DermaC Complaints & Reviews

DermaC / unauthorised charges

Oct 18, 2017

I cancelled my account during September 2017 after receiving the trial offer. I returned the product as instructed with their return number. At no point was I asked to send it recorded delivery. A month later they extract money from my account and when asked for a refund they demand a...

DermaC / dermac keep sending me the products and I don't want them and can't afford them!

Oct 09, 2017

I applied for the trial offer and like a lot of other customers whose reviews I've been reading didn't realize i'd have to pay £63 pound a month... I sent an e-mail stating I didn't want anymore and still I received a parcel today.!.. Please stop sending me this product...

DermaC / facial cream

Sep 02, 2017

On July 17, 2017 I've responded to Facebook add to your product to get a trail. It wasn't mentioned on any future charges or autoship of the product. The trial never came to me but recurring charges of 69.83 have started on August. Today, Sept 2, 2017 I've noticed the recurring charges. I phoned the...

DermaC / unauthorised card payment

Aug 05, 2017

I contacted the company on the 4/7 stating that I did not want the product. I was given details of how to send it back which I did and I have records of its receipt. I explained that I did not realise this was a subscription and returned the "free trial" unopened. I asked that this wa...

DermaC / dermac face serum

Jun 06, 2017

After seeing the offer for a free trial on Facebook. I looked at pictures and was impressed so signed up but as soon as I had put my card details in I saw that you charge money for the trail! This is false advertising and after seeing countless bad reviews online I would like to cancel my...

DermaC / Based capital limited DermaC

Nov 30, 2016

Unauthorised payments out of my account of £69.83 on october and £69.83 in November 2016, due to the scam other people on here have complained about: namely, one is entreated on the internet to pay just postage and packing for small vials of flawless and DermaC serums, and then one discover...

DermaC / Flawless and dermac

Oct 28, 2016

Unauthorised payments out of my account of £59.71 and £69.83 in September 2016, due to the scam other people on here have complained about: namely, one is entreated on the internet to pay just postage and packing for small vials of flawless and DermaC serums, and then one discovers the next...

DermaC / dermac face and eye serum

Sep 10, 2016

I ordered a 2 week trial on 28 august 2016 I found it did not work as they said so canceled on there net work page as you cant phone on the 7 the of September they took 59 71 from my account I now have to inform my bank to stop payments this is a scam jennylawrence my order no: is 3494760

DermaC / Derma c vitamin c face serum

Sep 02, 2016

I ordered a what I thought was a free sample of the product on the understanding that I only had to pay for the postage cost of £3.95 the beginning of July 2016. The product wasn't any good for me so I decided not to buy any more. So I thought. It wasn't until I received in the post a second...

DermaC / Trial offer

Aug 30, 2016

As others have attested to, I too sent £3. 95 to facecare to try the product. Now, without my permission they have deducted £69. 83 from my account. I am pretty sure I double checked any fine print, which of course they are unable to provide for me now, to make sure they had no claim to charge...

DermaC / DermaC &a face serum

Aug 15, 2016

I order the free trail a couple of weeks ago now I paid I think £3.95 per solution and thought nothing off it, today Monday 15/8/16 they have deducted £69.83 out of my account with my authority. I have contacted my bank and they said they could not stop the transaction, I have been in touch...

DermaC / Eye serum & Vitamin C

Jul 27, 2016

The beginning of July I saw an advert for Eye Serum and it was a free trial, all I had to do was pay £3.95 postage. As there was nothing telling me about any further payments, I proceeded to order. Another box popped up asking if I wanted another item, that I didn't, so continued on to the...

DermaC / Scam company taking money from my bank account without my consent

Jul 27, 2016

I ordered a free sample of this cream and paid only for the postage and packaging. One month later I saw on my bank statement a charge of £70. I didn't sign up for anything at all. Nothing was stated on the T&Cs as my bank said. It's ###, these people are thieves and they get away with it...

DermaC / Taking money from bank account

Aug 26, 2015

I ordered 2 free samples in March, and Paid £2.95 postage w debit card.More samples arrived and cost approx £79 & £87. I sent 2 e mails ( 8th and 12th May) saying I wanted no further products, which they ignored. I also asked them to collect 2 further parcels which had arrived, as I did not...

DermaC / Taking money out without consent

Aug 01, 2015

Received this product after saw it as a free trial and only paid a small postage charge, then after a few weeks i had more product delivered that i did not order and it said it was to replace the one i had previously then a further bottle arrived, got a bit concerned and went on the net to...

DermaC / This is a scam

Jul 22, 2015

I got caught by this scam of a company. They are well known by the credit card companies, I did not even have to give my credit card company the name of the Based Capital. I just explained the problem and they knew who I was talking about. You think from their web site you are getting a...

DermaC / Money taken without my consent

Jul 09, 2015

From a pop-up online I (stupidly) ordered the Lumera Eye Serum and DermaC from Based Calital Ltd, PO Box 7583 Milton Keynes, MK11 9HD UK. I had understood from the pop up ad that each sample was free and that only £2.95 should be paid for the postage of each item. I gave my credit...

DermaC / Took money without my permission

Jul 08, 2015

Got sent free dermac c liquid & anti wrinkle cream didn't subscribe since they gave sent me a further vitamin c bottle which I have sent back today plus they took £89.89p out of my bank without my permission phoned them told them not to do it again but now worried they won't refund me

Nutra Global Limited / withdrawing 2 payments without permission for goods not ordered

Jul 07, 2015

Like many others, I ordered free samplesof DermaC and Lumera only to find today that£177-45 has been taken from my debit card account without my permission.It seems that the company keep changing names to continue with this scam. As a pensioner, I am devastated, and cannot believe they can get away with this.

DermaC / Withdrawing bank funds without my permission

Jul 07, 2015

In May I ordered dermaC after being told on their website that it was a sample and all I would have to pay for packing and postage. Soon after an amount of £89.76. A month later they sent me another derrmaC without me ordering any, soon after I cancelled my account and instructed my...

DermaC / Extracting money from my credit card without my permission

Jun 04, 2015

Purchased cheap introductory offer of DermaC and Eye cream at £2.95 each on 13May 2015 ---- money was extracted from my Credit card for £87.47 on 27 May 2015 for no apparent reason .My provider Barclays Bank is now dealing with the mattere3ae

Beau Derma Cream + Revitaeye Cream / Rip-off, total scam

Mar 02, 2015

I purchased RevitaEye "free trial" for the shipping fee of $5.95 and Beau Derma facecream for a "free trial" of $4.95 shipping. The products arrived separately a few days later. Very small amounts, but I didn't expect much from a free trial. They're not anything special, they do...

DermaC / Scam

Jul 29, 2014

Do not do business with this company. They offer a FREE trial product only to get your credit card number and start charging hundreds of dollars every few weeks. I finally had to cancel my credit card. Hopefully, there will be a class action suit due to their fraudulent misrepresentation. Note: the other...

DermaC / Rip Off

Mar 28, 2011

Dermacal has an email address listed on the website, I am sorry that the product was not effective for you. However, it does work for most people. Even the one so highly advertised on TV does not eork for everyone.

DermaC / Auto billing to credit card without approval


This site popped up while I was visiting a separate/different website. I clicked, investigated, and signed up for my 'free' sample. At no point during that session was there a box/window or anything that indicated the 'terms of agreement'. I understood I was paying for...

DermaC / deceptive &FREE& trial


There is NO Free trial from this Outsourced customer service company. Read the terms and conditions. I found I could not get away from them without paying an additional $25.00 for the free trial. Once you accept the free trial you are enrolled in an automatic plan at an outrageous price. I...

DermaC / Refusal to Refund Fraudulent Charges


My husband and I were the victims of credit card fraud and Dermacia was one of the fraudulent charges on our account. When we tried to cancel and reverse the fraudulent charges, a Dermacia rep told us we would have to return the product. The product arrived and we returned it to sender a...