Derrick E. McGavicUnethical practices and Illegal Harassment

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This attorney is to say the least unethical and relentless in pursuit of any amount of money he can get from you. I am positive through talking with several other attorny's that he and his cronies continually break the law and your civil rights to try and get what they want.
They have threatened jail to me personally! The make payment arrangements with you with an end of payments date clearly stated. At the end of the payment schedule without notice they then file a garnishment on you even though you have faithfully paid all your payments through automatic draft on time every time!
This after sending a hardship letter to them advising them that my car broke down and I cannot afford to fix it or to buy another one and now have to drive an old diesel pickup to work nearly 60 miles everyday which gets less than half the mileage of the car I had.
His garnishment will end my employment! I will no longer be able to afford to go to work or make his payments of $200 a month which is already a hardship. MY take home pay is only about $1, 500 a month and he's not the only bill every month!
They know you can't afford to fight them with your own attorney and they harass you constantly. HELP!


  • Or
    Oregon citizen Jan 30, 2009

    Derrick E. McGavic illegally accessed my credit report on 01/16/08, and has done so to others including this example (/URL removed/).

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  • Me
    ME! Apr 17, 2009

    pay your bills and collectors wont call you. you can't get free money from credit card companys and not pay back!

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  • Li Apr 26, 2009

    Man up & admit you owe the bill, quit looking at the collectors as "the bad guy" You racked up the bill, now as you've most likely heard from your mom & dad "take responsibility for your actions!" Quit whining, call the collection agency, BE HONEST for pete sake & set up a payment plan, let them know your situation & be honest with yourself most of all.You CAN review your financials & make cut backs! we are too spoiled these days, most of our "monthly bills (the ones that allow us to NOT be able to pay our collections off)are luxurys! neccesities would include... rent/mortgage, phone, heat, water, gas & food. If our car/truck payments are $500 a month get a cheaper car fool! Cable, that is a luxury. There are some folks who truly cannot affor to pay anything & are scraping by each month i know especially due to our economy.Believe it or not they usually understand that, granted you occassionally get a "lonna " type collector who just wont give you a break but in all reality collectors are just regular human beings trying to make a living just like you & when you dont pay, they dont get paid or mabye they get Laid off just like you, but aint that a shame to see it was due to YOU NOT OWING UP & TAKING RESPONSIBILITY!? When you get a credit card theres a contract with ALL the facts & fees associated with the card. This already knew what they were charging you for fees & intrest! If you dont agree people, DONT sign up! And if you cant afford to pay it when you sign up, DONT GET THE SERVICE!!! just because your on disability or social security dont mean you shouldnt have to pay either. Just an FYI for ya.Quit lying about Mcgavics office, they have y0u sign a contract before you can begin your payment plan that yes, clearly explains the agreement, that is law abiding & they DO stick to them, if your being garnished after having a VALID PAYMENT PLAN SET UP its due to missed payment(s), failure to reveiw & increase a temporary plan or late payments! There are occassional errors made by collectors & attorneys...because they are human but lay off ok, it is just so easy to bad mouth this profession because it does have a reputation once people saw that someone else talked out their neck about one of them then just like the typical "follower" everyone jumped on their chance. Any way someone can come up with to get out of something. SAD SAD SAD!!! NOW LET ME ASK YOU ALL A QUESTION...HOW DO YOU DEBTORS SLEEP @ night?

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  • Me
    meand I Jun 26, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    you must work for him, He's a ahole.
    pay your bills..Well let's see. I have lost
    my health insurance, dibetic insulin dependant.meds are 300.00 month.
    No cable, no newspaper, no vacations, no extras
    of any kind. trying to keep just the lights
    on, yes pay your bills I went from 85, 000.0
    a year to 2, 000.0 a year. Have gone through
    all retirement money.all savings, borrowed from everyone. About to loose my house that I have lived in for 33 years. SO lets see write back when it happens to YOU. Because we never thought it would happen to us. They old living check to check, that was not us. We are lucky if we have enough to eat.
    Cannot get any help we have assets. Come back when you are living in your car, and going without meds to keep me alive. GO Screw yourelf.

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  • No
    nobloodfromaturnip Jun 28, 2009

    I agree, this person has to work for fact from the tone of his/her post, it sounds like the person who called me the other day and was extremely rude and obnoxious. He insisted I could pay $50 a month and when I countered with a much lower amount began hollering at me about having refused to pay...when I talked over him loud enough to say no I didn't refuse, just offered less, he hung up on me. Today I received a letter from Kristan K. Finney, Attorney at Law, Compliance Dept stating that I have refused to pay and that because of that they are no longer allowed to contact me and may file suit against me to collect this claim.

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  • Li Jun 29, 2009

    Ok meandI, let's just calm right on down! First of all, you must NOT have read my whole entire posting since Im quite sure it didn't say anywhere on there that I was talking about people in your situation! 2nd of all, I have lived in my car with 3 of my children, I have lost EVERYTHING myself & children owned probably 3 different times & just in the last 12 months I lost my home, job, car & got divorced.3 of my children were committed to oregon youth authority so they were ripped out of my life, lost my benefits, had no medical insurance for my children had my credit ruined over child support that i am now garnished from my already pathetic little unemployment check which is not enough to pay the basic bills i must pay each month and to top it all off had to move back in with my mother at the great age of 34 with my daughter who's room is the dining room with a sheet put up as a way to separate from my room the "living room floor", unable to visit my children in salem and albany as i cant afford the gas...and on and on and on...I also have collections now! however, I answer my phone. I do not lie to them. I do what i say im going to do or at least call them and let them know if it cant happen and work out something! NOW, as i mentioned in my 1st posting there are collectors who have harassed, broken fdcpa laws, and been down right nasty and deceitful to debtors (unfortunately). But just like ALL debtors are not the same, or going through the same situation NOT ALL COLLECTORS or agencies are the same. Think about this, who is really benefiting from "your" bill being paid off? you know the one that you DO owe? ...HMMMMMM ...oh YOU DO! silly! clean credit, less stress, more financial freedom, integrity blah blah blah...well yes, a lot of collectors are not out there doing this work because nothing would bring them greater joy than helping you succeed in life, but just like the people who work at walmart are not working there for the simple joy of being underpaid, in a crap work environment ...( i know they must not be happy hence the tremendous LACK of friendliness and customer service skills they have) but rather to receive a paycheck. None the less, it does help you and your family out to have your obligations taken care of . There should be a sense of pride in taking care of those debts! SO, here is my response because I DO understand when life takes a huge dump on you when you least expect it. If that is your situation then im not talking about you!!! Most of these postings complaining of all the "violations" that these agencies committed are nothing more than jibberish, or the least sophisticated consumer NOT understanding what the LAW really is! To answer cure your curiosity nobloodfromaturnip, I am a female and you didn't talk to me in fact i would of been the most understanding collector you ever could of dealt with. It's easy to talk down on someone if you never walked in their shoes but I dare any of you complainers to live a day in the life of a collector and see what they go through! Cant we all just get along? oh and if i could screw myself, i totally would! then I wouldn't have any man problems or ever have to go through a divorce! :)

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  • Li Jun 29, 2009

    Another thing nobloodfromaturnip, did you read your posting? Well, Mcgavic's office actually goes over all your financial information which is required by clients to set up a payment plan because they set the limitations for payments plans the collectors can set up, so the collectors are well aware of how much you CAN pay since your the one who gives them the information as to how much you bring in and how much you pay out. So, talking over the top of someone now that is rude eh? I would think that sounds like you were being obnoxious and not working with the collector which would look like you refusing the payment plan?! That is YOUR fault! quit blaming others ! now as to the kindness or lack of from the collector you spoke to I couldn't say as it was NOT me, nor was I there but if your not cooperative then your not willing hence no positive results in setting up a payment plan...hmmm... ponder that for a while ...or read over your entry you might feel, NOT so smart or in the right after all! lol

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  • Fa
    FairPlayer Jul 11, 2009

    I agree we should pay our debts. But, Derrick McGavic has taken a $2, 000 debt and blown it into nearly $12, 000. He runs my credit report every two months. Why? He has garnished my account 4 times never collecting more than $10. Why? This is harrassment through and through. He is an extortionist and should be stopped.

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  • Me
    meandI Jul 16, 2009

    Well let's see macgavic in now suing me again. This time so I can pay his fees for suing me. When I talked to them about a payment plan, They would only except 700.00 down and 300.00 to 400.00 a month, they sued me won a judgement againist me. With no court date to show up, my 5200.00 is now 7500.00, he's suing me for his fees of 407.00 and 7% interest intil paid in full.
    I have no income. I get registered letters every 2 weeks, with someting else added, another threat. I do not know how they can garnish a joint checking account when the one being garnished has no income.
    He took my husbunds money.They cannot possible think I would not like to get this cleared up, now on all papers "Have you ever been sued?" I have to answer yes. That makes it impossible to get a job to clear my debt up.It's not like we ever went wihtout paying all debts. We had a credit score of over 780.
    Just when the economy tanked so did we.
    We have used all our savings there's nothing left. I have a registered letter waiting at the post office right now. Do I dare not get it ?? Do I get it to now the sec are suing because they did not get paid for sending and typing all those letters up?? Who knows..
    I know this will not go away..But the pressure is getting to be too much, it never stops. I do not like going home to find another registered letter waiting, waiting..
    If he is after you, you had better do something. This is how it starts they do not work with you, If you tell you are broke and show them you are broke they will just sue and win, then you have a judgement over you forever. One day I will vanish and never show up any where again. He needs to be stopped, they do not listen, they do not care, they are heartless, but karma will get them in the end won't it.??There is nothing left...

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  • Ci
    Cindy2 Apr 04, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Has anyone ever heard of stockholm syndrome? It's when a captive becomes so demoralized that they begin to side with the tactics of the kidnappers...sounds like '' had a really bad case of Anyway, the FACT of the matter is that Derrick McGavic was found GUILTY by the Oregon Bar Assoc. for engaing in unscrupulous tactics to get maoney from debtors, which he then blamed on his EMPLOYEES acting outside of his control??? How many of us would keep our job if we were acting like a maverick at work and having our boss brought up on federal charges??!!?? and then he LOSES and is Publicly reprimanded??!!?? Yet, he has NOT fired any of the so-called 'wayward employees'... so before you start defending the lowlife (that this post is about), why don't you just do a little detective work...otherwise you just look foolish or like you may need some professional help to reassert your personality rather than the creditors.

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  • Wh
    WhatWhaat Apr 13, 2010

    Would you please reference your source of the statement McGavic made about employees operating "outside of his control" I have a case going against him relating to this exact thing and it would be very helpful. Thanks.

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  • Tl
    Tlg2 Apr 28, 2010

    I have been trying to contact this office to speak to a live person for 3 months now. NO ONE returns my calls. I finally had to hire an attorney and they won't return HIS calls either. I believe they are stalling so my case will go into default and they can then charge attorney fees.
    I wrote to them 6, count 'em, 6 months ago and said that I had no knowledge of the debt they said I owed. I then received a packet in the mail showing statements that had been sent to someone else's address. When I tried to contact the law office to speak to the representative (Hannah) I had to leave message after message and, as I stated earlier, NO ONE has had the decency to return my calls.
    Today I finally got a live person on the phone and she said "I can not discuss this with you, only your attorney". So I responded with "Can I have an assurance that someone will actually CALL him"? She then said that someone had spoken with him yesterday. Interesting since he was on a plane at the time they claimed to have spoken with him.
    Perhaps debt 'collectors' would not have such a bad reputation if they would have the common courtesy to return calls in a timely manner.

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  • Gm
    gmiller56 Jun 30, 2010

    I too am being garnished. I tried to work with Capital one on a credit card bill, but they would not, They turned it over to this Derrick Mc Gavic who I also tried to work with. I started with a $8000.00 balance to which I have paid all but $1, 000.00 but still owe $12, 435.00 for fees and post judgement interest. NOW IS THIS FAIR????? I admit I owe the bill and have almost paid it all back but why should I have to pay this person and extra $12, 000.00? I don't think he is worth that much. If anyone knows how to go back to court and get a judgement ammended please let me know. [protected] Thanks

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  • Is
    is the judgment valid Apr 18, 2011

    I was told the Derrick E. Mc Gavic, P.C. was disbarred three weeks ago. Is this true?

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  • We
    WeCanDoIt! Oct 09, 2011

    yes, it's true!! he's been disbarred!! Enough of us contacted the AG's office, and we got the crook!! Then I got a letter from his cohort, Kristen Finney demanding more money. (I had already paid about 3000.00 on an original debt of 1500.00) I wrote to Finney demanding a full accounting of all the extra fees I was being charged, and a halt to the 26% daily interest until the issue was resolved. Last week I received a notice entitled "Satisfaction of Money Awards" from a Daniel Wilkinson. They've finally dropped it. Now I'm considering suing them, and maybe Capital One, too! The 'little guys' CAN win, we just have to scream loudly and long.

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  • Mi
    Mike Well Oct 24, 2011

    This attorney did the same stuff to me and successfully got a judgement against me because I could not afford a day off of work to go to the hearing. I had no idea if I was not their the judge would just grand their fictitious money judgement against me. Now his partner Finney is on my back.. What an insane process.

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  • Me
    meand I Jan 13, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Mcgavic..what an ###...He won a lawsuit against me too..He than sued for suing me..It was 2009, now he sold it too Daniel Gordon who is suing me on three other accounts. They are non stop...There is never a court date to show up..I guess if you don't answer them..with the first letter the win..Right now I have no checking account, no income, no assets...SO BRING IT ON...ONe day he will have to have a food taster, and someone to start his car...OH yea I will leave it up to GOD to get him..or is it KARMA...

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