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Derrick E. McGavicklawsuit

Back in December of 2008, I was served a summons, I was being sued by Derrick E. McGavick for a debt from Capital One. Advice to all NEVER get a Capital One credit card, you will always be screwed in the end. Needless to say, it seems I am the only one following the rules and doing what I'm supposed to do. I filed my answer to their summons with request of production which I have yet to receive (it is now May) they had 30 days. They were supposed to contact me regarding and agree upon an arbiter, which they never did and one was appointed by the courts. I hired a firm to settle my debts over a year ago without having to file bankruptcy. They are also going after all legal fees and 9% interest until paid. They want an outrageous amount of 4700 on a 3400 debt + interest. They want 600 down and 39 payments of 100 a month until pain + interest (which is 400 a month) my negotiators have been calling them all week but they are neglecting to answer or return the call for a counter offer. My offer I believe is fair and just. They are only out to rape people and get as much money from you as they possible can so they can live the high life and drive their fancy cars and eat a good meal at night, not caring that the little people live pay check to pay check, drive old broken down cars and still don't have enough to make it to their next pay check. What makes me sick is they get into trouble - guess what, they just go to the president and get a bail out, who do we go to? Who's going to bail us out? Who's going to protect us and our children? I bet you donuts to dollars that most of the debt that is owed is already finance charges, fees and other charges - why charge interest on interest, it doesn't make any sense, except that they are greedy money hungry so called human beings that don't know what it is like to be poor and barley surviving in this economy, especially if you don't know from one day to the other if you are even going to have a job when you walk into work the next day. Something has got to be done with these people.


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    D. Mills Jun 18, 2009

    I just got served a summons from these guys for a capital one credit card also. I don't have the funds for an attorney, I am a single disabled mom struggling just to feed my kid. I don't know what to do really, but thank you so much for posting this.

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