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I am making a complaint over the service provided by Delta. 11.10.19 My daughter called and requested a taxi home at 12:40am. She was informed the taxi was ordered and there were no delays.
She was informed at midnight when she called, that the driver had been and gone? She requested another taxi and was told to LEAVE the premises she was at and wait outside for the cab at almost 2am as it was almost there. 15 minutes later she again called up only to be told her taxi had been and gone.
So she was left on the road alone at 2am... an hour and 20 mins since ringing and ordering her cab.
Due to the time being now 2am and also Saturday early hours, it was impossible to now order a cab at all... from any taxi firm.
She had already left the premises.
Therefore, due to your incompetent staff and drivers, my 27 year old daughter was forced to walk home alone at 2am, a 30 minute walk.
She had two men follow her for half the journey, shouting sexual comments to her and also a car slowly crawl next to her while telling her to jump in and he would drive her home. AND ALL OF THAT DUE TO YOUR INCOMPETENT STAFF. I AM FURIOUS SHE WAS FORCED INTO THAT POSITION BECAUSE OF YOUR COMPANY. I WILL BE MAKING A FORMAL COMPLAINT ALSO, THIS WON'T BE HAPPENING TO SOMEONE ELSES DAUGHTER AS THE OUTCOME MAY BE FAR WORSE THAN MY DAUGHTERS.
I will never again use your company and would strongly advise others against it also.

Oct 11, 2019

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