Diabetic testing suppliesfree is not free


Several months ago I received a phone call from Liberty Medical Supplies offering me a free glucometer and lancing device. After several more calls from them getting my insurance information and personal medical information, which now I regret giving out, I received several small packages of lancets, alcohol wipes, test strips, monitor testing solutions. Each package had a bill in it with shipping charges on each one. Still no glucometer or lancing device. I finally packaged it all up in one small box and returned everything, with a note that said I had not received the first "free" items offered, and did not want to deal with them anymore. Received a phone call today saying that I was still responsible for the charges for everything, even though I sent it all back and had no way of using the test strips because they are exclusive to their meter, because of a "tampering law." The woman that called said I would be responsible for the cost of the meter $61.79 and $14.04 for the lancing device, since my insurance company refused to pay for these 2 items. I called my insurance, and they have never received a claim for them, nor would they have refused to pay for them since I have not had a new one in several years. Called Liberty back, and after being on hold and transferred from person to person explaining the situation and asking them to cancel everything, finally got a service rep who said I never should have been charged for anything at all and should have gotten everything free. However, I politely told him I was very disappointed at being deceived and did not want to have anything to do with this company anymore. Asked him to please not call me, write me, send me any bills. They are in possession of their merchandise, not me, so I can't see why I should have to pay for something I don't have. He agreed with me, saying all companies have losses at times. I hope Liberty respects my request and leaves me alone>

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