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Do NOT buy anything from this site.They are LIARS. All of the bags they stock and sell are fakes.
They advertise as the bags as "100% authentic or your money back" and this is how they scam you!!!
I bought a FENDI bag from them, it arrived yesterday, and despite several e-mails from one of the site's staff, telling me I would love the bag and that the bag was of guaranteed authenticity, the bag is FAKE!
Fendi never made it in the colours I have bought one in!!it is so FAKE!! I could never use it!!
If I send it back I will have to pay shipping back to them and they carge silly restocking fees, which means you are PAYING them, say, 35 dollars to take back a fake bag they LIED
To you about!! The bag cost me 349 dollars which was 220 english pounds, it cost a further 30 pounds to ship, then I paid a 26 pounds customs charge!so it cost me 300 pounds for the fake bag, which was sold on the basis of it being real!
Now it will cost me a further 60-70 pounds to send it back!!
That's nearly 400 pounds cos these fakers LIED to me!!
I could have gone to louis vuitton and bought myself a new clutch with that!!
I've emailed them and told them I will report them to the FBI and customs,
And that I want ALL of my hard earned cash back!!
I've yet to get a response, but please! Please, please DON'T EVER BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!

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  • H
      Jun 23, 2009


    I ordered a wallet from them that was entirely fake.

    Luckily, I had used Paypal and Paypal allowed me to open a greivance with them and they are supposed to refund my entire purchase amount (less the postage needed to send it back to them)


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  • K
      Jul 26, 2009

    I bought a Coach handbag from them and I took it to the store and it they told me it was 100% authentic and I personally thought there customer service was amazing.

    Thats my two cents :)

    Kristina - New York

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  • K
      Nov 20, 2009

    I had the same experience- Do not purchase any of their merchendise. They are now giving me a run around in returning, claiming they have " no record' of my purchase, despite the fact that I faxed them a copy of my visa statement with a clear 500$ charge from them. They are selling fake handbags, and Kristina from NY above most likely works for them because stores do NOT authenticate handbags. When I purchased my item and emailed them complaining of it being fake, they told me to "bring it to Marc Jacobs" to authenticate. Stores will not do this. I call ###.

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  • L
      Jan 12, 2010

    they tried to sell me a FAKE MARC JACOBS bag for $500. When i told them that i had purchased other marc jacobs bags from reliable retail outlets and could clearly state the ways in which this bag was not authentic they completely backed off and was able to return it for a refund. Unfortunately i was out of a restocking fee. DONT make the same mistake! Its one thing to buy a fake bag from a street vendor for $20 its another to fork over $500 for a fake bag! Buyers be warned!

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  • F
      Jul 30, 2010

    Designer Outlet Boutique are a bunch of no good scammers! I too bought a Marc Jacobs bag which is entirely FAKE! I compared it with the real bag at Nordstrom's...absolutely a TOTAL DIFFERENCE! good friend is friends with Marc Jacobs...he laughed at my "designer" bag. They are associated with another scam. When you call them on their phone [protected] number, they have a message which tells you to call [protected]...a scam coming out of Vegas that charges you outrageous phone fees. Just Google that number and you will see what I mean! I hope PayPal and DiscoverCard get them for fraud...I reported them. Right now I am stuck with the handbag because I refuse to give them 10% restocking plus pay shipping to send it back for their LIES! I hate these [censor]s. And that girl from New York that wrote a positive review is full of S__T! Yep...she works for them!

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  • E
      Jun 01, 2014

    Similar thing happened to me
    Ordered some adidas jeremjeremojeremoryJeremy Scotts and waited the best part of 4 weeks to be told they wwas not in stock
    Waited a further week to be told my order was not placed waited in my home on two delivery dates after this then to be told they never had them in stock and would I like to change my order the ### on the phone was playing crazy games trying nnonot to answer trying not to answer calls, but I caught her out witg private number in the end I demanded a refund which she stated it would take 3-5 days for my money only once I said I will get authorities involved I was transfered back the money same day I am disgusted that these people get away with this nonsense an had me stay at home on 4 occasions wasting my time

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  • S
      Jun 23, 2014


    PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. The handbag I received is fake and not made of leather, like the web site says. In fact it is made of some sort of plastic material which is highly toxic and smells like petrol. I have called on the number that appears on the invoice but nobody answers the phone (they have been saying for the past 15 days that their phone system is down). I have emailed them several times and receive no response. Please stay away from them. I have now opened an investigation with the police to ensure that they take relevant action and hopefully shut this web site down. Unfortunately because the payment was done through direct debit, VISA does not cover me and I have therefore wasted £240. If anyone knows if there is anything I can do to retrieve my money, I would be most grateful.

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