Le Oct 04, 2019

On Sunday 22nd of September, I purchased a return trip to Blue Lagoon on the Atlantis. The photographer on this day was quite rude and abrupt but I thought perhaps it was just due to there being a language barrier as it does not appear that English is her first language. I went ahead and purchased 5 photographs of myself.

On Tuesday the 24th of September I again boarded for the same journey this time aboard the Atlantis 2. Upon boarding, the photographer appeared to be on her mobile phone and failed to take photos of a number of passengers as they boarded. I asked if she was working at which point she took 2 photos of my friend and later took some more photos. I advised her that I am only willing to take 5 photos thus prepared to spend a maximum of 25Euros.

The photographer was rather hoggish and rude refusing to allow me to select the photos that I wanted and kept making the selections for me. I was unprepared to accept that, so she went ahead and printed what she wanted without my approval and told me that I had to take them. I refused and returned to the upper deck of the boat.

No sooner had I sat down in the smoking area behind the captain's cabin - she came storming up to me repeatedly shouting to the top of her voice that I owed her 25 Euros. Meanwhile, the photos were not glued down in the folder and flew around the top deck. She continued to shout very loudly at me within close proximity in front of all the passengers on the upper deck. I asked her several times to move out of my personal space and she refused. At some point, she felt it was necessary to disturb the captain while he was steering the boat to demand that he made me pay 25 Euros to her. His response was more than likely and rightfully NO, as he never approached me to discuss the situation. Surely the captain already has a wealth of responsibility given that he is responsible for the lives of everyone on board. Why should he be involved in photography on behalf of didgiphoto?

The photographer also looked at me in a scornful manner saying look at you drinking, keep drinking, implying that I am a drunkard, I advised her that I paid for an all-inclusive service and I can drink if I want to?

Please explain why digiphoto staff is concerned about what passengers consume on a Captain Morgan Cruise? The captain advised at least three times that alcohol should be consumed responsibly, at what point does the passengers become the responsibility of the photographers onboard?

After seeing her performance NO ONE on the upper deck was willing to buy any of her photos for fear that they may be met with the same treatment should they refuse to accept the photos that she selected for them to purchase.

I then proceeded to take my own photos as I had in my possession exactly the same camera (Nikon D5300) with a better lens and a 4k GoPro. Sadly, this was not the end of the matter, the photographer approached me again as the ship approached Sliema again demanding 25 Euros, she blocked my path shouting even more and this time she came closer literally touching my face with her nose. I put my hand up to prevent her from doing this, but she bounced my hand out of the way to move even closer now pressing against me pushing me backwards to the point I almost lost my footing.

She stated that she would tell her boyfriend about me, adding that her boyfriend was in charge of the entire company (digiphoto) and that she would call him to meet me in Sliema where he would sort me out and make me pay. I felt somewhat concerned for my safety and that of my female friend upon arrival to the port and considered the photographers statements to be veiled threats.

I walked away from the photographer and tried to make my way downstairs, she followed closely and eventually jumped ahead and blocked my path screaming in my face that I MUST give her 25 Euros. I felt cornered, trapped and unable to move around freely like the other passengers. A member of the Atlantis 2 crew swiftly attempted to intervene, however, she was unwilling to let him speak when he was simply trying to find out what was going on.

By this time a number of concerned passengers followed closely behind to observe her behavior. I explained to the crew member that I was unwilling to pay for pictures that I did not select and additionally the photographer displayed what I can only describe as gross disrespect not only to me but also to the passengers who had to witness her behavior. After making these statements the passengers cheered as though their home team had scored a goal, this to me indicated that the other passengers were affected and displeased with her behavior.

Once I disembarked, as promised, she arranged for her boyfriend to confront me. Although he was not wearing his uniform (the yellow digiphoto t-shirt), I recognized her boyfriend as the photographer I had previously bought 6 photos from on a 90-minute cruise on Saturday 21st of September aboard Bahari. He, on this occasion, came across as rude, aggressive and intimidating. Without asking what had happened he demanded 25 Euros, at this point the passengers who witnessed this photographer's distasteful behavior and heard the threats - made it their duty to gather around the boyfriend to complain about her behavior adding that she became menacing after they declined to buy photos. The photographer and her boyfriend soon lost focus on the 25 Euros and quickly scurried away. I managed to capture his photo this morning 25/09/2019 from my balcony as he showed up for work this morning whit his girlfriend then boarded the Bhari 2 boat.

It is clear that this female photographer should not be allowed to work in a customer-facing role, this sort of confrontational behavior is wholly unacceptable within any decent and respectable company. There were senior passengers, persons with special needs and children including at least two babies on the top deck who were exposed to threatening and confrontational behavior aboard a moving vessel with no means of escaping the situation. I strongly believe her actions placed the crew and passengers at risk.

Please investigate both this photographer and her boyfriend as they are clearly out of control, the female photographer's unlawful physical contact with me does amount to a criminal offense of battery not to mention the restriction of my movement when she has no legal right no do so. It is your duty to ensure customers and passengers are safe from violent and aggressive members of staff. Additionally, NO PASSENGER should have reason to apprehend fear due to threats or the actions of digiphoto employees.

Consideration should also be given to the financial impact this type of behavior will have on Captain Morgan Cruises, Digiphoto and the vendors who sell tickets for these cruises. Personally, if I board any boat where she is scheduled to work, I would disembark immediately and request a full refund from digiphoto because you are now aware of the danger that this person poses to passengers at sea, you are also now aware that she is prepared to distract the captain from important duties for a measly 25Euros again placing passengers and crew at risk. For legal and safety reasons she should NOT be allowed to work

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