/Cd's were sent and it after 2 years, they MUST clear the debt. Most of the time all information is purged so legally if they have no record you can't be charged. If you speak with a customer service rep they can not provide the information. Always, Ask for a Supervisor then a manager. I promise your problems will be solved quickly.

    The company updated to a new system with Columbia House and hardly have any of the old titles. This will work to your benefit.

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  • En
    Enforcement Officer Oct 26, 2010

    I unearthed all my garbage in my backyard in search for a clue that may lead to any 2008 invoices or any mail transaction from Direct Brands, Inc., but to no avail. I received a 10/07/10 collection notice from PennCredit in the amount of $97.32 with a service date from Direct Brands Inc. dating back since June 2008. I absolutely have no recollection dealing with such company nor have I received any books from them. "Failure to pay the outstanding balance within 35 days from the receipt of this notice will be reported to Experian." Threatened PennCredit.

    This is ridiculously ABSURD and I will dispute this modus operandi. By reading the complaints of other victims in here, I am saddened to see that this scheme is hurting other people's credit report, but I am a glad to see that they aren't putting off the fight against this type of fraud.

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  • Fl
    fluster Dec 03, 2010

    i worked for direct brands up until this year. their game is they send bulk amounts of new books in hopes that people will keep them and accept the charges. they received back almost as much as they send out. next month will make the third major lay off in a year! they are a sinking boat. they were sold to najafi recently, and najafi obviously doesn't want them anymore. heck, even their own president, walter gross, who has been the "big boss" for a few decades now jumped ship last month. i find this company laughable. currently, they are offering an employee incentive which is this: suggest the best money making idea, and we will give the best idea $10, 000. really? you want to save money to save your sinking ship, but you're willing to give someone 10k?

    to anybody that wants to actually get ahold of someone responsible for the charges you were wrongfully given, i suggest writing to the actual distribution center. i think if they got an onslaught of mean mail, it would be great, may even make the front page of the local paper. here's their address of the actual factory where they send out 75, 000 copies of the new titles nobody ordered:

    direct brands inc.
    501 ridge avenue
    hanover, pa 17331

    i would also add a c/o tina stambaugh, she's the human resources representative that apparently knows what to do in any situation.
    enjoy!! :)

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  • Ni
    Nicole Rice Aug 14, 2011

    OMGOSHHHHHHHHH of course I just pulled mine as well and guess what? There is a charge there from the same ###s in the amount of $1198.00. And because of that I am most likely going to lose the house of my dreams... They won't even set a closing date until I get this off my credit... I think it's time to call a lawyer. What do you all think???????

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  • Ru
    ruin credit companies Mar 22, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I got a 65 dollars charge from this company and never use this company . So I stuck with this company without having a chance to contact them and my credit report just for this company making me a bad score. Some one out there from the government should put an action on this company that does not help our community. Credit report does not go up because of this company.

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  • Pa
    Paulpigeon May 15, 2013

    Here a number to get it settled [protected]...i did this and my wifes bill was paid of

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  • To
    Tomas_K Jun 13, 2013

    The number to call Columbia House (Direct Brands) is [protected]
    Ask for a supervisor right away, Kimberly or Valerie might be the lucky ones to take your call.
    Their company is ###, We had to pay the bank to go through old bank statements (Back to 2007) and prove that we actually paid what they sent us to collection Agency for.
    It's unreal that there's absolutely nothing you can do about them... They can [censored] up ur credit score as much as they want, but I couldnt find anyone to contact to fix it (w o it becoming a big expense)

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  • Ns
    NS51585 Jul 15, 2013

    I just received a collection on this. It seems that Columbia House had sent DVDs on CDs to a college address I used to have. Or someone opened up an account with them in my name. (she said this sometimes happens at colleges) Anyways, the account was opened in 2007 and sent to collections in 2009. But, it now just appeared on my credit report today July 15th, 2013.. Why 4 years later? I am working with Columbia House to resolve this issue and will post an update here on the steps I took to resolve this BS account someone opened up in my name. It appears all someone needed was a name and address to open an account. Not sure how they found my cell phone and home address and any other information they have

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