Diamond Resorts Internationalcustomer service

T Sep 14, 2018

I sent am email explaining my situation and was told I had to eat the loss.
Why when I trusted your website? Why would I book reservation for California and Nevada for the same week? It costs you nothing to fit this and yet you wont? Is this your attempt to prove that all the online reviews of Diamond Resort are true? I know I cancelled my Palm Springs reservations.

I cancelled reservation number [protected] for Palm Springs, CA but it is still showing up as a current reservation. I cancelled the Palm Spemeings reservation the Same day I made my reservation for Las Vegas, NV. You will notice the dates of these two reservations over lap. When I cancelled the Palm Springs reservation I was instructed only 50% of my points would be returned. I was okay with that so I cancelled. Please help me with returning those 50 percentage points to my account. Thank you.

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