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Delaware North CompaniesAwful company

I worked for DNC for awhile. the fired me because i have epilepsy and i had two seizures and want able to call in. They said they were firing for no reason because its in there contract. So really DNC *** *** they only care about themselves and no one else so *** DNC. Sue Reinhold said she wouldn't give me a grievance when i am entitled to one. I think it is unfair and unjust for them to be able to do that so please help me and say *** DNC with me and shut down dnc thank you.


  • Ra
    RA21273 Dec 23, 2013

    I am extremely terrified by the way management is at DNC, as I work there today I experienced a unforgettable seen.
    As I was serving a customer I explained to the customer that it will take up to 2 minutes to get the alcohol ready, the customer started swearing and Spat on me on my face, I was speechless that I couldn't defend myself because if I've said anything I was told I would of been sacked. I told the manager about what happened and he said sorry we can't do anything.

    End of the day I did not sign my contract to work and get abused by these football fans, and I wish a sense of providing a safe environment for customers and staffs was there.

    I would not recommend anyone to work there what's so ever, low income and not a safe place to work.

    Rashid 21273

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