Department of Children Family Serviceschild endangerment and neglect

I took my grandbaby to the doctor for an appointment and the pediatrician that she seen at the time seen a long like scratch that looked like someone had tried to cut her throat but it came from the seat belt in the vehicle we rode in to get to the doctor's office. So she called Dcfs so some young girl came out investigated it was founded but they did nothing but told my daughter if Dcfs was called back out that her kids would be taken that was two years ago so here comes 2019 I called the police on my daughter because she left this same grandbaby who is five now downstairs from my apartment and it is 23 stairs to get to and from my apartment outside after 10 pm one night I called the Chicago police they and was not going to do anything so I called 911 and asked for a supervisor she came out and DCFS was called and came out so a lady by the name of Dora Allen a worker came out once or twice and was not heard from again then months went by here comes this lady from some place never heard of Ms Travis and she's so full of it yo she told me that Ms Allen closed the case but sent it to her office um excuse me the case should have never left the DCFS office I was told by ms Travis that she had to hurry up and close the case so she tried to hurry up and close the case by bribing me with a $500 gift certificate for my three grandchildren for Walmart . I told her do you're trying to brush off my grandchildren with a $500 gift certificate to hurry up and close the case? She says well it's nothing that we can do about the case because your daughter is still in the home um excuse me my daughter has been taking off my lease so now what but I am going to email the the city of Chicago mayor's office and let them know what's really going on with these workers

Oct 14, 2019

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