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I actually was told this was a nice place to dine at on yelp.com. BIG MISTAKE!!!
"This is the joint your mamma warned you about!” So consider yourself warned." states officialthe website.
The atmosphere was 'fun' untill the rude waiter sneared at my guest and I and said 'what do these wetback [censored]heads want?"
Uh, is that funny? First its racist and 2nd thats not funny.
"excues me? How about another waiter."
"Theres the door if you want." the 20yr old jerk off stated.
Constantly being critized was okay but on the point of using bad language and racist remarks is another.
After ordering we were told "maybe you all should stop while youre ahead b/c some of you all need to put the fork down."
Short of the food being [protected]@ppy, flat drinks, food being undercook, soggy cold fries, 2 of us not getting are plates, 1 being the wrong order, which I told our waiter to cancel since it was taking a hour for them to "make a hamburger" I wasnt gonna pay it. Plus he was so pissed that we made him take the orders back taht he hovered over us glaring at us.
We didnt trust him and didnt touch our food since he had '[censored]wad written on his forhead."
We got our burgers, after everyone else was done eating and got a bill with *since having 6 people in our group* A mandatory tip.
I asked for the manager and said if its 'common to use racist bad language to customers."
He blew me off and said 'Well get out if you dont like it b/c you need a sense of humour to dine here."
The waiter then threw napkins right into my face in full force 'what are you gonna do about it?"
I subtracted the mandatory tip and the 2 plates and the flat drinks, that never got refilled. in fact, I left a penny as payment in our watery drinks and left without paying.
I did write about this on yelp.com but it was quickly taken down. When I asked why they said that someone complained. Guess who wrote a review after mine was taken down? YOu guessed it. The jerk off and it states 'you need a sense of humour to dine here."
Hm, so be warned guys.
The one in LV isnt as bad as this one.


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    The Voice of Many Feb 19, 2009

    That is the whole point of the resaurant. You should do your homework before you leave your comfort zone.

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  • Jo
    joecrabas Dec 02, 2010

    I didnt do my home work almost busted fat boy taco in the mouth

    haha, he whiped his [censor] on a napkin and threw it in my face.

    I almost got up and was going to do a side kick in his teeth till
    i figured it out.

    I think im going to tell my outlaws motorcycle buddys to go in there
    and not tell them what kinda place it is, and when they start
    pissing of these bikers, ill take a video haha..


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    texasdentalqueen Aug 23, 2011
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    There is a difference between having a sense of humor and this place going WAYYYY too far. We weren't even patrons of this place. Personally I would never go to a Dick's. Not my kind of place. If I'm going to pay money to a restaurant, it certainly won't be to one who insults their customers and also one who has numerous negative reviews online about their food. All we did was make the mistake of walking past this place on the sidewalk, and one of their ### minimum wage waiters started verbally attacking my 14 year old son, making fun of him and calling him names. Seriously? It is considered acceptable for them to not only attack people who aren't even patrons of their restaurant and are walking outside on public property, but also to verbally attack a child to the point that he is in tears????

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  • IronGrudge89 Aug 23, 2011
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    Verified customer

    OP: I can't believe you stayed after the waiter threw those insults. I would've put him right through the table.

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  • Fe
    fenny92 May 17, 2014

    Why are people bringing children there only to complain?

    It's like bringing a kid to hooters and being offended that the waitress's mid-drift was not appropriate for them to see.

    The restaurant is supposed to roast its customers, just like the hooters gals flirt with their customers. Have an issue? Then it's your responsibility as a parent not to bring them there.

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