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“Moving hell”

1. On February 22nd, 2007 at 1:14 pm Paul Says:

I also had a very bad experience with Desi movers. They showed up on time & were pleasant, but moved VERY slowly (e.g. taking 2 boxes at a time down the elevator instead of filling it) pushing the move into overtime, charging extra for stairs, mileage, etc. It cost me about twice as much as I had been quoted all told.
2. On October 2nd, 2007 at 11:17 am Adam Says:

Me too. Desi movers is a scam. Buggers.
3. On November 27th, 2007 at 9:32 pm Fereshteh Says:

We are planning on suing Desi movers after they blackmailed us into paying them more than originally agreed upon, then took off without moving all our stuff. Send me an email if you’re interested in joining.
4. On December 31st, 2007 at 12:35 pm R P G Says:

The Desi mover is one of cheater company.I had very bad experience them. We are also planing to sue them.Can be to-gether and file the case.
5. On February 5th, 2008 at 12:35 am saif Says:

I agree guys… i should have found this website before. I am the latest scam of DESI MOVERS. This is what i paid…. and i paid $1000 for a move from scarborough to brampton…..this is what i paid for….
labour hours(doesnt matter how long it takes they will charge you 4 hrs plus whtever time it takes them to get to your other place and they take their sweet time…. plus they will double that and bill you)
flight charge
travel charge
km charge
heavy item charge…..

man it was the worst experience of all…… i would mind being scammed on ebay….. but this is just bad…… i wanna file a suit aginst them tooo
6. On March 25th, 2008 at 6:25 pm Benson Says:

Desi Movers ripped off my brothers family, E mail me if u have a case against them, or if u wanna plan something out
7. On March 26th, 2008 at 12:23 pm DDK Says:

Desi movers are just plain fraud artists. They quote one thin on the phone, then another when it’s all over. They do not use blankets or covers for your goods on their truck. Could not care less about the damage they do to your goods. They do not have a clue about how to load a truck, what they leave behind, what they damage or anything else for that matter.

Jason and the rest of these guys should be rotting in jail somewherre!!!
8. On March 26th, 2008 at 6:34 pm Vineet Sharma Says:

Hi Guys

The same story happened with me on Feb 29th. It seems that these people have made it a habit of scamming people and unless something is done about them, they will continue to do that fearlessly which is a shame.

I have already filed a complaint in Better Business Bureau and I would advise you all to do something (put pressure on the authorities), so that these people are not permitted to operate.Does anyone know wether there is a licensing authority that permits them to operate. We should all make a complaint to them.
9. On April 9th, 2008 at 11:15 pm Siddesh Says:

Are all you talking about Desi Movers in the Bay Area (San Jose, California) or is it someone else? I contacted this guy from and am planning to move next month within San Jose area. Can any of you suggest whether these guys are good?
10. On April 10th, 2008 at 9:23 am sandy Says:

No, this is Desi Movers in Toronto. The beginning of the second paragraph of the post states that.
11. On April 17th, 2008 at 8:06 am Raj Says:

The saga continues, one more victim “me” gets added to the list. It was absolutely horrendous. The movers are rude, slow and so unprofessional. You land up paying for services that they haven’t even provided. The original price ballonned from $44/hr to $180/hr !! Landed up paying a hugely inflated bill. worse, they didnt complete the job and left half way through the job, leaving me high and dry !

If the above people went through what i went through, than i hope you guys are equally eager to do something .. atleast ensure that no one in the future gets cheated the way we have.

For starters, anyone reading this blog…plzzzz do not engage DESI MOVERS…they are apparently going by the name of “DYNAMIC MOVERS” now.
12. On May 27th, 2008 at 9:36 pm rajiv Says:

Another victim of desi movers. we are planning to complain to better bussiness berau and to the court. They did not explain the contract before getting it signed. Desi movers harrased during moving asking for money every now and then instead of asking for after the loading was done. we had to go to find out the movers and find them drining coffee. they did not load the truck fully and ran away after unloading without giving us final bill. The worst was, one of the movers verbelly assualted woman. we are even planning to write it up in the news papers and soon we will be contacting the ministry for their robbing, harrasing, assualting and frauds to the public.
13. On June 3rd, 2008 at 7:39 am Deepak Tuteja Says:

I also got cheated by Desi movers this sunday ( 31th May) ..I was quoted for $275 and after they loaded the truck, they gave me a bill of $755.

I am also planning to complain and sue them. I have taken the pictures of truck plate no and the unloading of trucks.

My email is “[protected]”
14. On June 14th, 2008 at 7:35 pm Fight Back !!! » Desi Complaints Says:

[...] Desi Movers - Other Complaints 01 [...]
15. On June 24th, 2008 at 1:05 pm Rakesh Says:

This is my yesterdays experience with Desi movers. I was told that It will cost $52 per hour and estimated cost would be $250 to $ 300 and then extorted more than $2000 and did not unload also properly .They were so full of themselves that they said even cops won’t do anything as it is a civil case.Let us all get together otherwise these guys are going to be on rampage.
16. On July 4th, 2008 at 11:19 am Kim Says:

My father and I were taken in by Desi Movers yesterday July 3, 2008. Based on a telephone quote and nespaper ad of $40 per hour, my father decided to hire desi movers to move a simple basement apt. The movers arrived 2 hours late and then took 2 hours to pack a truck which was too small to hold the contents of the apt. After packing the truck, albeit improperly and tearing all the couches the driver then had the audacity to sit in the truck and demand payment before starting the engine! I also should mention that he demanded a $500 deposit upon his two hour late arrival. The drive to the new location which was litterally ten minutes away turned into an hour wait because “We got lost” and then they wanted to charge us for the travel time. At the end of it all there was an hour and a half long argument over charges totalling $725. Clearly I disputed these charges until the robbery was adjusted and they graciously dropped some of the charges-that should never have been put on the bill in the first place. They unloaded the truck grudgingly and then half way through the move told my father they had to move the truck to clear the way for other tenants. Needless to say that they must have moved the truck back to their office and went home because they never returned to complete the move! My father and I were left in the loading area (with a one year old in tow) to move the rest of the items (conveniently all the heavy/large things) by ourselves. If anyone reads this, flag this company in your minds so if you ever know someone that is thinking of using Desi Movers tell them to run screaming in the other direction.
17. On July 4th, 2008 at 8:33 pm Pompa Says:

I was also ripped off by Desi movers. They got $2500 from me, when the move was only supposed to cost $550. I already FIled a Complaint to BBB, and I want to sue them, but I need enough people to support me with this case. Join together to help me do something about this moving hell company!

Please e-mail me at [protected]
18. On July 11th, 2008 at 1:17 pm Shaheda Bhabha Says:

IWe were scaammed by Desi Movers too- They arrived late - demanded a $500.00 deposit before loading- moved very slowly, consatntly complaining about how tired they were from their morning job- took many breaks- then when they closed their truck which was not fully loaded, they demanded another $530.00 - or they would take off with our goods- there were all kinds of charges that were never disclosed before at the time of agreement- We were only advised of $50.00/hr- whenwe asked for a fax copy of the agreement -, they said it was not neccessary- anyway weKNOW THAT WERE CHEATED- Not only did they take double the money from us then nthe original quote - at $50.00 hr which is $500.00 but they left after 7hrs instead of ten hours, and left half of our goods at our home that we moved from- We had to rent a truck and get n new crew to help us the next day and pay our landlord for two more days rent- The behaviour that the movers displayed was
frightening - rude and unco-operative and we are disputing the time.
I will add to the details later - PLEASE BE AWARE OF TRICKSTERS _ MY ADVICE TO ALL
HOMEOWNERS THAT ARE PLANNING A MOVE _Thorougly check out the buisness before signign up - Please do not fall prey as we have.
19. On July 24th, 2008 at 1:35 pm subhash chandra Says:

Hi All

We had people hire this company to pick up furniture. They gave them a price

over the phone

said there were no extra(hidden ) charges but when they had loaded the

furniture they told

them there was a $300 deposit and other charges which added up to nearly

$400-more than

twice what was quoted.

Be Warned DO NOT use this company or any company with this telephone/fax #

or Ontario #. Note they do not give there full address.

Dynamic Moving

operated under 1715130 Ontario Inc.

PH [protected] Fax [protected]


Warn all your friends and family re: this kind of scam.
20. On August 2nd, 2008 at 4:53 pm Kam Says:

Hi Pompa and the rest of you all,

I would like to teach this guy(s) a lesson. Let us meet. I work downtown Toronto and live in Scarborough. Suggest a place where we all can meet.
21. On August 14th, 2008 at 1:36 pm Yvonne Cheung Says:

Hi, I used Dynamex. Do the people working for Desi use other names of the company to cheat people? Thanks.
22. On August 19th, 2008 at 6:51 pm frank and Lydia Says:

this company was hired for June 6 2008. They loaded the truck and moved our stuff to their storage facility. Before they would unload our property they demanded payment. They also demanded extra costs for hidden fees. The estimate was $600 and ended up paying $3000.00. If anyone is commencing with any legal action please contact us. Thank you
23. On August 24th, 2008 at 2:06 am Binder Says:

We just got scammed today (Aug 24th) by these A** H****.
First they showed up 2 hours late, we were moving from a apartment to a house. First off they wanted $500 deposit and after they loaded the truck they wanted another $800 which I paid in cash because that’s what they wanted. After they arrived they wanted another $800 after aruging for some time…with my two small kids crying . They advised us that they will start throwing our stuff outside if we do not pay then more. I called the local police who did not care about what was happening to us they said it was a private matter. The local police department was useless. The distance between the moves was 10 minutes… I end up calling my family over to move the stuff since they left everything on the driveway and they refused to take the stuff inside less we paid them more. I would never recommend these criminals for moving. I had movers in the past and I never paid more then $350 to $450. If anyone is interested in starting a law suit please contact me….our move was in Brampton.
24. On August 24th, 2008 at 2:14 am Binder Says:

My email address is [protected]…if interested in legal action please email me.
25. On August 29th, 2008 at 10:31 pm PnP Says:

I can’t believe that i did not read this web site before hiring Desi Movers. Anyone thinking of hiring Desi Movers…PLEASE DO NOT. THEY ARE A SCAM.

They quoted us $48 for a 4 hour job, including travelling time (should have paid in the neighbourhood of $300-$350). I was asked to pay $841 upon arrival at the destination. After several discussions with Jay, I ended up paying $700 as they were holding my goods as a hostage. Then they left in the middle of the job and left me and my wife on our own to move the heavy stuff.

Seems like I am not the first to go through this. I will be contacting others to discuss a lawsuit.

26. On September 7th, 2008 at 12:05 am Adarsh Says:

I am also victim of desi movers. if any one has postal adress of “Desi movers” please tell me, my lawyer need it for suing them . please lets make a group of “Victims of Desi Movers” and sue them.
27. On September 30th, 2008 at 11:31 am Jennifer Says:

Hi everyone:

I too was ripped off by these guys on July 29, 2008. In fact twice in one day. The first company quoted price on phone then showed up with contract full off hidden fees. I suspect they were hoping I had no choice. I sent them away. I called second company that came the same afternoon. The 2nd company also quoted $44 rate on phone, assured me there would be no extra charges. When they showed up they demanded $300 up front. I called Jason and agreed on $150. cash up front, and balance at the other end. It was very assertive negotiating. I asked driver to show me the contract or receipt first. He gave me a receipt and took my cash. (Throughout this, the driver was off and on the phone several times with Jason) Then the contract came out, with all these hidden fees. I refused to sign. They drove away with my $150 cash. They had never touched a stick of furniture. Police caught them driving away, but “did not have authority to make them return money”. Turns out both companies fall under the same roof. Dynamic and dynamite driving a desi movers truck. Andy and Jason. I would also like to take part in your law suit.
28. On September 30th, 2008 at 8:55 pm Jennifer Says:

Adarsh how do I contact you to give you the address I have for these guys. I also feel it would be a great idea to go after these guys as a group.
29. On October 4th, 2008 at 8:45 am Harman Says:

i just got scammed by these guys… they ripped me off for $3300!!! basically held my stuff hostage and kept demanding more and more money. these guys play games, and put me and my family through hell not to mention damaged many of my belongings. i am trying to take action please inform me if others wish to also
30. On October 6th, 2008 at 7:28 am Naveen Says:

31. On October 6th, 2008 at 11:43 am Naveen Says:

I have been the latest victim of Desi Movers. And ended up paying 1220 instead of 250.
TO be short, I too am interested in sueing this guy. Let’s do it togather. My email is [protected]
Please post your emails also so that we can be in touch.
32. On October 6th, 2008 at 1:45 pm Naveen Says:

Infact I was told $48/hr rate. Nothing was mentioned that it is per person and there will be travelling cost and heavy iterms, stair charges etc..
33. On October 20th, 2008 at 8:59 am N.T Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

We got robbed yesterday by them, same situation, quoted $200 flat for 4 hours, we had only 2 ITEMS to move from one place to another, 15 minutes drive, 20 minutes work.
They asked for cash before starting, in the middle they asked for $200 more for having to roll the dolly on a ramp, after moving the 2 items into the truck, they asked for $600 total before delivering to destination, we refused to pay $600, THEY UNLOADED THE ITEMS ON THE GROUND AND LEFT with $400. We called the Police, they said to file as Small Claims. With much difficulty my husband and I managed to put the table into our car and drove ourselves to the destination, when we came back to pick up the Buffet, somebody had already taken it………..
We are ready to take any action, I will file a complaint with BBB and my husband is looking into filing it at the Small Claims Court.



  • Ja
    Jayesh Nov 08, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi i have also same problem and I file case again him Toronto small claim court if you interested you van join with me.


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  • Sc
    Scott Helsel Mar 09, 2009

    I am officially the next victim. Please... let me know if anybody has taken these scam artists to court?


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  • Li
    licensce co? Sep 21, 2009

    Sept. 19, 2009

    Just scammed too! They are now going under the name of Indo-Pak Movers Inc. I found their ad in the 24 hours Find-a-Rental magazine.

    My husband & I gave them $500.00 deposit, they demanded another $500.00 or the truck wasn't moving. Called the police they did nothing, said it was a civil matter.

    Indo-Pak through all our furniture off the truck & left with our $500.00. Called another Co. & of course with short notice they upcharged & said it would be $800.00.

    Total move from Toronto to Hamilton a (1hr drive ) with less than a 2 brdm. apt. of furniiture = $1, 300.00.

    Totally robbed!!

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  • Mo
    movingscamvictim101 Nov 02, 2009

    INDO-PAK is a SCAM!!! I am a recent victim.
    These people should be OUT OF BUSINESS!! I do not even understand how they are still in business!
    I had to move out of my apartment by the 30th, but my new place would not be ready until the 1st.
    I hired Indo Pak to move the contents of my apartment (bachelor) to their storage area and then move it back on November 1st. The quote I received was $40 an hour plus one hour travelling time and $50 for storage. No hidden fees, that was it! 2 guys arrived. They were really young guys and you could tell that they didn't have experience. Up front, the guy asked for a $300 deposit. They moved my stuff and loaded their truck. They didn't use proper blankets or anything. I now have a $400 coffee table that is scratched at the edges and a kitchen table with a broken leg. For the deposit, the guy said my time would be deducted from that deposit and whatever time was not used would be returned back to me. It took 2 hours total to move (half an hour which was wasted because they locked the keys in the truck and during the move, they were trying to get the keys out! I was charged for that time! Because of their own stupidity). My bill should have been $170, but it ended up being $485! Tell me how I still owed them $185. I expected to get money back! I am a student. I do not have that kind of money! And to move it back from their storage to my new apartment, it would cost another $425! I am only moving a couple blocks down too! It was ridiculous! We spent hours arguing with them and with their boss. They charged $100 for "miscellaneous". The mover said it was because some items were "loose", and the boss said it was a fee to put the items in the truck!! What kind of BS is that?! But looking at the contract, miscellaneous fees were for packing, wrapping, and things that the customer would ask the movers to do. We did not ask them to do ANYTHING else, nor ask them to pack up our stuff. Everything was ready to go. And they clearly did not do any wrapping either! We got charged for "heavy" items which was just a couch, and $0.30/km from their office to the unloading place! I HATE this moving company!! Let's put them out of business!! We tried to fight our bill but they said if we didn't pay the rest, they would unload everything on the street and leave it there and we wouldn't get back our deposit! We paid and they took it to the storage. I cancelled the move on Nov 1, rented a U-Haul myself and went to their storage area to pick up my stuff. A storage area which by the way was even more sketchy!
    BEWARE OF INDO-PAK!! WHAT A SCAM!!! I don't even care about the money anymore. I just want them OUT OF BUSINESS!!!

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  • Mo
    Moving Nightmare Dec 02, 2009

    I called SUPREME MOVERS AND STORAGE AT [protected] to move my 2 Bedroom House. I was quoted on the phone 2 men and a truck, $40 an hour plus one hour for truck. We made arrangement for 3Pm, they keep calling me and pushing me to do it earlier, but I wasn't ready, they showed up at 1pm. The two men (One of Indian descent and the other of African descent) came in. I was presented with a contract and the guy said they are in a hurry to sign the contract based on my agreement on the phone and demanded $450 deposit. So I did. I told them that van is too small, they assured me that if they need another van they will have it at my house in a hurry. They took some smoke breaks moved a few pieces of furniture into the van and told me it is full. They only got a few pieces of my living room into the van. I asked where is the other van, I was told to wait till they get their paper work done first, and they took twenty minutes in their van doing it all the while talking to their office. They returned with a bill of $1006.00 to have it deliever 25km away and that I must pay it before the truck moved from there. That's when I realize it was a scam. My wife and my 8 weeks old baby was left harrased. We were emotionally distraught that something like this could happen to us in Canada, I called the police, they said it is a civil matter, that they couldn't help me. I paid and got them to deliver it to my place, they dropped it off on the driveway and sped off. I noticed some of the funiture were damaged. I couldn't begin to tell you here of what we went through and how much more it cost me to move the rest of my stuff...I am still trembling in shock and disgust. This delayed us and caused us many undue suffering. My wife google this company and found that there were many cross references showing Desi movers (that was the name on the small truck/van), Indo-Pak and Supreme Movers. (Apparently they keep changing their names and careful!) There were many people scamed by these company according to what we read online. So, please be careful ordering online any Movers you don't know. Please take a look at this website, it has most of the complaints and how to join together to get these evil people to stop and pay for what they have done to over 200 poor sould. Website:

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  • Je
    jeja Mar 15, 2010

    I used Supreme Movers in March 2010. I am their latest victim. I googled them when I first saw their ad.

    Their ad was for $35/hr incl two movers. I confirmed this multiple times with them. They were incredibly polite and efficient in booking the appt and confirming but that's where it ended.

    The day of the moving date, the movers showed up nearly 2 hrs late. I called and complained before they even began. The movers introduced themselves and I advised of the 5 items I wanted moved. They informed me of a $400 REFUNDABLE deposit necessary to begin. I disputed it as I just spoke with the head office to complain. I called the head office immediately. "Vanessa" at the office informed me it was necessary for the move. I got the money and during that time they began loading on to the truck. The movers broke some of the crown molding in my property by carelessly moving my furniture and talking on their cell at the same time. I showed what they did, they acknowledged it and apologized.

    I refused to hand over my 400 bucks until I got a receipt. I was handed a contract and I complained and called the head office again when I saw the contract had numerous changes on it that conflicted with the ad I saw. I still did not give my money or sign until I spoke with "Vanessa" again. She advised me I could cross out anything on the contract that doesn't agree with the ad. I did. I also had a friend go over it again. The driver acknowledged my change and I amended his copy as well. I signed it got my receipt and they finished loading in less than 5 mins.

    They than informed me that they had to fill out the itemized bill before we departed. I asked why they advised it was procedure. They went into the truck and came out 5 mins later with a 718.24 bill for my five items with all the inflated charges I discussed and crossed off the "phony" contract. I advised my original quote was 160.00. They advised "Vanessa" hadn't given proper information.

    I got back on the phone to dispute and put her on speaker phone so my 2 witnesses and the movers could hear. "Vanessa" changed her whole story and advised this is my new bill. She was now rude, monotone and unapologetic. I realized the scam right away and demanded my items out of the truck. I was advised of a $100.00 unloading fee or they wouldn't be taken out.

    I jumped on the truck because I knew they would take my items. I single handedly took each item out and handed them to my friends. I started going beserk on the movers who than threatened to call the police unless I got off the truck. I laughed and stayed on the truck guarding my belongings. They actually must have had enough because they began helping to take my things off and brought them inside safely.

    When it was done they drove off WITH my 400 bucks. To me I consider this the same as if I was robbed on the street.

    I am going to be the last person these guys rip off. Even though my story is not as horrible as some others, enough is enough. People work hard for there money and it is not right that nothing has been done about these guys.
    By the sounds of this they have victimized hundreds of people for over 5 years and are known to police by numerous different business names (Desi, Dynamic, Indo-Pack, Supreme, Oshawa Movers etc)

    I know lawyers, news writers and a local MP in the area they service. They have all been notified.

    Anyone who wants to discuss this email me at [protected]


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