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I want to worn people about this Co Dennis auction Service Inc located at 723 route 57 Po Box 5 stewartsville N.J. 08886 phone number [protected] and fax [protected] let me tell what transpired I Craig Wood and my wife Cristina went to the auction to co sign stuff to sell at auction we met with this Jim James Mc clure associate auctioneer he introduce himself wanted to see are stuff which gold jewelry 21, 22 ,18, 14,10 karat jewelry he proceeded to not want to catalog it but put it in lot box he said they didnt do reserves there was over 9 oz of gold which was about 8,000 to 9,000 in melt which seemed weird but besides that we brought other items 2 in question was 1840 half cent in AU grade worth 5,000 and the other was 1840 one cent worth 60.00 he ended up stealing the 1840 half cent with slight of hand. and tried telling me one of the rings said 18 kt and 950 which he claimed to be silver which i never left with him but it ended to be 18kt white gold with 22kt gold. Buy a jewelry guy at Roxbury Coin .So you can see how they perceive to tell you something different. i would not trust this company to sell any of my stuff or let them buy your estate because you will get ripped off. and he thinks he is too big and wont amit any of is worker tells me to go f__k off there is more. But has my wife said beware of them they are out to still from you. Sincerely Craig & Cristina Wood can you believe this after having recent heart attack i get a no integrity co like this but if per sued i want to get video tapes and phone reg cause he was to exited to see my coin on oct 22 2007 between 2:00 pm and 3:00 that he called a dealer i believe so its his word against me and my wifes so will have to take it to the next step.

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  • Au
    Auction Buyer Sep 16, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Unorganized and unprofessional.
    Website phone registration bid form is non-functioning.
    Repeated attempts to reach a live person via phone over several days was unsuccessful. Make me think they are possibly hiding from consignors?
    No confirmation of receipt of faxed phone bid form.
    After complaining via email seeking phone bid confirmation, Jo Ann emailed and said I was set for the phone bid.
    The phone call to bid never came, and the LOT # 1067 Bidjar rug, auction date 9/16/2016 sold for $8, 000 hammer price. I would have gone double that if I had to.
    Dennis Auction is unorganized, unprofessional, and the most poorly run and managed auction I have encountered in 40 years, and that is saying something.
    Don't consign to this auction unless you want your items to sell on the cheap.
    The failure, incompetence, and stupiduty of Dennis Auction to contact me to phone bid cost the consignor of the Bidjar rug as much as $ 8, 000., as without my bidding it sold for a fraction of what it should have.
    Auctions like this tarnish the whole industry.

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  • Au
    Auctionz Feb 05, 2016

    B.J Jones,
    Your comments are ridiculous. This company has a long history of integrity and is run by a family of hard working and kind individuals all of whom I have known for many years. Dennis Auction also stands firm with their item descriptions. If an item is cataloged a certain way and it turns out to be damaged or misrepresented they immediately refund the buyer. They pay their consigners within 21 business days as contracted. I cannot understand why there would be so many complaints against this auction company, which is honestly the best in the Warren County Area. In the future, Mr. Jones I would also suggest checking your grammar and spelling before you post anything on a complaints board that you would like prospective patrons to view seriously.

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  • Bj
    BJ. Jones Oct 29, 2015

    As auction companies go this one definitely is below par in customer service and honesty. They would do most anything for an extra dollar, and frequently do. Their word is nearly worthless, for they would imply every item is invaluable A typical comment during a sale would be, "This unsigned item looks like it could be Tiffany, So who will give me $500. for this Tiffany piece". Over the years, I have seen shill bidding, phantom bids to Mr. Wall and Mrs. Window and dishonesty in the office as well as podium. It doesn't matter if you are a consignor or a bidder, they treat you equally as bad. The staff is hardly ever friendly. Most of the auctioneers are rude, especially Jim M., with the exception of Bob C. a genuine nice guy. Steve Dennis is the enforcer, with customers passed onto him with their complaints, because he scares the SH__ out of them. Owner Frank Dennis holds a masters degree in sleazy business practices and bullcrap. Comments about the premises are all true. During hot summer days and cold winter days its unbearable. In over 15 years I don't think they have spent $20. to make the place nicer or more comfortable. A few years back I stopped attending completely, it was just too much. Beware this place, there are two many great auctions around, don't bother with this one.

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  • Au
    Auctionz Jul 30, 2015

    I have had much experience with Dennis Auction Service over the years and have had nothing but pleasant experiences; they are reputable and honest. Kitsch and Kaboodle's review is nothing but an unfortunate fabrication. I surmise that a handful of buyers are attempting to deter possible competition by making this establishment seem unscrupulous. Dennis pays their consignees as per contract. Please understand that with the inclusion of online bidding that consignee payout is not instantaneous. Also, pertaining to the online bidding, payouts always fall within the 30-day perimeter as set by the signed contract. DAS also sells thousands of items at their regular public gallery auctions. Although customers attempt to keep track of all the times they purchase, this can be difficult, especially in the Estate Tray lot auction, which is uncatalogued and occurs very quickly. This company has always made every effort to solve any grievances that customers have to the best of their ability. This is a hard working family. Also, as for the absurd allegations that Dennis Auction Service employee's would falsely and accuse a customer of “being under the influence, ” this is absolute malarkey. I must ask every individual considering taking these negative reviews as fact, please come to one of their public gallery auction's to see for his/herself what kind of an upstanding establishment it truly is.

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  • Bo
    booksbymia Jul 25, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have also been scammed by this company and have just now filed a complaint.

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  • Ca
    cardiacqueen2 May 31, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have frequented Dennis Auction for many years. Here's what I would say. It's pretty typical of the business. Generally speaking, I have seen him "up the bid" and get caught, but with the exception of Art and Tammy Hanna, every other auctioneer in the area does the same.
    I can't speak about consigning or selling to them as I have not done that.
    Frank and Jim are very knowledgeable about what they sell and do a good job of getting the best price they can. Both are extremely "moody" and on bad days you should keep your mouth shut and just tend to business. Not saying that's as it should be, but it is what it is.
    I have spent many a pleasant evening at their establishment and purchased many beautiful things. I was always courteous and treated the same. Never had a problem with paying for or receiving my items.
    For me the bottom line is this. Let the buyer beware! Auctions on this level (we're not talking Sotheby's) are generally a bit dicey. If you are bidding on anything expensive, stay in the back where you can see the other bidders and keep a "low profile". There are bargains to he had and fakes to be discovered. This is probably one of the better auction houses in the area. I've certainly seen worse (shill bidding, misrepresentation of merchandise and bad attitude) at other auctions.

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  • Ki
    Kitsch-n-Kaboodle Mar 05, 2013

    Let's get this straight here- we are talking about a company who:
    1. does not pay the consignors
    2. looses the consignor's property
    3. sells the buyer's property to other bidders after receiving payment but never refunds the person who originally paid.
    4. promises to refund and then in violation of consumer law refuses to provide the refund
    5. accuses you of being under the influence for exercising your consumer rights.

    and you think that is just "jealousy"??
    Ok, in that case, I am jealous of the other bidder who actually received what they paid for.
    I'm jealous of the consignors who were fully paid for what they left in the care of Dennis Auction service.

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  • Ki
    Kitsch-n-Kaboodle Mar 05, 2013

    I am not his competitor and am certainly not motivated by jealousy. The creep never provided me the product I purchased, then told me he would refund me, and then never sent the refund. They deserve ever negative comment they get. I am just as hardworking. I'm sure it does take a lot of hard work to run such a business, but their attitude is awful. They lie to the customers and the consignors. They do not follow consumer law. It's a poorly run business with no respect for others.

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  • Fr
    Francoise Oberson Feb 12, 2013

    It's very sad what people say to try to destroy the the reputation of another. People are motivated by jealously and their own lack of hard work. Frank Dennis is a extramly hard working, honest businessman. Understanding how the auction business works is key to understanding what is a false statement. Please remember his competitors want to discredit him which is not playing fair. Frank Dennis has good karma and rightfully deserved.

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  • Ki
    Kitsch-n-Kaboodle Feb 08, 2013

    AGAIN they are at it- promised me a refund of an item that they accidentally sold to someone else after I had already paid for it. I had to go over and confront the owner once already, he finally agreed to give me half my money back, and he never did. Then tonight when we try to use our refund credit they pretend like they never offered it.

    They insulted me, started asking me what medications I might be on, and insinuating that I was drunk. I am sober as the day I was born!!! and have not had even a casual drink in weeks. It is furthermore illegal for a business to offer someone a refund and then deny to pay them. This is part of the Uniform commercial code.

    Dennis auction violates consumer law, takes your money, gives you nothing, lies in your face just to get rid of you. They owe me $. I just called the police and will be filing fraud complaints against Dennis Auction Company.

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  • Nu
    Numenah Aug 17, 2012

    This company deserves every bad review it has received. I have waited two months to be paid for the items I consigned. Each time I called I was told that someone would call me back. The last time I called I was told ( on a Friday) that the check would go out on Monday. Today is Friday and I haven't received it. I am going to have to get my lawyer involved. The same thing happened to my friend. Only the threat of legal action prompted them to send her her check.

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  • Br
    brillopad Nov 15, 2011

    i've seen how bad they treat people sometimes, embarrassing and shameful

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  • Re
    redrobin123 Feb 01, 2011

    BAD AUCTIONEER. He does Phantom bidding to get the bid amount up. So you may be in for $5 but he calls your bid at TEN dollars. At first I thought it was me but after several other people called him out during the auction saying "NO, I was at $2" or "NO, I was at $5" I knew something was going on. I haven't been back for months because the auctioneer is a flat out crook. Now it seems he's also taking the consignors for a ride too. SHAMEFUL!

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  • Ki
    Kitsch-n-Kaboodle Dec 01, 2010

    Nonsense- this company has a BAD reputation, and has had for many years. We have been scammed by them TWICE, even though we've been regulars at their auctions since they first opened years ago. We have spent thousands of $ there, and still they have no problem screwing us. We should have learned our lesson the first time, but we stupidly forgave them and kept going back- boy did we find out why!
    The first time they accepted our property on consignment, sold half of it and lost the other half! it took ages to get paid for what they did sell, and we had to confront them in the middle of a sale to get them to pay for the half they didn't 'loose'. Lord only knows what really happened to it. How do you loose someone else's home furnishings?
    Flash forward a decade, and they goofed again- I purchased something, unable to take it with me, clearly labeled, said I would come back for it, and they tell me they sold it to someone else, but it's my tough luck, just because they can. They blame it on me claiming I didn't label it, except that their own employees labeled it for me, and I clearly notified them I would be back for it at a later date-not even that week. They never said anything about it then, and in the past they have held things a couple weeks for us no problem. This is completely normal practice there, for all buyers, and has been for a long time. What is the point of them labeling it if I also have to label it a second time?

    And as far as the sold labels they claim I'm at fault for not using- I had asked about those labels, and they told me the economy was bad, so they didn't want to spend any $ on them anymore, and they no longer do that! How do you like that?! But no, according to them it's my fault. BS. I was clearly misled while they bungled the whole thing. So fine, they screwed up, but then to deny it, blame it on the consumer, and refuse to refund a long-time loyal customer? It wasn't even a lot of $!!
    The owner then tried to mislead me and claim I had only paid 1/4 of what I actually paid for it, claiming I 'changed my story'!! I know damn well what I paid and what I did not receive from this company. I gave clear notification that I wanted and would return for my item. They just plain did not care, and figured they could make an extra buck at my expense. They don't like me because they are lusting after my family's stuff.

    They are shysters pure & simple. They're great if you are on their good side. But if they have no more use for you and they can get something for nothing out of you, they will do so. They have no scruples once soever. This is an auctioneer who, when I asked him to sell a few odd items for me a couple summers ago, he refused to accept them, saying he wanted the contents of my mother's estate when she died instead. She's not even that old, nor is she sick. How inappropriate is that? You can think it, but keep that to yourself! It's not just the thought- the way he said it 'no way, I don't want your junk- I want the stuff in your mom's house when she's gone!' I may be slightly paraphrasing, but it clearly that coarse insensitive tone to it. You don't tell a consignor you don't feel like taking their stuff because you're waiting for their parents to kick the bucket so you can make a bigger buck off it. In what universe is this appropriate? he didn't even want to know what the other items I was offering to chance consigning with them again were. I never asked to consign anything ever again after that.

    I stupidly confided in a couple of other regulars at that auction that I was not happy he had made that remark to me, and now all of a sudden I get this treatment from them? I would not be surprised if that is why they stopped doing us any 'favors' and decided to keep my $ this time. C'mon! they know us, and they know who bought it- they couldn't call before reselling the piece? it's local!! I don't believe for a split second that someone didn't second-guess reselling that piece, knowing who was expecting to come back for it.

    This auction company is sick. Greedy insensitive spiteful jerks, and they will never lay one creepy finger on any of my family's property, never again!

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  • Ca
    Carlin-Wilkens Jun 25, 2009

    I have known the Dennis Family for 25 years and I have consigned hundreds of items to the auction house and I have always been paid promptly and fairly. I attend almost every auction and I have personally witnessed my items going up for bid. It is always difficult to determine the market for your items and you may or may not receive the perceived value or book value of the items. Remember, at all auctions the bidders are dealers, collectors, housewives, etc. etc. The value of your items can be driven by the market or lack thereof.
    This is a wonderful, honest, family and Jim McClure is a man of integrity and honest.

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  • Ju
    Julia Apr 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dennis Auction is a reputable three generation company. Jim McClure has worked for that company for two generations and is a highly knowledgeable Jewelry and Showcase Auctioneer. I personally know everyone in this company and assure that no employee would ever steal from a customer. Being an auction frequent I know that quite often items do not bring as much at an auction than they are listed in books or are appraised at. This is simply due to a lack of interest from the attendees, and by no means should be considered thievery. All consignors at Dennis Auction are warned of this possibility, and this is stated clearly in the contract. Please do not heed this warning, Dennis Auction is a wonderful company with whom I have worked with for a great many years.

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