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Kirkland Office:
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Kirkland, Washington 98033
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Pittsburgh Office:
730 Holiday Drive Foster Plaza,
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Brooklin Paulista
São Paulo – SP – 04578-000, Brazil

DigitalRiver Complaints & Reviews

Digitalriver.com / I have no clue

sue42 on Aug 31, 2017
Aug 31. Received a fraud alert from American Express concerning a $29.99 charge from the Digital River Pacific company. I don't know what the charge was for. American Express denied the charge. This is not the only fraudulent charge that was on my account this morning. I make me angry...

Digital River / Scam product

Adam on Aug 29, 2016
Purchased a virus protection software (McAfee) from DigitalRiver. After I paid I received a download link and downloaded my software. It did not work on my PC and I contacted DigitalRiver and asked for help. They said they had no idea what was going on and told me to reinstall it but it...

Digitalriver Element 5 / avast antivirus

Marianella Fuentes on May 3, 2013
I bought the avast antivirus, it was not installed, I'm enclosing the bill. I had to install the free avast.

SWREG/DigitalRiver / software does not work

S French on Aug 11, 2011
Purchased "RipThatMusic" supposedly this allows you to rip audio from Youtube videos and convert to MP3 format. Paid by credit card. Was provided a link to download the app. After doing so gave it a try. It did not work. Contacted help and was advised that Youtube had changed it'...

Digitalriver Inc Trendmicro / charged for a product without knoeledge

bradbear on Jun 13, 2011
was charged for a product that i did not order and they used a credit card number from 3 years ago how is that possible

DRI*DIGITALRIVERwww.myord.commn / fraudulent charge on debit/credit card

I have been fraudulently charged $35.95 from this company/business or whatever it is. I have never heard of this. I don't even know what they are fraudulently charging me for.

Dri*digitalriver.com / Dri*digitalriver.com

My credit cart visa was charged today 29. 95 usd by dri*digitalriver.com. I have never bought anything from this company which i suppose is fake. I would appreciate anybody to give informations for the matter, if has the same experience. Thanks in advance

Digitalriver.com/myorder.com / GOT BILLED FOR SOMETHING I DIDNT ORDER


Digital River / DigitalRiver Security not Secure

Without going into too much detail I have been trying to get my copy of Windows 7 pro at a Student Discount price that I ordered on the DigitalRiver online store 3 weeks ago. I have found out only now & after 3 weeks of speaking to the Digital River Support daily that they have mistakenly...

DRI*DIGITALRIVER.COM, www.MYORD.CO / i did not order anything from these people or this company!!!

These two charges just appeared on a credit card i rarely use! I am pissed that someone or some company has tapped into my account somehow and has stolen my credit card information trying to make false purchases i didn't make!! I'm already a victim of identity theft...when i...

Dri*digitalriver.com / unauthorised charges

I GOT LUCKY! DUE TO MY OWN MISTAKE! My new HP computer came with NORTON/SYMANTEC antiviris protection which is due to expire at the end of the month, it tells me everyday, so just to make it easy for now, i went ahead and renewed with norton, when i did, the trasaction came up declined, so...

Digitalriver Us Inc / been charged for DRI*Smith Micro I didn't buy!

Been charged $57, 49 USD from DigitalRiver US Inc. for something I didn't buy. Never heard of this company!. :-S

Dri*digitalriver. C. Elements.com / unathorized debit of checking acct.

I have no idea where this charge came from. I called my bank and they told me this company originally tried to deduct $328.00 from my account when that amount would not clear they tried for half that amount and was successfull. I suspect this has something to do with a $1.00 charge from...

Digitalriver.com/billing For Kaspersky Mobile Security / They took money from my credit card without to receive something,no order,copy in my email:NOTHING!

I wanted to receive the activation code for kaspersky mobile security installed on my Nokia in trial mode. The billing is made on the kasperskys site by this... partner (?) digitalriver.com a company from Ireland (?+353...). They did not send me nothing, not even the billing order into my...

Dri*digitalriver.com / Illegal withdraw from my checking acct

I have no idea who/ what this company is or does. They have taken $ out of my checking acct that was NOT authorized. This is illegal & I plan on pressing charges.

Dri*digitalriver.com www.myord. Comm / charges on my debit card no authorized

checking my debit account noticed a debit from a DriDigitalRiver- and or www.myord.comm for 109.98. I do not know how or where they managed to get my account number and charge my account, I do not even know what supposedly they charged me for? Something needs done to stop these thieves from...

Dri*digitalriver. C www.myord. Commnus / What is this? Y'all have Norton. I don't.

Looking at all of your complaints on this charge it appears that this is connected to Norton users. I don't use Norton. I use CA. Not nice having odd anonyninja charges plugged into your account. Funny they have access to my account, but I have no idea who they are. Only information...

Dri*digitalriver.com / 2009 - 8 - 15 credit card charge

I am in the same boat. This compony has charged my account $68. 99. I also ordered from norton anti viris, and some how am being charged from dri*digitalriver.com. The down fall is unless i cancel my card number they can take any thing they choose. Im working with my credit card compony to...

Dri*digitalriver.com www.myord. Commn / unauthorized charge

I was charged twice for a renewal for Norton antivirus. Once for a manual renewal and again from DRI*DIGITALRIVER.COM WWW.MYORD.COMMN for which I did not ask. These charges would have gone unnoticed for awhile if I had not immediately checked my account online and found the 2 charges deducted at exactly the same time on the same day.

Dri*digitalriver.com / Fraudulent Company and Charges

Stay away from Digital River. They are a front for some very seedy ECommerce Web Site Frauds, Scams and people who sell fraudulent or non existing goods. I purchased a anti malware remover online for $47.00 and got a Photo with icons I can click on that redirected me to another site. The...

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