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A Aug 01, 2018

Ингрит Хэнсон:
Dear Readers!
I would like to withdraw your attention to the fact that one of your employees Kenneth Ahlstrom has leads an immoral and dissolute lifestyle which injures reputation of company and violated ethical and moral standards of conduct .

Perhaps you don't do background checks on your employees and are simply unaware. However, I would like to inform you that he engage in various acts of sexual immorality.

He regularly goes to the cheap brothels, uses BDSM female domination escorts and stalking the girls .
He is sexual predator who takes advantage of young girls, and using them as sex objects to satisfy his abnormal sex desires - submission .
Ken is on a great many social media websites where he spews perverse disgusting messages . He is very vulgar and disgusting he degrades females.

Such conduct of yor employee is not only irresponsible and unacceptable but also can undermined the DDM image, integrity and credibility and caused grave harm to another employees and customers .

I sincerely hope that you be more carefully about such a despicable person from your company.

Please be on the lookout and beware!

Thank you for your time.

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Deseret Digital Media
Deseret Digital Media
Deseret Digital Media
Deseret Digital Media
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