Diamond Acres Kennepuppy mill importers

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These people portray themselves all over the website as "breeders" for 14 (or 12 or 10 or 15 years) what ever they decide for the day, of French Bulldogs when infact they are puppy mill importers. Don't be taken in. They are only there to take your money and you may get nothing for it. They are con artist of the 1st degree and should be locked up. They import entire litters from European puppy mills at about 2 weeks of age (yes you heard me right). The take your money and then you can't get a hold of them. Even if you do get a puppy you will NEVER, NEVER, get the paperwork. They change their phone numbers and even their address all the time and hide behind their bogus "Be Blessed" ###. They are the worst kind of theives since so many of the tiny babies who are imported are not healthy, too young to be taken from their mommas and die enrout to the US. There are laws against this type of importing, but not enough inspectors to make it a deterant to rip-off goons like the Denney's. I can't say anything I want about them, and you know what? They won't do a thing about it. I wonder why? Bring it on you FAT-### Evonne!
DO NOT buy anything, not even toilet paper from these scammers. You will get nothing AT BEST and sometimes a sick puppy.

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